Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sapient - Make Morphine - The Remixes


# 1: Here(DJ FlipFlop Remix)
# 2: Make More(Budo Remix)
# 3: Ay Ay AY(Simple Remix
# 4: Debaser Is(Cheddy Remix)
# 5: I Did It(Theory Hazit Remix)
# 6: Diamond In The Rough Ft. Illmaculate(Chase Moore Remix)
# 7: My Grind Is Tech(Rev. Shines Remix)
# 8: Ready For Whatever(Elliot B. Remix)
# 9: The Way It Is(Smoke Remix)
# 10: Dopesick(DaiN Remix)
# 11: Invested(Mr. Hill Remix)
# 12: Argonauts(Lawz Spoken Remix)
# 13. Till The End(Pale Soul Remix)
# 14. Uptown Squalor(Sapient Remix)

Make Morphine
Sapient is an emcee that also boasts much more than self-sufficiency when it comes to producing bangers that make your mom wish you had never been born. His latest project shifts gears and has some of the Northwest’s finest producers (also NY and CA) taking a turn remixing tracks off his solo album Make More. With contributions from Budo, Rev. Shines (of Lifesavas), Simple (of Sandpeople), Oldominion veterans Smoke, Mr. Hill & Pale Soul, plus many more, this FREE download lets you hear how Sapient sounds when other people lace the beats. Make Morphine features a different producer for each track!

Download Sapient - Make Morphine - The Remixes


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