Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Audio: Kokane - On The Back Streets // Mixtape

upon releasing his new album "Gimme All Mine" on the 1st of june our beloved uebersinger and rapper kokane drops this mixtape for promotional reasons, i guess. nothing to spectacular plus hosting is so obsolete and fucks up any listening pleasure...and then on top of it some gunshots, i if you don`t know kokane you can get to know him here (some older material on here too) just ignore the sticks and seeds in this oj kush straight from the west coast.

01. Intro (Feat. WC)
02. Koka Burner In Tha Stash
03. Lookin For Kokane (Ft. Ice Cube, Snoop, & WC)
04. Ghetto (Flashback)
05. Dollaz Drank Dank (Ft. Ice Cube)
06. Wrong Idea
07. Any Last Words
08. Kalifornia (Ft. Above The Law)
09. Polli Seeds (Flashback)
10. Koka Flashback (Medley)
11. Flicks Letters & Commissary
12. Games That People Play
13. Get Something (Drake Flip)
14. Gangstaz & Thugz
15. Candy Cuddie Mack
16. Girls
17. Get It Up
18. Twilight Zone (single)
19. Let Ya Pants Sag (Fabulous Flip)

west up
jim kopf

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