Friday, April 30, 2010

Audio: Makeshift – No Doze (Mixtape) // (Piff) PCH // O-Phrap //

Download Makeshift – No Doze (Mixtape).
(Z-Share Link is a bit too slow,I+ll put alternative link later!)

This Mixtape by Californian Artist "Makeshift" is from 2009.I missed it,so Im happy the "Dude" "O-Phrap" suggested it to us.It is not the cliche sound sound some of you may estimate.It is a good Mix of Instrumentals (push the play button above to get a foretaste),with nice selected Samples and successful arrangements.The Raps (Mcees doing very good Job)are without exerted parts and makes a good feeling to vibing straight into weekend.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Audio: Ramson Badbonez - Samiyam Snake Cola Dub 1 - DJ IQ's Flashing Lights

Ramson Badbonez - Samiyam Snake Cola Dub 1 - DJ IQ's Flashing Lights by hypedog

"Ramson Badbonez" from "Taskforce" is a young un-signed Artist from UK.Samiyam Snake Cola Dub 1 is from "DJ IQ's Flashing Lights" and its a real Banger.Dub generated Beat with that sharp voice of "Ramson Badbonez" on it,makes that tune special.Still @ repeat in my playlist since i recognized it via Hypedog.Thx.Dog!

visit Ramsonbadbones.


Audio: Mochipet – Master P on Atari Transformed Vol. 2 // Free The Robots Remix of Complex Players Dub! // Alphapup // Daly City Records

The release of Master P on Atari Transformed vol1 is a futuristic and glossy rendering of urban club culture throughout the world. Master P vol2 is more subtle, more complex, more contemplative, and yes – weirder. The remixes throughout are clear and brazen renditions of what the artist experiences when sampling Mochipet’s offerings. This release explores the genres of every electronic category known under the sun to bring you a well rounded release; sometimes breaky, sometimes skitzy, sometimes boomy, and sometimes bootie, but always Mochi!!!


Audio: Stalley – Pressure (Produced by Michael Sterling Eaton) // Mp3

This time around I will post some schmusi shit.(LOOKS@THE PAST POSTS). Ups 3rd smooth post in a row... singing on every song. What`s up with that?
Stalley is a really interesting artist to look out for in the future. After his work with Dame Dash and Ski Beatz, he is preparing to drop his debut album. Sick. Check out more Stalley here.

Audio: Nas And Damian Marley - Friends // Mp3

This new 1 from the Distant Relatives is for my über habibi SOLO.

Audio: yU (of Diamond District) - Close // Mp3

A Diamond District concert is one of the reasons why I still love HipHop...It becomes more and more a thing that lives in this bright box we fool around with half the day. Let`s take it outside. Use the box to get people to attend a show. That´s my HipHop message for today.
yU`s "Before Taxes" album is out now. Get it

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Madlib – Episode XVI:

Madlib – Static Invasion:

Back in the 90s, “beat tapes” were literally that: cassette tapes of beats that a producer made either for himself, friends, or potential collaborators. Madlib made a bunch of them in the days between his early productions for the Alkaholiks (circa ’92) and the release of his Quasimoto album (2000), after which he took a couple of years off of the beats to focus on making jazz music before beginning a new era of hip-hop with Madvillain, Jaylib and Beat Konducta.


Video: M.I.A - Born Free // by ROMAIN GAVRAS

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

Director : Romain Gavras
Director of Photography : André Chemetoff
Producer : Mourad Belkeddar
Production company :
Executive Production : Gaetan Rousseau / Paradoxal
Special thanks to Lana & Melissa from The Director's Bureau

Audio: J. Cole - Who Dat // Mp3

ok i know this is very mainstream, but listen... it`s the perfect example of a first single if you want to be heard...and then on the other hand i`m not trying to score points here and get attention to the site by posting major shit. i just want to post FAT BEATS with dope hungry rhymes...and here you have it. this is not what i would have expected ...i was like: "shit no rihanna?" thank you (and thanks to jay-z,too)
jimmy lovlov

Audio: tAz Arnold ft. Major - Southside Blood Cuz’n // Mp3

shure dude is fuckin freaky.look @ his dresscode.i guess he`s just doin his thing and we`re all a bit jealous ...smoking, fashion, girls and well ...incredibly dope scheisse when he feels like making music.
for my sa-ra supporting brother...getting close to daddy status in a minute.
smoke 1 to this right here.
found this @ hypetrak

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Video: Theophilus London – Life Of A Lover

now this is just a short reminder why rappers wanna be rappers, to be on stage for their real "fans".
theo does his sounds promising.if you don`t know about him check out this song right here:Pull My Heart Away (RMX)

Audio: Methuzulah & Dj Synthesis Present - "The Kumite" feat. Señor Kaos,G.R.E.A.T. Scott,4-Ize,The Nise Guise etc.

Earlier this past week, Hip Hop lost another great emcee. Guru from the legendary group Gangstarr.Atlanta Pays Respect to Guru and Gangstarr with a posse cut simply known as "The Kumite"!This record was put together at the end of last year by Atlanta emcee Methuzulah and also features some of the ATL Underground's finest. Remind you... This song was put together months before it was announced Guru was hospitalized. ATL has love for Guru and the whole Gangstarr Fam.Rest In Peace.
Methuzulah & Dj Synthesis Present - "The Kumite"
Featuring // (In the order they appear)

4-Ize, Clan Destined, Dillon, Señor Kaos, Melaphyre, Rock Most, Tommy Lee Soul, The Nise Guise, Jarren Benton, Aarophat, Arablak, G.R.E.A.T. Scott, & Methuzulah


Audio: O-Phrap - Million Dollar Dreams Prod. by Dibiase ( mp3)

"O-Phrap's" "Million Dollar Dream" is produced by "Dibiase" and mixed by "DJ Tommy Black" for "The CAKEOVER Mixtape".This is one more dope Tune from California.Maybe you all have to know that im really "Dibiase" addicted.Bounce "Million Dollar Dream" and you will know what im trying to describe!.And i like the way "O-Phrap" is vibing on that Instrumentals.Thx. "O-Phrap"!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Audio: TekNaloG - Survival of the fittest

<a href="">Survival of the fittest by TekNaloG</a>
from last E.P. Nano TekNaloG Vol 1 by TekNaloG
<a href="">Turn it up by TekNaloG</a>

Couldnt find any Informations.So listen to that vibing Instrumentals reminds me on that californian style in 2010!


Audio: The Deepest Cellar - Matt Henshaw - Reggiimental / UK

<a href="">Propaganda by Matt Henshaw</a>

B-Boy Soul. The sound of 2010 and a new decade.
A new collaboration for a new decade. 2010 is the year and the sound is B-Boy Soul. 11 tracks of an eclectic mix of flavours and genres from soul, reggae, dub, ska, hip-hop and R&B with hooks dripping like syrup and rhymes that bite.
In part political, in parts pop, but always slick as hip-hop has ever been.

Gut durchhörbares Album.Sehr abwechslungsreiche Themen der Instrumentalgestaltung.Roots HipHop, dynamischer Funk ala "King Khan" über Raggae und Dub Einflüsse."Reggimental" ist keine unbekannte Stimme in der "UK" Rap-Geschichte.Schönes Gesamtpaket mit allem was man braucht für ein gelungenes HipHop - Barbecue.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Audio: Theo Martins – You Can’t Do That On Television // E.P.

Theo Martins - The Monocle:

Found / Download E.P. via

Smart E.P. by "Theo Martins" from "Rhode Island".Nice produced Beats with the taste of the 90*s and a kool Voice combined with narrative Raps."The Monocle" is the 1st catchy song i got.I give a 8 of 10 points for that Release.Rident.Grab it!


Audio: TRUTHLIVE - Rewind Rewind ft. Von Pea (produced by Jake One)

one of my favorite producers teams up with TRUTHLIVE for a whole lp.after the project with freeway i am wondering who is next? anybody wants a whole album produced by jake? what about busta rhymes? listening to the hook again i could only imagine how incredibly dope this could be ...something that sounds like the dillagence tape. busta get at jake!!!
von pea seems a little tired and uninspired on this one but it`s not like he could ever ruin a song...not this beauty at least.
yeah yabba

Audio: Madlib on Friday Night Flavas 2005 (MP3)

"Download:Madlib on Friday Night Flavas "

In early 2005, nearing the release of Quasimoto's Further Adventures of Lord Quas, Madlib stopped into L.A.'s Power 106 FM show Friday Night Flavas for a short and typically hip-hop strange set, playing much of his own production for Quas, Madvillain, MED and others.

Madlib Fans like us know all Tunes from the Show,but I can't help doing it.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Audio: The Grouch - Weight Of The World // Mp3

the grouch puts out a new song based around a guru reference.the video will drop next week.just not your average hiphop the way whats up with dead prez?we need you.
same sample was used by dilla on dillagence with busta rhymes. check "best that ever did it" featuring rah digga.
peace peace
jimmy love

Video: Mike Millions - Ashes and Samples

Days ago we posted his debut Album "Ashes and Samples".
Now you can spot his Video for the Release.HQ for sure.This "Ashes and Samples" Instrumental is ill!


Audio: G.R.E.A.T. SCOTT - Challenge​! At The House of Ill Repute

<a href="">Challenge!..At The House of Ill Repute by G.R.E.A.T. SCOTT</a>

After staying in contact with G.R.E.A.T. SCOTT via email,he sent "Challenge​! At The House of Ill Repute" a joint from the forthcoming project "EX CATHEDRA" and the Bandcamp link for the tune (@ Bandcamp you will find 2 more tracks).Im vibing on that Sound between Riddim and HipHop.Dont no who the Lady is,but her voice is flashing.

In an era of Ringtone Rap, excessive money talk, and teen dance crazes, it may be difficult for most to recall the era of, the MC. Those individuals who meet the elusive criteria of having originality, lyrical skill, and the ability to "Move the crowd" have all but disappeared as rap has become the "music" of choice for the general populous. Very few are the exception to this prototypical industry mold.A Jamaican born NYC and London raised MC who hails from ATL.I place no boundary on my styles as I am heavily influenced both musically and culturally by the various regions in which I came of age. I am a true practicioner of the culture thru and thru.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Video: SHAD - Yaa I Get It (Official Video)

This SSS**it is DOPE!No More Words 2 USE!
Found via GerationTapedeck

Download MP3 here:


Audio: Sola Rosa - Get It Together // Album

<a href="">Humanised Feat. Bajka by Sola Rosa</a>

these cats from new zealand contacted me through bandcamp. what they don`t know is that we have a blog, too. let`s see if they discover this little bit of extra advertising for them. when i started listening to the album i thought it`s a bit too hippy for me, but once you get to track 6 (that you can hear above) everything changes. i don`t know what you guys do since we stopped recording tapes for our misses like 10 to 5 years ago? i just dump everything into the "miss_girlfriend_folder" - since amy can`t sing no more cause her lips hurt so bad (read that in on of my girlfriends gossipzines) Bajka can make your girlfriend warble along, i promise.
this is for the ladies.

album comes in a limited edition vinyl, but listening doesn`t cost a thing


Audio: Celph Titled & Buckwild – Styles Ain’t Raw f. Apathy & Chino XL (prod. Buckwild) // Mp3

ok this is the first picture that came up when looking for buckwild. i think she is one of the older flavor flav girls by the name of buckwild ...and oh yeah she is hella ugly. my intend was to get some attention for this post. i let matthew, who always sends us some real live shit, explain this on:

Celph Titled and Buckwild’s upcoming collaborative Nineteen Ninety Now, will feature Celph ripping over vintage unreleased Buckwild beats from the mid 90’s. Guest spots will include Treach (of Naughty By Nature), Vinnie Paz (of Jedi Mind Tricks), Ryu (of SOBs), A.G., Diamond D, Sadat X, Grand Puba, R.A. the Rugged Man, O.C., Lord Digga, Majik Most and more.

features look crazy, the beats are buckwild. he never puts out wack shit. never.
cool song.


Audio: Kokane - On The Back Streets // Mixtape

upon releasing his new album "Gimme All Mine" on the 1st of june our beloved uebersinger and rapper kokane drops this mixtape for promotional reasons, i guess. nothing to spectacular plus hosting is so obsolete and fucks up any listening pleasure...and then on top of it some gunshots, i if you don`t know kokane you can get to know him here (some older material on here too) just ignore the sticks and seeds in this oj kush straight from the west coast.

01. Intro (Feat. WC)
02. Koka Burner In Tha Stash
03. Lookin For Kokane (Ft. Ice Cube, Snoop, & WC)
04. Ghetto (Flashback)
05. Dollaz Drank Dank (Ft. Ice Cube)
06. Wrong Idea
07. Any Last Words
08. Kalifornia (Ft. Above The Law)
09. Polli Seeds (Flashback)
10. Koka Flashback (Medley)
11. Flicks Letters & Commissary
12. Games That People Play
13. Get Something (Drake Flip)
14. Gangstaz & Thugz
15. Candy Cuddie Mack
16. Girls
17. Get It Up
18. Twilight Zone (single)
19. Let Ya Pants Sag (Fabulous Flip)

west up
jim kopf

Audio: RETROSPECTIVranian A PARTE - a jazz mix by hubert daviz

RETROSPECTIVA PARTE - a romanian jazz mix by hubert daviz by Hubert Daviz

There is more on the eastern side than the beautiful polich jazz label muza or the crazy czech records.. Never got to Romania. That mix is one more reason to go there. (die balkantour muss erweitert werden jungs..)
The Mix was compiled by "up and coming" producer Hubert Daviz as an introduction to his LP "Proceduri De Rutina". He sampled only romanian records for this one. In stores May 28 released on Melting Pot Music.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Info: R.I.P. GURU !

Guru of Gangstarr, one of the most unique Mc´s ever, died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. I guess now it´s time to fish your favorite gangstarr lp out of the rack and thank the man for giving us so much good times with his music.. remember?

Feel free to complete the post with your favorite guru joints..

Audio: O-Phrap -Say Werd Ya'll (Dilla Tribute) produced by Dibiase // MP3

I thank "O-Phrap" and "Dibiase" for staying in contact and sharing such dope Tracks with us.We posted some Leaks for you yesterday and in the past weeks,here you got one more (for all O-Phrap and Dibiase addicted People).This "Dilla Tribute" from our LA people is the Sound we Love!If you wanna know "Why" check this Ueberdope E.P for example:
Audio: Mr Dibiase - Cakeology E.P.(Stream - Prelistening)


Audio: Michael Millions - Ashes & Samples EP

Track 2 Michael Millions - Body Bagger:

Download Michael Millions - Ashes & Samples EP

Visit Michael Millions

That Nice E.P. is "Michael Millions" Debut Release.The Mcee from "Richmond" is a good Lyricist and i can vibe on most of the Songs in combination with that fresh Beats by "HardWork" and "NameBrand".You Guys out there knowing that we mostly like more dirty stuff,but at least this is the underground we want to support and this E.P. is an argument why it pays off!Dope!My Fav.:BODY BAGGER! GRAB IT!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Audio: O-Phrap and Mr. Dibiase - After Valentines Dedication x Left side of the map Mp3

o-phrap - after valentines dedication (produced by mr. dibiase)

o-phrap - left side of the map (produced by mr.dibiase)

ok o-phrap send us three great songs today..first one i posted earlier. these two new ones are produced by mr.dibiase who some of you might know (others are already stans... ehm, s.o.l.o.?). attention everybody: this is very good music. if you stopped listening to hiphop when the hiero and pharcyde hype was over, you can just download this and carry on where you left...but on the other hand if you stopped listening to rap back won`t be on here to read this.
big up to o-phrap
light one up
jimmy hoffa

Audio: Paul Mighty Presents: No Sleep In Brooklyn Pt. 1 Mixtape

Louie's Theme (Instrumental)byPaul Mighty

nice little tape from paul mighty and his people. i especially like the rap tracks. get this while it`s still underground suckaz...haha
this came out real dope. go and have a look over at our dudes fromkinda dusty for more info.Thx. Dj Manipulator!

Audio: O-Phrap - On the Rise // prod. by Elaquent

On The Rise (prod. by Elaquent )-ruff mix by O-Phrap, Es, &E-Yo off the Kicks and Snares Mixtape Vol.1!:

Dope new leak by "O-Phrap" called "On the Rise" produced by canadian producer "Elaquent" featuring "Es" and "E-Yo". this song will be on the "Kicks and Snares Mixtape Vol.1" coming soon. more new stuff from "O-Phrap" and "Dibiase" on here in a minute. bob yo head to this on 1!Thx.OMAH!


Audio: Dimlite- “Prismic Tops”

Man, he takes his time.. I don´t know how many posts with this headline I already wrote.. Anyway. The curtain rises slowly, but there´s always a bit more to hear.
So, now it´s available as a digital release. And you can preorder the EP at your favorite vinyl dealer.. presents two tracks, so you can listen in which direction the new productions are heading. I dig them totally! me it sounds like a 2010 version of 1970´s folk pop. thinking of king crimson; crosby, stills & nash, donovan aso. After pushing the boundarys on the production side, the beatgeneration seems on be on the road to write real songs aswell..

For more info/audio, check the past Dimlite posts:
elbow flood
roo & feedback children
dimlite mix m.a.h.


Audio: Reflection Eternal – City Playgrounds // MP3 // from upcoming "Revolutions Per Minute" Album

The latest Leak on "Talib Kweli" and "Dj Hi-Tek"s (Reflection Eternal) "Revolutions Per Minute" Album.One more Song to know:This Album will be incredible.More to know about the upcoming Album (18.May):
Reflection Eternal - Strangers feat. Bun B MP3
Reflection Eternal - The Re:union Mixtape

Yo Jonez.Hoff.Reggy!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Audio: Rock Bottom - Expanding the Cage // Album

<a href="">Morning Breath by Rock Bottom</a>

Grab the Album:Dwonload: Rock Bottom - Expanding the Cage // Album

Visit: Rock Bottom

Although Rock Bottom have been involved in the underground hip hop scene for a few years, they still consider themselves new to the game. Refusing to let themselves be sandboxed into any one category, Rock Bottom mixes musical perspectives and styles to distill an art form out of a saturated industry. With contemporary artists flooding the market and blurring the lines between hip hop and pop, the average listener's experience has been turned into a cheap thrill lacking any replay value. Music enthusiasts are jaded, casual listeners are left wanting something more...Enter Rock Bottom... with nowhere to go but up. This is not an attempt to 'take it back.' This is not an attempt to revive the 'golden era' of hip hop. This is an entirely new approach with a mix of RAW talent and RAW sound refined by five plus years of improving their style to create truly TIMELESS music.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Audio: Ras G & Samiyam – Breakfast Blunts // MP3 // The Afrikan Space Program

Very special Track by "Ras G // Ras G. The Afrikan Space Program".Much electronic layers,heavy pumping bases and that childish taste of japanese slotmashine sounds.This is really from outerspace.Maybe a bit arduous.No.More cloudy tracks you can find on Myspace.

Ras G @ Myspace


Audio: Mr. J. Medeiros – Brutus // MP3 // prod. by "Stro The 89th Key"

Click on divshare for the Download!

First Leak of "Mr. J. Medeiros" & "Stro The 89th Key" Album "Friends Enemies Apples Apples" has been "Brutus".The Beat has this power like on that "Hi-Tek" Beats on "Reflection Eternal".J. Medeiros is a intelligent and dope spitter!Powerful Track!
Now you can enjoy the complete Album via Bandcamp:

<a href="">Left Me feat. Tara Ellis by Mr. J. Medeiros</a>


Friday, April 16, 2010

Video: German Electronic Music History/ BBC documentary

German Electronic Music History from Jose Rodriguez on Vimeo.

Yes y´all. To all you people who are interested in musikhistory. This is a very nice documentary about the evolution of electronic musik through the "krautrock" music scene in post war germany.
All important bands like tangerin dream, cluster, can, neu, kraftwerk aso. are featured with interviews. Even iggy pop where connected to some of these guys and tells some funny storys. You get a lot of background information about the musicians and the enviroment in the (left-)revolutionary political scene in the 60/70.
so, take a trip, lean back and enjoy..

Video: Method Man and Crew advanced in a Police Stop and Search Operation in Munich Germany!Police State "Bavaria"!

Funny Video about Method Man and Crew in our lovely Police State "Bavaria".Found via Blog Rebellen Kreuzberg.No Justice No Peace!Fu*k the Poli*e!itz Enoss!Enoss in Dschermoeni!tuu Matsch.Itz tuu Madsch in Dschermoeni!


Audio: Dice Raw – Dice, Dilla, Pregunta (Mixtape) // 16.04.2010

Download - Dice Raw – Dice, Dilla, Pregunta (Mixtape)


1.) Long Time Coming
2.) Pregunta
3.) Hello World
4.) Full
5.) Doot Doo Dah Da
6.) Players Play
7.) Welcome Home
8.) The Greatest Rapper Never
9.) Offbeat Onbeat
10.) Get Ready
11.) Turn It Up (Led it Bang)
12.) Pour Me a Drink
13.) Allworlderlude
14.) The End of the Road

After "The Roots" tribute,"Dice Raw" from "Philly" Hip Hop Scene wrote and recorded the "Dice, Dilla, Pregunta - Mixtape" over these Instrumentals.It was a only a question of time until an Mcee drop his verses on them.And it is definite felicitous!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Audio: Piff C Herrera - Vintage Verses​:​The Paradigm Shift Mixtape

<a href="">Devils&amp;Diadems ft.D-ski by Piff PCH</a>oh man. super excited about this. we posted the best song of the oscillations part 2 mixtape two days ago. now we got a hold of piff c herrera and he send us this mixtape. the tape is dope from start to finish. i will not make comparisons or describe the music. just go and listen to it. i think we have something really big here. pick it up. don`t you fuckin sleep on this.

Info: Our Blogroll is LOST!

Our Blogroll is LOST while trying change smths. in the design!Yes!We are NOOBS!HAHAA!We are working on it.We collect the Links back and reupp all 2gether.It will take some hours because im too tired right now!Any contributor reading this,pls send mail.Thank YOu!


Audio: Klipmode Crew - Funraiser Vol 2: Skrayons // Devonwho // Suzi Analogue // Knxwledge

<a href="">dejavoodoo by mndsgn</a>
<a href="">498. by Knxwledge.</a>
<a href="">朊 by Suzi Analogue</a>

Yesterday i received the tip for Klipmode,by Leawon.At this point im relieved to know,out there are some people with a vested music taste.Klipmode,is the crewname of Devonwho, Suzi Analogue & Knxwledge.I couldnt get many informations,but one thing is lucid:There is a young and innovativ producer scene growing up out there.Here you can see behind the curtain.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Audio: Wiz Khalifa - Kush and Orange Juice MIxtape

this is for these moments when you`re too stoned to get up from the couch. still i would recommend a remotecontrol. some of the songs could seriously ruin your high. a lot of herb must have gone into this project. pick your favorite songs. get high. do what you do.
seen @ 2dopeboyz

Video: Morlockk Dilemma - Der Eiserne Besen Trailer

No Comment:Überprüft das Snippet: Ich bin das Snippet


Audio: Debaser – Don’t Sleep f. The Grouch (Sandpeople // Living Legends)

Sandpeople crossed my way some months ago in sep/oct. 2009.I posted that nice "
Sapient - Make Morphine - The Remixes (Sandpeople)" Remix Project.And that new Leak is something special for me,cos "The Grouch" is one of my favourite Mcees."Simple Man" changed my Life.Haha.!!Dope!


Audio: BarrelHouseNYC Artists - Say Somethin' Vol. 1

<a href="">Love and Rockets by BarrelHouseNYC</a>

This mixtape is a compilation of hip-hop, spoken word, and neo-soul from artists from all over the United States, from Brooklyn to New Jersey to New Orleans. All artists on this mixtape are a part of the BarrelHouseNYC movement. A movement to preserve the essence of Hip-Hop as an art, and to embrace to love of music as a whole.

Some "BarrelHouseNYC Artists" on common Instrumentals.Nice Project where you can find some dope lyrics by underground artists.


Audio: Amad Jamal - Believe That (feat. Dilated Peoples)

04 Believe That(feat. Dilated Peoples) [main] by abbrecords

1st single from Amad-Jamal's long awaited debut "Barely Hangin On", finds AJ teaming up fellow ABB alum, Dilated Peoples and making a very strong case as to why you should definitely check for his upcoming album "Brisk brings the discipline in Like Phil Jackson". Classic LA, Classic West Coast hip-hop at its best.

Audio: Brother Ali & Fashawn & BK-One - Breakin' Dawn Boys // MP3 // Rhymesayers

Download Brother Ali & Fashawn & BK-One - Breakin' Dawn Boys // MP3

Some Months ago "Rhymesayers" pushed "The freshest Kids" by "Brother Ali, Evidence, Toki Wright & BK-One".That Tune was so DOPE!Big Beat and some of the freshest Mcees rappin like in a Street Cypher.Here you get one more fresh addition for a "KOOL" day with Brother Ali & Fashawn & BK-One.Belting!


Audio: Likwuid "Go L" (What Recession) Produced by 2 Hungry Bros

Download Likwuid (WHAT RECESSION) MP3 (produced Hungry Bros) MP3

While there is one particular female garnishing all of the headlines, there are still a few multi-talented upstart female emcees that are beginning to make a mark in the industry and doing it the old-fashioned way—making dope music.Likwuid immediately immersed herself into NYC’s independent music hip hop scene. She holds the distinction of becoming the 2nd woman to win NYC’s legendary EOW Emcee Challenge, and her notoriety as a Jump-Off TV Battle Winner propelled her career to the next level in the underground NYC hip-hop circuit, then to nationwide buzz, then to international stages and recently she linked up with Ciph Diggy and Homeboy Sandman for the now well-circulated “I Was There”!Likwuid’s debut LP, Gummie Bears and Champagne, will be released on June 26th, 2010 and included is a link to Likwuid’s “Go L” (What Recession) which is produced by 2 Hungry Bros!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Audio: Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations Part 2

Piff Herrera - Windpipe :
<a href="">Windpipe by Jus Like Music Records</a>

Download & Listening via Juslikemusicrecords

Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break Present: Oscillations is a free two part digital compilation focussing on music by talented artists from hip-hop, electronica, neo-soul, dubstep and generally anywhere in between!Part 2 contains 21 tracks and spans just under an hour and ten minutes of amazing, mostly exclusive music.Thx. Elchavo


Video: Reflection Eternal - In This World

"In This World" Reflection Eternal from Punit Dhesi on Vimeo.

Not much to say about Reflection Eternal. Good to hear they are back together! Check the advanced mixtape again to download the song.. Found this one also on Freddie Joachim´s site..

Audio: Freddie Joachim - Dust

<a href="">Out Of Season by Freddie Joachim</a>
Suff Daddy talked about him in this interview. And he´s right! Freddie Joachim´s Beats breath soul. I really love that stuff. heavy sample use.
Also check his site where he updates a lot of good music from other artists too..
yeah r.o.l.