Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Audio: Apollo Brown – Cigarette Burns EP (free download)

In two weeks well known Apollo Brown drops an instrumental Soundtrack called Thirty Eight. In advance you guys can download three of the beats compiled to the EP Cigarette Burns. Download is free! Beats are nice ... well, style is well known too.

In the description it says "The sound falls somewhere between the end of 70s heroin and the beginning of 80s crack ... " that's actually enough to give it a try and listen.
Not sure though if its really a OST for a real movie. Somebody should do some proper research on this!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dwight Sykes & JAHARI - Situations

Can´t stop.. PPU is putting out F I R E !
I just love this!

Everyone who´s not scared of some serious bad Tape-Recording-Quality: Go buy that!


how I like it

It´s going to be a good year for house music. Some of my favorite producers got new records out or coming..  First to mention is the o.k. Moodyman-LP, that got way to much already heard stuff on it, but still some unbeatable detroitsoulishmoodystuff like you see in these videos:

(version of the funcadelic cosmic slop

(Check the second beat at 3:50 something - - dancin') 

(With amp fiddler, who showed jay dee the first tricks on the mpc)

Second is the other big detroiter Theo Parrish, who seems to have some new stuff going:

Another great LP is coming from cologne, where between a collection of vintage analogue synthesizers "Vermont" came to life:

Two more favorite synth-loaded releases on my favorite Recordlabel PPU:

OK, Done.
Back to RAP.

j .

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lord Finesse - Live In Tokyo Pt.1

Wow. I didn´t post anything for a long long time..

Anyways, to start again, here is a mix of the mighty DJ Lord Finess. Remember the Diamond D strictly 45´s set at rbma? Damn. Real Shit!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Video: Verrückte Hunde - Gerri Baut Die Bouncer (Album »Tohuwabohu« am 30.5.)

Unsere Kumpels der Verrückten Hunde haben ein neues Video. Beat rumpelt, Rap und Cuts on point. Ohne viel Schnick-Schnack.

Der Song ist die erste Video-Auskopplung aus dem am 30.05.2014 über Keep It Movin' erscheinenden Doppel-Vinyl "TOHUWABOHU".


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Odes & Riot Part.1 // Hamburg Wholecar Session

Odes & Riot Part.1 from Paranoid Activity's on Vimeo.

You dont need 90 minutes of Graffiti footage, 5 minutes of coloured Hamburg metro wholecars can be like heaven. BigUP! Looking forward to the next episodes, this is just the beginning.

Via -> http://riot86.tumblr.com/post/75039926215/graffiti




Its all about too much hiss. Whenever you see a Dibiase post on ROL and think, Dibiase again? Yes, two points. 1. Iam a huge fan since years. 2. This cat is too productive, in a positive way -> see it as a reference :)

More Infos

Chief - Games!

The mail came like this:) ->:


Dave Sparkz & Wodoo Wolcan - High Rollers // LP

High Rollers comes directly from the Swiss underground hip hop scene by Dave Sparkz and Wodoo Wolcan. The varied beats are decorated with hip-hop lyrics and classic acapella snippets. The result is a beautiful product with a variety of lo-fi jazz instrumentals and delicious classic hip hop as filling.