Thursday, May 6, 2010

Audio: Melanin 9 (M9) - High Fidelity [Triple Darkness] // UK

Melanin 9: Lock And Load (Chemo Remix)

Download: Melanin 9 (M9) - High Fidelity [Triple Darkness]


01. Intro
02. 1st Chamber ft. Exodus & Cyrus Malachi
03. Lock And Load (Chemo Remix)
04. Lost Children Freestyle ft. Triple Darkness
05. Government Agendaz
06. Holy Water ft. Phoenix Da Icefire
07. The Generation Gap
08. Silent Weaponz ft. Triple Darkness
09. Cremation (Interlude)
10. Exodus ft. Exodus
11. 4 Souls
12. Last Dayz ft. Cyrus Malachi
13. Freedom Of Speech
14. Near Future ft. Dread & Cyrus Malachi
15. Soldierz
16. Mental Prison ft. Phoenix Da Icefire
17. Cold ft. Skriblah & Dan Gogh (Terra Firma)

"Melanin 9" of "Triple Darkness" released "High Fidelity" a free download Album after his "MELANIN 9 - 144,000".(Review via: Hypedog). Melanin 9 is a deep lyricist and Songwriter and shoots his rhymes in favour on dark Beats.2 Days ago we posted Jon Phonics - Half Past Calm 2 where you can find 2 more Joints of him-> like "Tug The Rope" (dope)and many other high quality Songs.The "UK" comes up with some tuff Mcees and Producers.
In this spirit:ShoutOuts 2: JonPhonics,Fliptrix,Ramson Badbonez,Chemo,Jam Baxter, Melanin9, Obba Supa, Evil Ed, Prophet, Kosyne, Masikah, 9 Planets, Beat Butcha, Triple Darkness.....................!!


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