Monday, April 12, 2010

audio/video/info: sudan votes music hopes

SUDAN VOTES MUSIC HOPES Trailer ( from MICT on Vimeo.

Yesterday began the first election since more than 20 years in sudan. There are three days of voting. The oppositionpartys call to boycott the vote due to unfair actions taken by the "National Congress Party" of president Omar al-Bashir..
..This conflict is far to complex to be explaint here. So I´m not trying to get to much into the political enviroment. There are much better way´s to get informed about these issues. I just wondered why there is so little to read about this (still existing) major conflict in the massmedia..
Anyway, we run a blog about free music and in this matter there is a connection to sudan: In the forefront of the election the german foreign office helped to realise a compilation whose intention is to "get artists and musicians across Sudan together to write election songs to encourage the people of Sudan to make a mark on their future". The compiation is being distributed across Sudan on audio cassettes, radio and digital. You can download the songs and make a donation at --- ---. I really like the idea of the project even though not all of the featured songs fit to my musical taste. But there are still some pretty good ones! My favorites are "Emannuel Jal" and "Al Sarah" (produced by odisee!)

for more information about the elections go here:
"Sudan: Es darf gewählt werden" bei (only in german)

I also recommend you to watch the moving documentary "The Devil Came On Horseback" which gives an good insight on the war about 5 years ago and shows a lot about the helpless UN and the way the international community deals with such conflicts:

PEACE - j.

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