Friday, October 23, 2009

Jaydiohead - Jay-Z & Radiohead - Minty Fresh Beats

Jaydiohead :: Jay-Z x Radiohead

Produced by Max Tannone AKA Minty Fresh Beats AKA Minty

1. Wrong Prayer - "Pray" (Jay-Z, American Gangster) + "I Might Be Wrong" (Radiohead, Amnesiac)
2. 99 Anthems - "99 Problems" (Jay-Z, The Black Album) + The National Anthem (Radiohead, Kid A)
3. No Karma - "No Hook" (Jay-Z, American Gangster) + "Karma Police" (Radiohead, OK Computer)
4. Lucifer's Jigsaw - "Lucifer" (Jay-Z, The Black Album) + "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" (Radiohead, In Rainbows)
5. Optimistic Moment - "Moment of Clarity" (Jay-Z, The Black Album) + "Optimistic" (Radiohead, Kid A)
6. Dirt Off Your Android - "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" (Jay-Z, The Black Album) + "Paranoid Android" (Radiohead, OK Computer)
7. Dreaming Up - "American Dreamin'" (Jay-Z, American Gangster) + "Up on the Ladder" (Radiohead, In Rainbows [Disc 2])
8. Change Order - "Never Change" (Jay-Z, The Blueprint) + "Gagging Order" (Radiohead, B-side of "Go to Sleep" from Hail to the Thief)
9. Fall In Step - "Fallin'" (Jay-Z, American Gangster) + "15 Step" (Radiohead, In Rainbows)
10. Ignorant Swan - "Ignorant S***" (Jay-Z, American Gangster) + Black Swan" (Thom Yorke, The Eraser)

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