Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Audio: Likwuid "Go L" (What Recession) Produced by 2 Hungry Bros

Download Likwuid (WHAT RECESSION) MP3 (produced Hungry Bros) MP3

While there is one particular female garnishing all of the headlines, there are still a few multi-talented upstart female emcees that are beginning to make a mark in the industry and doing it the old-fashioned way—making dope music.Likwuid immediately immersed herself into NYC’s independent music hip hop scene. She holds the distinction of becoming the 2nd woman to win NYC’s legendary EOW Emcee Challenge, and her notoriety as a Jump-Off TV Battle Winner propelled her career to the next level in the underground NYC hip-hop circuit, then to nationwide buzz, then to international stages and recently she linked up with Ciph Diggy and Homeboy Sandman for the now well-circulated “I Was There”!Likwuid’s debut LP, Gummie Bears and Champagne, will be released on June 26th, 2010 and included is a link to Likwuid’s “Go L” (What Recession) which is produced by 2 Hungry Bros!


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