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Audio: Dezmatic and Mr. Dibbs - Bigfoot's Dick


Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs – B
Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs – I
Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs – G
Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs – F
Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs – O
Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs – O
Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs – T
Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs – ‘
Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs – S
Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs – D
Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs – I
Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs – C
Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs – K



Mr Dibbs

Dezmatic Interview on 401HipHop

Great Release of "Dezmatic and Mr. Dibbs" named "Bigfoot's Dick".Dezmatic*s ill Rapstyle meets the Beats of Mr.Dibbs whos known through "Rhmyesayers Label" and some Productions with "Slug" of "Atmosphere".We say Thank You to the Artists for that Free Dropped Album and wish you all a good weekend!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Audio: Can I Get You High Podcast feat. Bilal, Shafiq, Blu & Exile,Pharoahe Monch

Here you got some high quality audio of the "epic CMJ show" highlights. OKP had the pleasure of being one of the presenters for Plug Research and VTech's show, Can I Get You High?, which featured Bilal w/ 6 piece band, Exile ft. Blu, Shafiq Husayn w/ live band, Pharoahe Monch on hosting duties, and DJ sets by Large Professor, J Rocc, DJ Spinna and Blu Jemz. The order of events on the podcast below is as such: an intro acapella from Pharoahe Monch, Exile live on the MPC,....more



Psalm One - Uptown

Psalm One drops free track!

While Pslam One's been workin on her follow up to Rhymesayers debut The Death of Frequent Flyer she took some time out to drop this track for you. Check out her take on Drake's song "Uptown".

Psalm One - Uptown MP3

Anticon 10th Year Anniversary - The Free Houdini

Wiki about Anticon:

Anticon (styled as anticon.) is a San Francisco Bay Area independent record label founded in 1997.It is collectively owned among seven founding artists and one manager.The musicians signed to Anticon are referred to as the Anticon Collective.

The label's roster of artists has been described as "the hip-hop equivalent of post-rock," and "avant-garde hip-hop", also called "avanthop." Releases feature material created by its members, affiliates, and extended musical family. Although Anticon cohered originally within abstract hip hop circles, Anticon's founders have become only tangentially related to hip-hop music, and the label has in recent years begun releasing music in the indie rock and electronica genres. Artists signed to Anticon are based on the west coast, the east coast, the midwest, and Canada, and the label has recently signed artists in the UK.

anticon. ist ein Independent-Label aus der Küstenregion San Franciscos und wurde 1998 von sieben Musikern und dem heutigen Manager Baillie Parker gegründet. Der Name Anticon steht für „anti-conventional“, beziehungsweise „anti-conformity“ oder auch „ant-icon“, was durchaus als Wortspiel in Bezug auf das Logo Anticons, einer Silhouette einer Ameise (engl. Ant), zu verstehen ist.

Die Künstler innerhalb des Anticon-Kollektivs treten sowohl in Gruppen als auch als Solisten auf, und sind bekannt für häufige Kollaborationen mit anderen Künstlern innerhalb und außerhalb des Kollektivs. Viele Mitglieder gehören mehreren Labels an, einige haben sogar ihr eigenes kleines Independent-Label durch das sie ihre eigenen Werke veröffentlichen. Nicht zuletzt durch diesen großen Einfluss verschiedener Musiker und Stile hat sich Anticon zu einer Gruppe von Künstlern, die ihren Ursprung größtenteils im HipHop-Genre haben, mit breitgefächertem Musikstil und starken Einflüssen aus Electronica, Folk und Indie-Rock entwickelt. Obwohl man Anticons musikalisches Spektrum lange nicht mehr mittels eines Genres beschreiben kann, gelten sie dennoch als Begründer des Avantgarde-HipHop.

Anticon - Free Houdini Download
After pushin the link, enter your email adress and start the download
Anticon Internetplanet

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Upcoming Release : Felt 3 - A Tribute To Rosie Perez

Rhymesayers Entertainment :: Releases

Felt (Slug & Murs) - Protagonist

"Protagonist" is the first impression of the upcoming E.P. " Felt 3 - A Tribute To Rosie Perez. Tuff Beat and Highz Entertainment Rap!

Mochipet presents Daily City Records Podcast


01 Mochipet - "Pythagorean Hyphy Proof"
02 Mochipet - "Master P on Atari"
03 Mochipet - "Robo Crunk Juice"
04 Mochipet - "Mike Jones Remix"
05 Mochipet - "Turbo Thizz Petnation"
06 Mochipet - "Sumo Hertz"
07 Mochipet - "Mashall Bass Stacks A Milli Remix"
08 Mochipet - "Complex Players Dub"
09 Mochipet - "NDVendetta"
10 Jantsen - "Jazzstepa Masher"
11 Mochipet - "It Ain't Trickin If Ya Got It"
12 Three Six Mafia ft. UGK - "Sippin' On Da Syrup (Accapella)"
13 Mochipet - "Rkelly Remix"
14 Mochipet - "Thriller in Dub"
15 Mochipet - "Drop The Cellie vs. Spank Rock"
16 Mochipet - "BossPet" - Daly City
17 Eprom - "64Bytes" - Addictech
18 Build128 - "Kiss Kiss Remix"
19 The Flying Skulls - "Skulls & Angles"
20 Mochipet - "Spring (Featuring Daedelus)"
21 Mochipet - "Prolonging Forever"
22 Mochipet - "Underwater Aardvark B-Boy (Feat.Roman Ruins)"
23 Lupe Fiasco - "Kick Push (Accapella)"
24 Mochipet - "Fool (Featuring Spaceheater)"
25 Jamie Lidell -"Little Bit Of Feel Good (Mochipet Remix)"
26 Mochipet - "Memories"

For the latest XLR8R Podcast, Daly City Records label boss David Wang, better known as Mochipet, showcases many different sounds from his label (as well as the many different ways one can wear a purple jumpsuit).

Starting with his own tracks, off his Master P on Atari release, Wang unrolls a mix of future bass, warped hip-hop, and crunked-out electro, weaving in cuts from Eprom, The Flying Skulls, Lupe Fiasco, and his own remix of Jamie Lidell's "Little Bit of Feel Good." And there's that take on "Thriller," from the unreleased and brilliantly titled Michael Jackson Loves Dubstep.

Download Daily City Records Podcast

Diamond Dog

Check dis! (Wo's the f*** is Busta Rhymes??)

Find more videos like this on End Of the Weak

Flying Lotus - Essential Mix - Sat1

1. Alice Coltrane – Galaxy In Turiya
2. Charlie Hayden and Egberto Gisomonti and Gonjasufi – Testament
3. Flying Lotus – Massage Situation (Stripped)
4. Dimlite – Sun Sized Twinkles
5. Flying Lotus feat Dolly – Robertaflack
6. Flying Lotus – Robertaflack (Mike Slott Reflunk)
7. Ahu – I Know All The Bitches (Bullion mix)
8. Heralds Of Change – Amuse
9. Carlos Y Gaby – Happy Summer Solstice
10. Pudge – Yung Infamous
11. Dorothy Ashby – Myself When Young
12. Nosaj Thing – Bach
13. LL – Turf Day
14. Flying Lotus – Infinitum (Dimlite mix)
15. Clark – Springtime Epigram
16. Burial – Shutta
17. Blank Blue – Blank Blue (Flying Lotus mix)
18. Daedelus – Im String Struck
19. MHE – ?
20. Daedelus and Madvillain – Experience/Accordion
21. Hudson Mohawke – Zoo0000oom
22. Rustie – Black Block (remix)
23. Teebs and Jackhigh – Idea 1 (Clutch)
24. Matthewdavid – Tallahassee Tapes
25. Martyn and Flying Lotus – Vancouver/Pet Monster Shotglass
26. Fulgeance – Chico (Dorian Concept mix)
27. Joker – Solid State
28. Rusko – Moanerz
29. Daddy Kev – Invite8
30. Ras G – Star Messenger
31. Madlib – Unreleased Gem
32. SAMIYAM – Cheesecake Backslap
33. Knowledge – Dawn
34. Flyamsam – Princess Toadstool
35. Sa-Ra – Hollywood
36. Muhsinah and Flying Lotus – With Me/Melt
37. Flying Lotus – Dissecto
38. Flying Lotus – Breathe
39. Mike Slott – Home
40. Flying Lotus – Sangria Spin Cycles (ambient mix)
41. Danny Breaks – Cosmic Dust
42. Flying Lotus – Beginners Falafel (Free The Robots mix)
43. SAMIYAM – Falafel Cannon
44. Flying Lotus – Beginners Falafel
45. Slum Village – Players (instrumental mix)
46. Flying Lotus – Cackle
47. Flying Lotus – Raise It Up
48. Osborne – Definition Of A Breakdown
49. Baron Zen – Burn Rubber (Dam-Funk mix)
50. Mono/Poly – Needsdeodorantbitch
51. Chocolate Star and Nelly Furtado – Stay With Me/Promiscuous
52. Gonjasufi – Suzie Q
53. Kiing Midas – Lost (Flying Lotus live mix)
54. Rusko and Flying Lotus – Terminal3 / Tea Leaf (Dancers live mix)
55. Daedelus – Hours Minutes Seconds (beat invitational version)
56. Kode9 and Flying Lotus – Kryon
57. Zomby – Spliff Dub (Rustie mix)
58. Busta Rhymes – What Up
59. SAMIYAM – Crystal Lake
60. Weather Report – River People
61. SAMIYAM – Flintstone Car
62. Flying Lotus – Backpack Caviar
63. Radiohead – Reckoner (Flying Lotus mix)
64. Bjork – All Is Full Of Love
65. Broadcast – Winter Now
66. Portishead – Elysium
67. Linda Perhacks – Hey Now Who Really Cares
68. Flying Lotus – Infinitum (Exile mix)
69. Flying Lotus – Live Set Practice Run

Flying Lotus - Essential Mix - Sat1

King of Los Angeles Beat Scientists Mix ON BBC.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Zion I - The Search & The Seizure Mixtape

SIDE A - The Search

1.Alien MC's
2.The Rebel
3.Paper Thick Featuring Rakaa Iriscience and Richie Cunning
4.Til tha Breakadawn Featuring Codany Holiday
5.Rawww Featuring Mr.Davin,Deuce Eclipse, and Bambu
6.Gotsta Chill(Temperature RMX)Featuring Talib Kweli
7.All Tha Jazz Interlude Produced by Headnodic Horns by Adam Theis
8.Push the Button Produced by Sean Christian
9.The Choice Jump Off

SIDE B - The Seizure

1.Juicy Juice
2.How Does It Feel Featuring KFlay and Del the Funky Homosapien
3.Mama Told Me Produced by Beat Camp
4.MGMT vs MGMT Featuring Mickey Factz
5.The D Interlude
6.Santogold One RMX Featuring The Grouch
7.Weird Fishez Featuring Young Duece
8.Fight for the Right(Muse RMX)

Download Zion I - The Search & The Seizure Mixtape

Graymaker - Crazytalk

Rhymesayers/Oldominon emcees JFK & Onry Ozzborn, better known as Grayskul, have teamed up with indie superstar beatsmith Maker to form Graymaker! The new album drops Tuesday, October 27th, and a special pre-order package is available from!

only short comment: KillA-KillA-KillA-KillA-KillA-KillA-KillA-KillA

free download of the first single, "Crazy Talk

Support the Artist"!

-> at the GRR comment , here it is bro*

Lootpack's “Pieces of Soundpieces” mixtape, 1999

It's the 10th anniversary of Lootpack's classic hip-hop album Soundpieces: Da Antidote, the record that launched Madlib, Wildchild and DJ Romes along with their crew Quasimoto, MED, Dudley Perkins, and Oh No. Our 50th podcast is a mixtape tape put together by Madlib as the album was about to drop in early 1999 - back when a mixtape really meant “tape.”

Side one is tracks from earlier Lootpack singles, side two is tracks from Soundpieces, but throughout the mix are various other Madlib beats - some unreleased, and some that would later get worked into tracks like Madvillain's “Rainbows.”

Side A - Pieces of Sound
Ill Psyche Move
Female Request Line
Tupperware Puppets
Lost Art
Styles, Crews, Flows, Beats
Discipline 99

Side B - Pieces of Soundpieces
Verbal Experiments
Crate Diggin
Likwit Fusion
Long Awaited
Speaker Smashin'

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Audio: Mr. Chop - Straighten it out - Stonesthrow

This is a wonderful instrumental production of Mr. Chop.We think he will be part of the stonethrow artist in future and we looking forward for new releases.
If you like that music,support the artist and buy the E.P.

Thx StoneThrow for that free download diamond.

Mr. Chop - Straighten it out.mp3

Mr. Chop - Lightwords

Monday, October 26, 2009

Audio: Twit und Hulk Hodn sind RadioLoveLove

episode 1:

Llepisode1 by RadioLoveLove

Radiolovelove ist ein Projekt von Twit und Hulk Hodn und widmet sich schöner Songs von Rap, Soul und Funk, die man sich als Gesamtkomposition anhören kann.Viel Spaß damit und hört in Episode 2 & 3 rein. Zu finden unter radiolovelove. Schönen Tag!Euer R.O.L Team


DJ Vadim - Data Transmission Podcast


dj vadim – game tight
roots manuva – juggle tings proper
sly and robbie – triplet
dj vadim – drum song inst
livin legends – fallin
ewh ft spacek – long time
onra – ?
jay dee – yesterday
wajeed -the dragon
dj vadim ft ta’raach – paramount
dj vadim ft la method – maximum
dj vadim ft yarah bravo – you are yours
jorge ben – manu caetano
dj vadim – soldier
albo rosie – herbalist
horace andy †- cuss cuss
john holt – police in helicopter
sly and robbie – depth charge
alton ellis – you are mine
ladi 6 – walk rite up
dj vadim – hope
dynamics – lift me up
fat freddys drop – pull the catch
nextmen – let it be
dj vadim – watch that sound – j star rmx
dizzie rascal – rascal
alice russell – hurry on now

This is Dj Vadims amazing Podcast "Data Transmission Podcast" with a nice mix of HipHop and Raggae.

download: DJ Vadim - Data Transmission Podcast

DJ Vadim

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Video: Foreign Beggars - Black Hole Prophecies prod. by Dj Vadim

°this amazing song produced by dj vadim will let you relax....advise°

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jaydiohead - Jay-Z & Radiohead - Minty Fresh Beats

Jaydiohead :: Jay-Z x Radiohead

Produced by Max Tannone AKA Minty Fresh Beats AKA Minty

1. Wrong Prayer - "Pray" (Jay-Z, American Gangster) + "I Might Be Wrong" (Radiohead, Amnesiac)
2. 99 Anthems - "99 Problems" (Jay-Z, The Black Album) + The National Anthem (Radiohead, Kid A)
3. No Karma - "No Hook" (Jay-Z, American Gangster) + "Karma Police" (Radiohead, OK Computer)
4. Lucifer's Jigsaw - "Lucifer" (Jay-Z, The Black Album) + "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" (Radiohead, In Rainbows)
5. Optimistic Moment - "Moment of Clarity" (Jay-Z, The Black Album) + "Optimistic" (Radiohead, Kid A)
6. Dirt Off Your Android - "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" (Jay-Z, The Black Album) + "Paranoid Android" (Radiohead, OK Computer)
7. Dreaming Up - "American Dreamin'" (Jay-Z, American Gangster) + "Up on the Ladder" (Radiohead, In Rainbows [Disc 2])
8. Change Order - "Never Change" (Jay-Z, The Blueprint) + "Gagging Order" (Radiohead, B-side of "Go to Sleep" from Hail to the Thief)
9. Fall In Step - "Fallin'" (Jay-Z, American Gangster) + "15 Step" (Radiohead, In Rainbows)
10. Ignorant Swan - "Ignorant S***" (Jay-Z, American Gangster) + Black Swan" (Thom Yorke, The Eraser)

Download Jaydiohead

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dj Jones - WalkmanDisco - Shalomsalon

Dj Jones with a special mix of funk rap chanson classics.enjoy datt tunes and give your player the right to have fun!


Download WalkmanDisco

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TELL THE TRUTH - Mos Def - Immortal Technique - Eminem

Nice Video for all "Mos Def - Immortal Technique - Eminem" Fans and of course for all adobe after effects producers.Its is a nice self-made video with many grafical gimixxx.
wish you a good day...R.O.L.

Audio: Strong Arm Steady - Loose Girl, Produced by Madlib

The Madlib/Strong Arm Steady collaboration album Stoney Jackson came together in a flurry of creative energy over recent months. Prompted by Madlib’s stalwart DJ J.Rocc, who supplied SAS with 14 new Madlib beats CD, this album’s conception and delivery bear resemblance to the trajectory took by 2003’s Jaylib with J Dilla and 2004’s Madvillain with DOOM.

more informations here

Download MP3 Strong Arm Steady - Loose Girl

Loot Pack - Whenimondamic

Though they were together since high school, the Lootpack - Madlib, Wildchild and DJ Romes - first made their presence known in 1994 when the group’s beat conductor, Madlib, produced "Mary Jane," a Tha Alkaholiks 12”. Later that year, Lootpack's lyrical skills were heard on the song "Turn The Party Out" on the Alkaholiks’ debut LP "21 And Over," and "WLIX" from the Liks’ second LP.

Strong Arm Steady & Madlib collab Stoney Jackson

The Madlib/Strong Arm Steady collaboration album Stoney Jackson came together in a flurry of creative energy over recent months. Prompted by Madlib’s stalwart DJ J.Rocc, who supplied SAS with 14 new Madlib beats CD, this album’s conception and delivery bear resemblance to the trajectory took by 2003’s Jaylib with J Dilla and 2004’s Madvillain with DOOM.

more informations here

Strong Arm Steady & Madlib - Get Ya Money Right - Download

Automato - Walk into the Light

Automato sind keine Rock-Rap-Band, das ist ihnen wichtig. Vielmehr meinen sie mit echtem Hip Hop den sample-basierten Sound, der in einer vollinstrumentierten Band entsteht. Die sechs New Yorker benutzen Schlagzeug, Bass, Gitarre, Keyboards und Moogs. Daraus ensteht etwas, das 70´s Funk und Soul, und Indierock Ende der 80er unter der Schirmherrschaft von organischen Hip-Hop-Beats zusammenbringt. Darüber flimmern Sprechgesänge über Verlust, Hass, Sex und Gift, aber fernab von allem Gangsta-Gehabe. Rock´n´Roll verpackt in Hip Hop. Humorvoll und ernst, aber immer frisch. So unterschiedlich ihre Inspirationen zu sein scheinen, so angenehm unüblich ist ihr Sound. Denn was kommt heraus, wenn man Quellen wie David Bowie, Nas, Pixies, Kraftwerk, Pete Rock, Liquid Liquid, Talking Heads und die Beastie Boys nennt? Richtig. Etwas spannendes. Automato sind eine furchtbar angenehme Alternative zu dem Strokes-gleich-New-York-Ding. Sie sind ein Hallo-wach-Effekt und stehen 2004 für urbane Musikvielfalt, die gerade eintönig zu werden schien. Hip Hop, den auch Nicht-Rapper mögen dürfen. (tk)

gefunden auf: Tonspion

english bio:
Automato marks the first hip hop artist on Dim Mak and an explosive introduction to boot. We at Dim Mak are very proud this is ... (more) our hip hop debut. On goes the story: New York City hip hop group Automato is Alex Frankel, Ben Fries, Jesse Levine, Nick Millhiser, Andrew Raposo and Morgan Wiley. Completed in January of 2003, their forthcoming debut album was produced by James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy of the DFA. The goal was to make an album that sounds and feels like the sample based hip hop records they love, yet capture the un-hip hop 'band' element of the group. They not only succeeded at this, but surpassed their expectations and the result is a testament to Automato's willingness to go where other hip hop groups will not. automatoAutomato's interests and aspirations lie beyond the pigeonhole of genre rap or underground hip hop and seem to branch into whatever the fuck they were feeling that day. In the process of making the album, the DFA and Automato were never without a point of reference and everyone was listening to as much music as they were recording. It was common to find Nas' Illmatic, Can's Tago Mago, Pixies' Surfer Rosa, and David Axelrod's Songs of Experience vying for time on the studio's record player. Automato's is an album that, like any good hip hop record, is a product of its influences. The vocals are somewhere between Cannibal Ox, Andre 3000, Jay Z, and Ghostface, while the beats recall a mid-nineties Pete Rock remix of Talking Heads covering Kraftwerk.

found @: RCRDLBL

Dwonload - Automato - Walk into the Light

Monday, October 19, 2009

Audio: GREEN SLEEVES - ONE by Gwizski

<a href="">VELVET DARKNESS by Gwizski</a>

More of Green Sleeves at :Listen to the ALbum

Nice Instrumentals from independent artists "Green Sleeves".The Collection is in some parts very simple but at least everybody will hear the experimental side and the good samples!Peace

Rhymesayers Weekly Radio Show - Host: Siddiq 10.10.2009

Rhymesayers Weekly Radio Show
Host: Siddiq

Download Rhymesayers Radio Show 10.10.2009


For Friends of Atmosphere;Brother Ali;Evidence and so on...Listen to that diamond.!

Audio: J Dilla - Oxtopus Boom Boom Boom

Download_ J_Dilla_Oxtopus_boom_boom

Rest in Peace Jay DEE!

Audio: J Dilla - Interview BBC 2001

J Dilla BBC interview of 2001...

Mos Def & Slick Rick – Auditorium prod. Madlib


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kev Brown - Another Random Joint

Another Random Joint - Kev Brown from Humble Monarch on Vimeo.

eigentlich hab ich ja videoverbot, aber das ist einfach ill.bald koof ick mir auch sone 5d mit hd1080.kev brown bringt die dicken dinger.yeah

Friday, October 16, 2009

Audio: DJ Def Cut - Keep it Raw - LP

DEF CUT: F**k the money and the industry! This is a present to all
my Fans, B-Boys, B-Girls and Break-Beat Lovers!!


The incredible DJ DEF CUT makes a present for all his fans and supporters.
This is a diamond for all Breakdance Heads and all Breakbeat Lovers! Thank You Def CUT!


illecism - pornstar

machmal sind die cover ja besser als die musik.
und manchmal ist der rap besser als der beat.
das ist so ein fall...dis cover is auf jeden fall porno
Download Illecism Porn Star 2dope mp3

GRIS - 3 Grundfarben (Das Geschenk Mixtape)

deutschrap invasion auf 3 klingenden farbspuren.rap bis ragaee bis g-funk bis neben der spur. websitebesuch lohnt sich.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Debilorithmicos - "I'm Out" feat.CYNE

Debilorithmicos "I'm Out" feat. CYNE from El Chavo on Vimeo.

cover of new E.P

Helo Friends!
Today the Guys of "Debilorithmicos" contacted us to take a look on the new video!
The name is "I'm Out" feat.CYNE and it is the ne song for your mp3 player.
We say thank you to "Debilorithmicos" and give you the advise to enjoy it!

<a href="">I'm Out Featuring Cise Star &amp; Akin by Debilorithmicos</a>




listen to the E.P.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Anticon - Bracken's Autumn Podcast

anticon's waking moments and later lives

anticon's artist collective came together in early 1998 as a loose group of longtime friends and near-strangers bound by an abiding love of both underground rap's freewheeling poetics and the break-digging and collage aesthetics of traditional hip-hop. The name 'anticon' was chosen by its first true believers, sole (Tim Holland) and pedestrian (James Brandon Best), for two reasons: pedestrian wanted a name that expressed a certain enthusiasm for the contrary and the challenging in art, and sole wanted a term that didn't have any associations, a name that could be endowed with fresh meanings.
And when jel (Jeffrey Logan), doseone (Adam Drucker) and alias (Brendon Whitney) lent their distinctive energies to the recording of the Deep Puddle Dynamics album in the summer of '98--a recording experience that was damn near holy in its intensity--anticon at once became a thing unto itself. The qualities apparent in the Deep Puddle Dynamics album--its accent on personal sincerity coupled with its unbothered spirit of experimentation- were further amplified by the addition of odd nosdam (David Madson) and why? (Yoni Wolf), who both dropped out of art school to migrate westward and join the rest of the collective in the Bay Area.
The eighth contributor to anticon, Baillie Parker, is the collective's compass in a sometimes shadowy and always morally ambiguous world of business. Besides its primary function of releasing projects produced by the members of the ownership-collective, the label proudly continues to add artists to its family.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Audio: Waajeed - Tetris Beat

schön ises ja immer die leute ein bisschen vorzustellen von denen hier musik angeboten wird.oben im video
hier der neueste kracher aus detroit.waajeed mit einem beat von dem blu jemz pres. beat machine sampler.unten drunter die tetrisbombe zum download
zSHARE - 07 Tetris.mp3


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Torky Tork - Black Album - 2007 - Instrumental Album

Skipping through endlessly boring 70s flics from Eastern Germany and digging in the crates for 1 € records crammed with scheisse Volksmusik is something TORK does all the time...don`t ask yourself why. Listen!




Monday, October 5, 2009

Debaser - Back To Work

Debaser burst onto the indie hip-hop scene in 2006 with their debut album Crown Control. The duo is now ready to end a three-year silence and have recorded two albums for their anxiously waiting fans. As a “thank you” for your patience, the group is releasing the first of these albums as a FREE download. Back to Work is entirely produced by Sapient and boasts the same arrogance from Debaser that you have grown to love. The FREE album also features Rasco (of Cali Agents), Luckyiam (of Living Legends) and Detroit standout Phat Kat.


01. Go To Work
02. The Crown Fits
03. Bow
04. Leave Me Alone
05. Rap Scene feat. Luckyiam
06. The Difference
07. I Don't Think So (Remix)
08. Chuchface (Instrumental)
09. Do Proper
10. Out Front feat. Phat Kat & Rasco (Of Cali Agents)
11. End Life feat. Illmaculate
12. Someday

Thx 2 :


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Audio: Lee Bannon - The Checkpoint Mixtape by Dj Flow


Here goes the new mixtape from Sacramento producer Lee Bannon, The Checkpoint Mixtape, mixed by DJ Flow. Features from U-N-I, Talib Kweli, Zion I, Sha Stmuli, Willie The Kid, Saigon, CurT@!n$, The Jacka, Termanology and more. Check after the jump for the tracklist and download link.

01. Intromental
02. The Return Part 2 (feat. U-N-I, Talib Kweli, Zion I & Sha Stimuli)
03. Winter Coast (feat. Willie The Kid)
04. I
05. Painted Gold (feat. Zion I & Uptown Swuite)
06. Wanna Be A Rapper (feat. Trife Diesel)
07. The Climb (feat. C Plus)
08. Break Up (feat. Saigon)
09. Out For Me (feat. Poor)
10. Steam
11. Vitamin B (feat. U-N-I & CurT@!n$)
12. Lions For Lambs (feat. S.O.L.)
13. Whats Your Zodiac (feat. The Jacka & Phil The Agony)
14. Whats In (feat. Poor)
15. What’s The Answer (feat. Termanology & Ea$y Money)

mixtape with ruff rap and beats remembering mad or jay...!!

DJ F7 - Eletro City Rockers


Finest ElectroTunes for Fans of the good old times!