Thursday, May 13, 2010

Video: Epsilon Project - Inspiration (prod. by Kev Brown)

<a href="">Inspiration Prod. Kev Brown by Epsilon Project</a>
This is the second part of my "Rapping Daddy Series". Don`t know why but this one convinced me just that tiny bit more. It has got the children playing in the background aswell, but I don`t know, is it the beat or the raps?...I mean both beats are crazy...maybe it`s just because I have been peeping these dudes from Oxnard just a little longer. With that being said I thought Dex/RiffRaff McGriff was part of the crew aswell or is it that he just didn`t lay a verse on this one?
What do you guys think? Who picked up the win? Also you can download the single...that`s a plus. Anyways two great songs for all you "grown" folks.

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