Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Audio: Sola Rosa - Get It Together // Album

<a href="">Humanised Feat. Bajka by Sola Rosa</a>

these cats from new zealand contacted me through bandcamp. what they don`t know is that we have a blog, too. let`s see if they discover this little bit of extra advertising for them. when i started listening to the album i thought it`s a bit too hippy for me, but once you get to track 6 (that you can hear above) everything changes. i don`t know what you guys do since we stopped recording tapes for our misses like 10 to 5 years ago? i just dump everything into the "miss_girlfriend_folder" - since amy can`t sing no more cause her lips hurt so bad (read that in on of my girlfriends gossipzines) Bajka can make your girlfriend warble along, i promise.
this is for the ladies.

album comes in a limited edition vinyl, but listening doesn`t cost a thing


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  1. This is not just for the Girfriends, thill Track 4 I really like this LP ;)