Thursday, April 15, 2010

Audio: Klipmode Crew - Funraiser Vol 2: Skrayons // Devonwho // Suzi Analogue // Knxwledge

<a href="">dejavoodoo by mndsgn</a>
<a href="">498. by Knxwledge.</a>
<a href="">朊 by Suzi Analogue</a>

Yesterday i received the tip for Klipmode,by Leawon.At this point im relieved to know,out there are some people with a vested music taste.Klipmode,is the crewname of Devonwho, Suzi Analogue & Knxwledge.I couldnt get many informations,but one thing is lucid:There is a young and innovativ producer scene growing up out there.Here you can see behind the curtain.


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