Monday, May 31, 2010

Fuck The Music For Once (Politics)

Now I haven`t done this before. Please forgive me. I seriously thought about posting the new Tabi Bonney or Royce Da 5`9`` Mixtape, but I just don`t feel like it. You will find them at your other favorite rap-blog for shure.
What really disturbs me today is that the Isreali Defence Forces killed god knows how many peace activists last night and nobody is saying shit. What the fuck?!
What`s the difference between a Terrorist Organization and the fucking IDF,or better any fuckin army in the world!?
God only knows what will happen next.
For now I want to send my condolences to all the families who lost somebody in this conflict.
Stop this madness.
Go and make yourself heard.

Audio: Seu Jorge & Almaz - Everybody Loves The Sunshine // Now Again Records // MP3

"Seu Jorge & Almaz (Band)" going to release their new Album "SEU JORGE & ALMAZ - SEU JORGE & ALMAZ " via "Now Again Records".I favoured the parts of "Seu Jorge" in the Wes Anderson movie "The Life Aquatic",they flowed into the nice and strange atmosphere the movie has.Also we still miss the sun in germany and it is already june.So this Song is my cantrip for the weathergod.yaarrppp.

Audio: Geutz - Taugenichts // prod. by Lucky Loop

Wenn es um Doitschrap geht bin ich ja immer wieder der Meinung das die Würzburger Szene stark unterbewertet blieb.Wahrscheinlich betrifft das so einige Orte in Good Ol' G. wo guter Rap sich im Sande verläuft weil er den gefragten Hip Hop Atttitüden im Jahre 2010 nicht entspricht.Nicht das es bei "Geutz" so passiert ist,im gegenteil,er hat sich nach erfolgreich veröffentlichter Single "Taugenichts" unter Records (2001) und dem ausgelösten Rummel um seine Person einfach aus dem Hip Hop Zirkus zurück gezogen.Jammerschade auf der einen Seite,ein Beweis starker Persönlichkeit auf der anderen.
Der schöne Beat kommt von einem der bekanntesten Würzburger Produzenten "Lucky Loop" (auch hier Lucky Loop),früher auch "Diverse Pole",der sich jedoch mittlerweile vielseitig auslebt,von Dipset (Franky Kubrick,weiß nciht mehr wie der Song hiess/ouch/RMX glaub ich) über Raggae und Produktionen für Tall Mc (Gangsterrap?kann sein,kenn mich nicht aus/hehe). Ein talentierter Producer ist er allemal,aber ich wünsche mir mehr von dem alten Zeug.Noch ein Tip am Rande von den Würzburger Sicksteez die in der Stadt immer noch guten Rap hoch halten.-> Sicksteez - Ruhig bleiben!Bis baldigst!


Audio: Stalley (MadStalley) - The Autobiography // Mixtape

Stalley - Worldwide feat. Mickey Factz:

Download: Stalley (MadStalley) - The Autobiography - Mixtape

"Stalley" is an established Rapper in the NY Scene and he is on the run!The "Pressure" (produced by Michael Sterling Eaton) Song was an argument to keep an eye on him.Now he dropeed his Mixtape "The Autobiography" with some kool joints like "Worldwide feat. Mickey Factz" you see above.Not only the intelligent Rapparts and his smooth flow made me content,the intrumentals are dope too and full of nice jazzy samples.A good quality Mixtape you can grab for free!See you again!


Video: SHAD - Rose Garden (Official Video)

New "Shad" Video,"Rose Garden" from his new (dope) Album "TSOL".Good taste in visuals,take a look at "Yaa i Get it" if you missed it.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Video: Red Bull Big Tune LA 2010: FINAL ROUND: Dibiase Vs. Captain // Special Guests: DJ Premier & Nottz

This year’s Red Bull Big Tune LA event went down at The El Rey Theatre and it was cracking. 12 producers came out to duke it out for a spot in the National Championship, which goes down in Chicago in November. DJ Premier and Nottz also came thru to rock the crowd with their extensive catalogs of classics.

Dibia$e and Captain hitting the Spot.Both are totally dope and rocking the crowd.
That Beat Competitions are nice for the Producer scene to represent their Skillz in a 1 Man Show.Beat Bombs!I want more of that Events,hopefully in germany,because i missed the Beat Barbecue with Suff Daddy and friends.Looking Forward!

Found @ cultureking


Video: Mac Miller - Another Night

2 tired to lose many words.So dont miss it and check the vid!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Audio: Skooda Chose - Polo Rugby feat. Chip Tha Ripper // Mp3

Skipping through my Itunes I found this right here. I know often these songs are a couple of days old, but then most of you wouldn`t even know. Skooda Chose got my attention with the song from the video above which I have been playing a lot since it came out..and well no disrespecting nobody, but sometimes the image material you find of these rappers is very slim and nothing that would pretty up the blog at all, so I guess a video works just fine. Produced by Chuck Inglish featuring Chip Tha Ripper. Cheeahh

Audio: Chikamaranga - Trill feat. Co$$ // Mp3

It`s been said that the guy who runs Tres Records (Taarach, Blu, New Jack Hustle...) is a also a dope producer by the name of Chikamaranga. Well I don`t know about you, but when I look at the cover it says a T. Johnson produced this track. Could it be that this is the same Johnson from JohnsonandJohnson (Blu and Mainframe) with his Alter Ego?
Anyways cool song.

Audio: Louie Gonz – Blow the Horns // Watch Your Back // Kindadusty

Watch Your Back (Prod. by DJ Manipulator) by louiegonz

It seems like forever ago when Louie Gonz (formerly Spit Supreme) first met DJ Manipulator. Fact is, it was less than a year ago and already they have built a chemistry that will surely bring forth the kind of unique music that only a well blended MC/Producer duo can create. To give you a taste of what’s to come from the two, Kinda Dusty presents the digital 12-inch release for “Blow the Horns” b/w “Watch Your Back.” The release is a brief glimpse into what is currently in the works for the near future. We told you we we’re going to bring it in 2010, so stay tuned in. There’s much more to follow.

Our friends of KINDADUSTY dropped some new nice Songs from "Louie Gonz" produced by "DJ Manipulator"."Blow the Horns" is pumpin!!


Audio: Retrogott – Vormgefolge (Prod. DJ Kryptonite) // Stream

Retrogott-Vormgefolge (Prod. Kryptonite) by dj kryptonite

Wieviel Egoismus kann ´ne Menschenmenge durchziehn,
und kann man wirklich nur befolgen oder fliehn?
Und warum nicht sterben ohne falschen Respekt,
sie erklärten die Religion der Vorfahren
meines Vaters zum genetischen Defekt

Endlich wieder ein DoischRap Song ganz nach meinem Geschmack.Und ja,beim letzten Post aus dem Inland war auch der "Retrogott" involviert.Dieser Song bearbeitet den Herdentrieb der Masse unserer Gesellschaft, den Ekel des Kapitals und der Dummheit rassistischen Glaubens.."In Maasengräbern sind wir endlich eins,die Poesie des ungelösten Fahrscheins".Das sind die Töne die Doiischland braucht,um stetig darauf hinzuweisen das dieser Staat wenig gelernt hat in den letzten 65 Jahren.Adorno sagte einmal: "Der Splitter in unserem Auge ist das beste Vergrößerungsglas" !Besten Gruss an Retrogott!
Info: Dieser Song erschien auf "Kryptonite - The Volume"

Found and Thx. @ Wildstyle Mag


Audio: On5Th Coalition ( O-Phrap&5Th-p ) - Flying Heads ( Ruff Mix ) feat. Mike Nova prod. by Dibiase // Mp3

O-Phrap and his they don`t sleep. New Dibiase beat, 5Th-P, Mike Nova, a little Redman and there it goes...and there is more to come. O` flooded our inbox come back during the next days, because we will get the other tracks out there too. Killa.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Audio: Richard Wright - Randommixtape 1​.​0

<a href="">MoneyMaker by Richard Wright</a>

Trek Life wrote:
I’m not going to stop promoting this emcee til you guys hop on the bandwagon lol!
Ever since the homie J.Bizness introduced me to his music i’ve been a fan. I put Diamond District & DJ Quartermaine on to the 3P he did with J.Bizness & Rappersiknow and they bumped that shit NON-STOP while in LA.

I first recognized "Richard Wright" on the "FWMJ's Rappers I Know presents J. Bizness 3P Series (Vol.1)" series.That release was dope like the 2.nd one with "Skeem Price".And now it goes on with more high quality tracks.Grab that for free via Bandcamp!

Info/Video: Lieblingslied Tag // Blogrebellen

Zum Blogrebellen Lieblingslied Tag poste ich hier mal einen Song der mich lange begleitet hat,als eingefleischter "Living Legends" Fan.Fragt irgendwen meiner Freunde,was Atarikids Lieblingssong ist und Zack: "The Grouch - Simple Man"!

Trackback - Lieblingslied Tag - Blogrebellen


Audio: Dj Dopeshoes - Bad Things Come in 3's: Episode 2

Bad Things Come in 3's (not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good): Episode2 by Dopeshoes

Hello again,Wanted to pass along the 2nd episode in my mix series "Bad Things Come in 3's (not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good)." To refresh your memory, each episode contains: 3 artists // 3 songs from each // (Each episode picks up where the last one left off.)


Sarah White:
Falling Forward
Fade (J Todd Remix)
Black Moon:
Who Got Da Props (Evil Dee's Deadly Mix)
That'z The Way Shit Iz
Ghetto (Evil Dee Extended Mix)
Marlena Shaw:
Woman Of The Ghetto
Where Can I Go?
Look At Me, Look At You (We're Flying)

Episode 2 of "Dj Dopeshoes" from "Bad Things Come in 3's (not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good)." and this Lady know what to play to.That special with "Sarah White,Black Moon and Marlena Shaw" is full of soul and presents an amazing track selection.Grab it for free!


Audio: DJ K.O. - Living Out A State of Mind // Volume 7

<a href="">Serenade For The Moment (Demo Version) (ft. Rashid Hadee) by DJ K.O.</a>


1.Living Out A State of Mind Pt. 7 (ft. Silent Knight)
2.On & On (ft. East)
3.Change of the Guard (ft. MadKem)
4.Serenade For The Moment (Demo Version) (ft. Rashid Hadee)
5.Must Begin (ft. Silent Knight)

Issue nr. 7 of the "Living Out A State of Mind" series produced by "DJ K.O.".Nice 5 track E.P. with some interesting features like the joint above with "Rashid Hadee".Nice one K.O.!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Audio: Black Milk – Don Cornelius // MP3

New Tune by Mr. Curtis Cross better known as Black Milk from Detroooit!.A little warm-up on his new Album "Album of the Year" dropping stores in july.Remembering "Caltroit"?.This young Producer and Mcee is very fresh and steady rockin since 10 years!!BLACK MILK!!

Audio: Black Sheep - Birds of a Feather feat. Q-Tip, Dave & Mike Gee // Re-Union Native Tongues // MP3

The "Native" Tongues" collective of late 80's to 90's celebrate their Re-Union with 4 of the Hip Hop Primary Rocks.Dres, Q-Tip, Dave and Mike Gee of De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers and Black Sheep bring that 90's attitudes (sampling culture // jazz influences // positive vibrations) back to 2010."Birds of a Feather" is like a fast trip through my early years with Rap Music.Thx. "Pitchfork" and "Potholesinmyblog" for that dope post!Banger!



Audio: D-Sisive – Ray Charles (Looking For A Star) feat. King Reign // Mp3

I love it when a dope song comes with a dope cover.Everybody should know about D-Sisive and his last two albums, if you don`t know check his blog. Very cool guy. Same goes for King Reign. I loved "Soaring to Heaven" and the incredible Saukrates Remix which I have to post sooner than later, because it`s one of my favorite tracks right now.
Great song, people.
Found on potholes.

Audio: Copywrite - Last Laugh // (produced by Khrysis) // from upcoming Release: T.H.E. High Exulted 8th Anniversary Edition

T.H.E. High Exulted 8th Anniv. Edition - Last Laugh ( Khrysis)

Copywrite who is always the perfectionist, took it upon himself to record new material to add to this 8th Anniversary Edition. Between releasing his latest EP (Ultrasound The Rebirth) in January and his new opus The Life and Times of Peter Nelson due in Fall 2010, Copywrite made the time to add 7-new songs. Bridging the gap between the younger battle hungry MC of the original T.H.E. High Exhaulted release and the now older, wiser, and more talented artist Copywrite has become today was important. With new producers such as Khrysis, Kount Fif, Jay Notes and Rob Stern helping to craft a different sound, Copywrite is once again free to show the world how truly impressive he can be.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Audio: Madvillain - Papermill // Mp3

"...nur nicht heut oder morgen...irgendwann man wird sehen...."(not today or tomorrow...sometimes... let`s see...).Madlib sampling some German Scheisse. Well this has to be perfect for our Blog. First song of the new Madvillain Album...shit I am so excited.

P.s.: Ey Dejoe ("die suchen dich"), welcher Sample is der?

Edit: Dejoe hat`s ja schon angekündigt bei unseren Blogreunden findet man die antwort als YouTube video. Obwohl ich irgendwie das Gefühl habe, dass es eine andere Version ist.Hmmm.Egal den Digga wirds freun.Pies

Audio: 7ONE8 (Albe Back x Whosane) - Rollout // Mp3

We`ve been peepin Whosane since his beautiful cameo with Mos Def and Ski Beatz. Now I see he is putting in work with Albe Back as 7ONE8. My first impression listening to the first few bars was something like G-Unit-Tony-Yayo??? ...then everything switches into headbobbin mode and I am down with this. Whosane is definitly somebody you shouldn`t sleep on. I found a little freestyle from his last travel to South Africa. Check out his work with his Pangaea crew.
Don`t say we didn`t tell you.
Big Up to Hussain.

Audio: Perry Porter (Sleep Steady) - Tribute To Nujabes - NuJams

<a href="">Troubled ft. Stymie (If I Had A Day To Live) by Sleep Steady</a>

"Perry Porter" (Sleep Steady) produced a mini E.P. named "Tribute To Nujabes - NuJams",a tribute for one of his fav. Producers "Nujabes".This E.P. is luscious and esthetic.The Producer and Labelhead of "Hydeout Productions" died after an car accident in Feb. 2010."Nujabes" Partner "Shing02" said the following words:

"Through his soulful music, Nujabes has touched so many people around the world, even beyond his dreams. He was a mysterious character to most as he avoided the public limelight, rarely conducted interviews, so only a few got to know the man behind the signature production. Yet it continued to amaze me how young listeners of all backgrounds learned of his enigmatic name, and expressed support for his music."


Audio: Diamond District – Streets Won’t Let Me Chill // Apollo Brown RMX

"Apollo Brown" released his new Album "The Reset".Here is a foretaste with a "Diamond District" Remix.Preview via itunes sounds great!Boom Bap is rollin again.Amazing Remix!


Audio: Homeboy Sandman - Yeah But I Can Rhyme Though // Mp3

Don`t know why this cover reminds me about this right here:Especially when Ty dropped this one not too long ago:Well maybe I am wrong and he didn`t think of Groover Washington Jr.`s cover at all. Anyways... the music sounds very refreshing and well... clever, which is something that we don`t come across very often in HipHop. Peep it. Homeboy Sandman`s album is out now.

Audio: Maylee Todd & Circle Research - Summer Sounds // Album: Choose Your Own Adventure: in Stores June 2010

<a href="">Hooked by Maylee Todd</a>

A good friend of mine gave me the tip to check out "Maylee Todd" from "Toronto Kanada" and written to me that i*ll like it.And so it goes."Maylee Todd" got a new Fan.Especially the "Hooked" single with "Circle Research" made me high!This amazing young Lady,Singer combines Soul,Jazz,Pop and Bossa-Nova in a fantastic way and she described it "Bossa-meets-Funk-and-Indie".Im looking forward to June when her Album "Choose Your Own Adventure" hitting the stores.Bring the Spirit Back,Lady!


Audio: Seven Day - Concepts E.P. // J Listed // Jay Diction // Versis

<a href="">Bounce&#9474;ft. Versis by Seven Day</a>

1. Concepts(Introlude)
2. Understand It(ft. Hilsyde)
3. Wakin’ Up
4. 2Fast
5. Bounce(ft. Versis)
6. Players
7. I Am
8. Oh Yeah

All tracks produced by J Listed except track 3 produced by Lucid and tracks 2, 5, 6 and 7 co-produced by Versis. This album was recorded and mixed by Listed @ Seven Day Studios.Concepts consists of tracks we’ve done as long as a year back. I was going to put some of these tracks on our upcoming LP “Dusk Till Dawn“ but last minute we came up with the idea for this EP Concepts and I thought I Am, Players, and Understand It would be a good fit for it. Versis held me down with basslines and input on production on the majority of this record. Album artwork by Black Marmalade. Seven Day “Concepts“ dropping May 25th.

Some days ago we received a mail from "Versis" to get a listen on "Gotta Love It" produced by "J Listed".I liked that Song of young newcomer "Versis" and i found a really dope collaboration song called "Yeah Yeah Yeah" produced by "Flako" @ "Myspace".Yesterday "J Listed" and "Jay Diction" released "Seven Day - Concepts E.P.",a felicitous E.P. with some good Beats and nice features with Hilsyde,Versis & Eva.Take a listen and support the L.A. Underground.Yo!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Info: Ein Herz für Blogs

Uarrr schrieb folgendes:
Ich lege also hiermit fest, dass das dritte “Ein ♥ für Blogs” am 25.05.10 (Das ist nächste Woche Dienstag) stattfindet. Ihr müsst nicht mehr tun, als in euren Blogs andere (deutschsprachige) Blogs zu empfehlen, von denen ihr denkt, dass sie zu wenig Aufmerksamkeit finden und die ihr sowieso total super findet. Wenn ihr im Vorfeld von der Aktion berichtet, machen natürlich mehr Menschen mit und die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass erneut eine Maxi-Geschichte passiert steigt.

Und ich mache es kurz und nenne ein paar Blogs auf denen wir uns rumtreiben:
Rap,Konzerte und schöne Beiträge zur Räpschrift.
Weil die Mischung kool ist.Kultur.Grafik.Musik
Schöne Artikel und gerne mal neben der Spur.
Wunderbarer Musikgeschmack und man verpasst keine MPM und PMC Releases.
Weil er gute Arbeit macht und man kein gutes Mixtape verpasst.
Die schönsten Reviews auf doitsch.
Weil Ekrem einen guten Musikgeschmack hat.
Schöne Beat Empfehlungen und mehr hörbares!


Audio: Epsilon Project - Audacity // Album // released 25 May 2010

<a href="">07. Poor World Prod. Ohno Feat. Mr. Lee G by Epsilon Project</a>

After some very dope previews in the last weeks,"Epsilon Project" dropped the new Album "Audacity" today.This Album features some of the freshest producers like Oh-No, Kev Brown or Dj Vadim.9 strong Tracks without any blackouts.My Fav is still the "Inspiration" song with Kev Brown.But that riddim influenced "Poor World" is also very fresh.Ok.ähem.Good Job Epsilon Fam!Listen // Download // Purchase via Epsilon Project Bandcamp.


Monday, May 24, 2010



Download Hypedog pres.:"The New School 2010 Beat Tape"
Yeh, we all know about J Dilla, Dre, Alchemist, 9th Wonder and Madlib... but yo, it's 2010! There's a slew of talented producers out there that need to be noticed!

Luigi-Bo 87 rounds up talents from across the globe to combine the hardest, neck noddin, tectonic shaking beats built by up and coming producers from the US, EU and UK. Whether your boom bap purists or electro 8-bit glitch hop "The New School" in production is defined through these 10 beat smiths:


I hope you guys enjoyed the blog post series! It was definitely fun for me to put together and I hope it brought some new producers to your attention. I've noticed a few people have asked Hypedog or myself where they can download some of these tracks from since the majority are exclusives. Well you guys are in luck because all ten beats, including one extra track from each producer will be released on "The New School Beat Tape 2010". So that's the ten you see above plus 10 more beats to get your head bangin. Stay tuned... - Luigi-Bo 87

Shared with us by the koolest DOG!The real Hypedog!


Audio: BUG - Soular Powered Mix 01 // 22.05.2010


01. D’Angelo VS Gang Starr – Speak Ya Clout / Hard 2 Earn
02. Georgia Anne Muldrow VS Suite For Ma Dukes
03. Eric Lau – Always Will feat. Muhsinah
04. Andres – Step Pattern feat. Vernon Hill
05. BUG – Indica
06. Neco Redd – When U Do What U Do
07. Suff Daddy – Deep Shit feat. Mar
08. Moodymann – It’s 2 Late 4 U And Me
09. Theo Parrish X Billy Love – U Bring Me Up
10. Funkineven – She’s Acid
11. Onra – Don’t Stop

BUG currently has his head down busy in the lab right now working on a debut EP, but he took some time out recently to create a fresh Mix for Soundcrate entitled: Soular Powered Mix 01. It contains around 30-minutes of solid, soulful tracks spanning beats, neo-soul, and house - a real smooth blend indeed. Look out for hot tracks from the likes of Eric Lau, Funkineven,Suff Daddy,Georgia Anne Muldrow and Onra!

More Informations via: Juslikemusicrecords


Audio: Willie the Kid & Lee Bannon (featuring Curren$y) - Sky Miles // Mp3

This is a couple of days old and has been sitting on my Desk, now it`s time. I really like those Lee Bannon beats. Add some Curren$y and sprinkle a little Willie over this and there you have it...ein saftiger Banger!

Audio: Vado - Kill Em (featuring Young Chris) // Mp3

Since it`s my Kanaken Brother`s 30th Birthday today I think I`ll post some Gangsta-Scheisse on here, huh?
Rayan Malik عيد ميلاد سعيد

Audio: Dice Raw // Mp3

The Roots are coming with a new Album called "How I Got Over" which will be out on the 22nd of June. Their Team Member Dice Raw drops a sick one over at dallaspenn. This sounds very much like the last Roots album which was as good as you expect. Also the first leak was dope as shit too. Whohaa.
jimmy (Not Fallon)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Audio: Freddie Joachim - A.M. // Ep

<a href="">Mist by Freddie Joachim</a> We posted some of his stuff before since Suff Daddy had us check him out. Go and Download this. Shit is too smooth.

Audio: Mr. Dibiase - WTF // MP3 // All City Records - LA 10″ Series

A Bunch of dope tracks was the output of "All City Records" ""Los Angeles 10" Series" as yet.Here is one more by genius producer "Dibiase"."WTF" is awry,brilliant,and wonderful at the same time.Push it loud!Dibiaseeeee!Grub across the Blog for more!


Video: Creative Control x Stalley x Lebron James x Cleveland Cavs Game

Stalley returns to Cleveland to support his hometown team. Stalley and Dj Steph Floss debut "Do it Big" at a Cavs game!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Audio: Hubert Daviz - Red Light Backyard

red light backyard by Hubert Daviz

"Hubert Daviz's" "Red Light Backyard" is his latest Track he dropped via Soundcloud.A Jazzy Song with a very nice drum set and great synths.Take a listen and feel the "Red Light Backyard".


Audio: Paul White - Shake Your Leg Mixtape // Onehandedmusic

Paul White - Shake Your Leg Mixtape by

Latest Mix of "Paul White" before he drops his new Album "Plastic People" on Thursday 27 May.Grab this smooth, specific and psychedelic mixture.Paul is the Man!


Audio: Nickelus F - Kevin Bacon // Mp3

New Nic. Don`t know who produced this Smokie Robinson. All I know is that this used to be Wayne`s Baby.
When Solo and I get back from the Redman concert tonight we`re gonna have our last one to this one right here ...and then I will put on "Smoke Buddha" one last time.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Video: Alexander Richter (Photographer)

Well I know we are mostly up in here to post free music, but then I feel like we are using pictures of artist shot by numerous "Shottas" and they don`t get the credit, because most of the time we don`t know who shot the photo. So maybe this is a little something to give back to the people who provide us with their "free" material everyday.
Nice pics. saw this at 2dpz.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Audio: Guilty Simpson & Bumps - Drums // MP3

Guilty Simpson & Bumps - Drums by stonesthrow

This is Guilty Simpson with Bumps, the drummers of the band Tortoise, with J.Rocc on the cut.Bumps, the self-titled beat album was released on Stones Throw a couple years back. John McEntire, John Herndon, and Dan Bitney of Bumps had Guilty Simpson over this track for a potential single.



Audio: Donwill & Von Pea - The Sandwich Shop E.P. // Tanya Morgan

<a href="">Syrup Sandwich ft Jermiside by donwill (of tanya morgan)</a>

Donwill & Von Pea picked 9 Instrumentals of the "The Roots – Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Sandwhiches EP" and spit over them.Nice project with likable features with Spec Boogie, Che Grand and Jermiside.Tanya Morgan!Brooklynati!.


Audio: Epsilon Project - America Prod. DJ Vadim // Audacity

<a href="">America Prod. DJ Vadim by Epsilon Project</a>

The countdown is running for the new "Epsilon Project" Album "Audacity".The newest preview "America" is produced by legendary "Dj Vadim".Good Job Guys!!Album drops 25.05.2010.Stay Tuned!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Video: Dark Time Sunshine - Doom / Go Team / Wrong Kids - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Onry Ozzborn (of Grayskul & Oldominion) and >Zavala are Dark Time Sunshine, and have dropped a new album called “Vessel” via Fake Four Records.The Album includes features from Aesop Rock, P.O.S., Solillaquists of Sound, Qwel, and Ceschi Ramos.Check that video for a 3 track preview.This is Sick!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Video: Shabazz Palaces - Belhaven Meridian (a.k.a. Butterfly of Digable Planets)

An allegorical short film/music video for Shabazz Palaces shot in Watts, Los Angeles, directed by Kahlil Joseph, Photographed by Matt Lloyd. Featuring a cameo of Dante (Ernest Wadell) from "The Wire" in homage to Charles Burnett's 1977 classic film "Killer of Sheep".


Audio: Diamond District - P.J.s (Remix ) // Mp3

Don`t know why people have to redo the songs of this classic album, but then again our beloved three kats from the DMV give a pretty good reason why you should at least try. Von Pea and Spec Boogie, who I think are just as good, do not convince me at all with their version of "Shimmy Shimmy Ya". Incase you really think that this could be of any interest to you, check it out here.

Audio: Mike Nova - Vocab (premix) feat. Belvi, Rich, Def Sound (prod by Mono Poly) // Mp3

And the Links keep comin in. This is Mike Nova...another totally unfamiliar artist to me..and his Partners in Rhyme Belvi, Rich, Def Sound. Beat is a mixture between Diabase-Nintendo-Crazyness and some Clipse-BlingBling. Mono Poly definitly made me break my neck with this one. Cheers.

Audio: C. Keys - Move It (prod. by G Rocka) // Mp3

New shit from the West Coast. Didn`t know about C.Keys, but did hear some G Rocka tracks before...and I must say he is doing his thing and probably learning a lot around Muggs and his Soul Assassins. You can find the B-side of the single here...G Rocka on the Hook. The album "Sophisticated Hood" is set to release mid summer of 2010.
O.P. you the man.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Audio: Ophrap feat. J.Served, P.S. & eDouble - Hold On // Mp3

Photo: www.jakobhoff.comO-Phrap sends us this new one and I think we have to make one thing clear: we love O and his peeps. Keep em commin.
My english isn`t at a level where I can understand everything these Rappers are saying, but for me it seemed like this a message to a younger fella, so I put up a picture of a young Bangladeshi kid who was a little to anxious while attending art class. Haha.

Video: Fashawn - Samsonite Man // feat. Blu

Nice Vid from "Fashawn","Samsonite Man" feat. "Blu" appeared on "Boy meets World" with "Exile".


Audio: Audio: Reflection Eternal - Ballad of The Black Gold // Talib Kweli - Hi-Tek

Reflection Eternal - Ballad Of Black Gold by Sneakattackmedia

New Song from the "Reflection Eternal" "Revolutions Per Minute" Album, coming 18.05.2010.This will be one of the dopest Albums 2010.Im sure.For now,play "Ballad of The Black Gold", about the "Oil War" on this dope "Hi-Tek" Beat.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Audio: Dibiase - Return of the Sludge // BTS Radio Mix (March.2010)

Download Dibiase - Return of the Sludge // BTS Radio Mix
Spotted & Thanks 2 BTS Radio

Dibiase - What Champions Is Made Of (CDR)
Dibiase - Electric Chairz (CDR)
Dibiase - Castle Brickz (CDR)
Dibiase - Rusty Bladez (CDR)
Dibiase - Supa Guilty (CDR)
Dibiase - Thrillatime Slime (AllCity 10″ L.A. Series #1)
Dibiase - No Sleep (CDR)
Dibiase - Harmony (CDR)
Darkhouse Family - Mein Atari (Dibia$e Lo-Fi Reflip) (CDR)
Selfish - Kung Fu Smoke Interlude (CDR)
Dibiase (feat. Selfish) - Chameleon (CDR)
Dibiase - R&B Bullshit (CDR)
P.U.D.G.E. - Zoom (CDR)
Dibiase (feat. Tone Liv and B Stilt) - Give Em The Bizness (CDR)
Dibiase - Contradictions (Instrumental) (CDR)
Dibiase - Golden Palace (CDR)
Dibiase - Clock Out (CDR)
Dibiase - Price Iz Wrong (CDR)
Devonwho - Fedoraworm (Dibia$e Reflip) (Klipmode)
Dibiase - Rotten Applez (CDR)
Dibiase - Absolute (CDR)
Samiyam - 22222 (CDR)
14 KT - DAMN (CDR)
Devonwho - 7am (Shlomo Remix) (Klipmode)
Vincent Price - So Good (CDR)
Dibiase - 727 (Uncut Raw/First Toke) (CDR)
DJ Houseshoes - The Makings (Do-Over)

One Two!! One Two!!This SH*T is HOT!Mr. Dibiase in the Mix.I posted so many Tunes of Dibiase in the last time,so i dont wanna talk too much and let you alone with that illness.Im lost in the 8-Bit World of Mario and Sonic.Search the Blog for more informations.Nice Weekend.Ja'ob,gehen wir raus?oder hat dich der leckere Schwarze umgehauen?


Video: Epsilon Project - Inspiration (prod. by Kev Brown)

<a href="">Inspiration Prod. Kev Brown by Epsilon Project</a>
This is the second part of my "Rapping Daddy Series". Don`t know why but this one convinced me just that tiny bit more. It has got the children playing in the background aswell, but I don`t know, is it the beat or the raps?...I mean both beats are crazy...maybe it`s just because I have been peeping these dudes from Oxnard just a little longer. With that being said I thought Dex/RiffRaff McGriff was part of the crew aswell or is it that he just didn`t lay a verse on this one?
What do you guys think? Who picked up the win? Also you can download the single...that`s a plus. Anyways two great songs for all you "grown" folks.

Video: Ruslan - Domesticated feat. Blame One and Braille (prod. by Exile)

Now this starts of my "Rapping Daddy Series". I found two videos/songs in like two days which have the same message:
I am a proud father, but that doesn`t keep me from doing my music with the homies.
That`s it. Let`s see who has the better song/video...hehe.
First one is by Ruslan and his homies Blame One, Braille and Exile.
(saw this @ potholesinmyblog)

Audio: Nickelus F - Stand Tall // Mp3

This is for my big homie S:O:L:O...who I know is a big fan of Nickelus F. This is his latest tune for our enjoyment. Yihaa... as Solo would say.


Kutmah was born in the UK to an Egyptian mother and Scottish father. He moved to the US with hismother when he was 12 years old. They immediately applied for US residency to keep them from being sent to Egypt.
The US court ruled that as a British citizen he would be able to live in the UK and denied their application.

Kutmah and his Mom returned to court to plead their case 14 years ago when Kutmah was 20. They were againdenied a green card and were urged to sign a document stating they would voluntary leave the US.On Wednesday morning, May 5th armed agents entered Kutmah's house and detained him. He was brought to a facility in downtown LA where he was interrogated. On Thursday he was moved to New Mexico. We need to show how important Kutmah is to the LA and US community. Please write a letter and spread the word!

Please customize the letter below and send it ASAP to
Gaby Hernandez:

To Whom it May Concern:Justin McNulty is a highly talented artist, DJ and music producer who is a beloved member of the Los Angeles creative community.For well over a decade he has devoted his substantial skills to the betterment of our community through positive, artistic actions.Mr. McNulty has selflessly donated his time and exceptional talents to numerous charitable and non-profit causes. He has garnered worldwide acclaim through these efforts based in the United States.Mr. McNulty’s individual community arts service is a testament to modern philanthropy. In an age when institutional funding is slim he has taken personal action to better our country by inspiring its citizens through progressive cultural outreach.I fully support Justin McNulty’s right to stay in the United States and urge your positive and swift action in this matter. His deportation would be a devastating loss to Los Angeles and the American arts.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

The Undersigned

- Sign the Petition
- LA Times Article

Es wäre eine schöne Geste sich die Zeit zu nehmen und die Petition zu unterschreiben.Unabhängig davon wen es trifft,ist es immer ein trauriges Schicksal wenn sich Menschen in Abschiebehaft befinden und von einem Tag auf den anderen aus ihrem Leben gerissen werden um auf ihre "Deportation" ins Ungewisse zu warten.Faschistische Gesetze sind es, die Staaten sich immer wieder zu eigen machen um durch Machtwillkür und Staatsgewalt, die Freiheit und Individualität des Einzelnen mit Füßen zu treten.Demokratie ist Dackelblut!Eine Petition ist zwar nur ein Tropfen auf dem heißen Stein aber auch hier lautet die Devise "Die Hoffnung stirbt zu letzt".// Wir bitten euch keine Fake Email Adressen zu benutzen,da die Unterzeichnung später bestätigt werden muss.Danke für eure Zeit!


Low End Theory 11: Gaslampkiller & Kutmah