Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Audio: Gil Scott-Heron - New York Is Killing Me feat. NAS

i am waiting and waiting for jones to post this, but it`s just not happening. now two days later i have no remorse with you buddy...after all i am a big gil scott-heron fan as well. "home is where the hatred is", "angel dust", "the bottle" and so i flipped the cover and said to my self ...kick it, quit it...but i just couldn`t resist. 2minsculptureincs4
drug influenced music, drug influenced cover...sorry nas, "i made you look" a little bit like a gay giraffe.
peace to all my graphic design wannabees
jim scott-heroin

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  1. ha, das kannte ich noch nicht. ich bin ja auch manchmal noch ein zwei stunden am tag in der realen welt unterwegs.. also der ohne bildschirm vor der nase, erinnert ihr euch?

    Thanks for hitting me up on this buddy! But.. something in his face looks weird. (couldn´t do better..)