Thursday, May 13, 2010

Audio: Dibiase - Return of the Sludge // BTS Radio Mix (March.2010)

Download Dibiase - Return of the Sludge // BTS Radio Mix
Spotted & Thanks 2 BTS Radio

Dibiase - What Champions Is Made Of (CDR)
Dibiase - Electric Chairz (CDR)
Dibiase - Castle Brickz (CDR)
Dibiase - Rusty Bladez (CDR)
Dibiase - Supa Guilty (CDR)
Dibiase - Thrillatime Slime (AllCity 10″ L.A. Series #1)
Dibiase - No Sleep (CDR)
Dibiase - Harmony (CDR)
Darkhouse Family - Mein Atari (Dibia$e Lo-Fi Reflip) (CDR)
Selfish - Kung Fu Smoke Interlude (CDR)
Dibiase (feat. Selfish) - Chameleon (CDR)
Dibiase - R&B Bullshit (CDR)
P.U.D.G.E. - Zoom (CDR)
Dibiase (feat. Tone Liv and B Stilt) - Give Em The Bizness (CDR)
Dibiase - Contradictions (Instrumental) (CDR)
Dibiase - Golden Palace (CDR)
Dibiase - Clock Out (CDR)
Dibiase - Price Iz Wrong (CDR)
Devonwho - Fedoraworm (Dibia$e Reflip) (Klipmode)
Dibiase - Rotten Applez (CDR)
Dibiase - Absolute (CDR)
Samiyam - 22222 (CDR)
14 KT - DAMN (CDR)
Devonwho - 7am (Shlomo Remix) (Klipmode)
Vincent Price - So Good (CDR)
Dibiase - 727 (Uncut Raw/First Toke) (CDR)
DJ Houseshoes - The Makings (Do-Over)

One Two!! One Two!!This SH*T is HOT!Mr. Dibiase in the Mix.I posted so many Tunes of Dibiase in the last time,so i dont wanna talk too much and let you alone with that illness.Im lost in the 8-Bit World of Mario and Sonic.Search the Blog for more informations.Nice Weekend.Ja'ob,gehen wir raus?oder hat dich der leckere Schwarze umgehauen?


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