Sunday, April 18, 2010

Audio: Rock Bottom - Expanding the Cage // Album

<a href="">Morning Breath by Rock Bottom</a>

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Although Rock Bottom have been involved in the underground hip hop scene for a few years, they still consider themselves new to the game. Refusing to let themselves be sandboxed into any one category, Rock Bottom mixes musical perspectives and styles to distill an art form out of a saturated industry. With contemporary artists flooding the market and blurring the lines between hip hop and pop, the average listener's experience has been turned into a cheap thrill lacking any replay value. Music enthusiasts are jaded, casual listeners are left wanting something more...Enter Rock Bottom... with nowhere to go but up. This is not an attempt to 'take it back.' This is not an attempt to revive the 'golden era' of hip hop. This is an entirely new approach with a mix of RAW talent and RAW sound refined by five plus years of improving their style to create truly TIMELESS music.


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