Friday, April 2, 2010

Audio: BoomBaptist - Beat Tape // (03-2010)

<a href="">Lost My Love by BoomBaptist</a>

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BoomBaptist. I'm a Beat Fanatic member and have released a beat tape. I really just want people to hear my music. I have been making music for 13 years, am from Austin, Texas and love producing on the MPC/writing. I have worked with Nike on commercials and such artists as Large Pro, Termanology, Blackalicious, and more.

Dynamic "Beat Tape" by "BoomBaptist".Hard MPC drums with nice selected Samples,with a Touch of that Avantgarde Development and smth. between soft and heavy.Not all Instrumentals flashed me,but the most of them made me interested.hoohoooo.Many Gimmicks in Beat Structure.New and cräzy arrangements in some parts.Play!



  1. sehr fresh, gefällt mir ziemlich gut! sample mässig sehr gut,drumprogrammierung is der schitt.. so müssen drums wummsen...gotcha hummin jaao

  2. stimme ich dir zu!etwas abwechslung im verlauf und entwicklung der tracks...wäre schön gewesen...aber sont!!top!"!