Sunday, May 2, 2010

Audio: O-Phrap - 3 Leaks // "Who's That" // "Soundwave Murdererz" // "The New West" // 5Th-p, Aliso Black, Cali Fire Commission, P.L., Science

"Who's That":

"Soundwave Murdererz":

"The New West":

Some new Joints by Rapper "O-Phrap" arrived.All Songs are dope ,but "Whats that Profile" is my Favourite.Dope Instrumental (prod. Science) got savaged by the SharpShooters "O-Phrap" and "Aliso Black".I can feel it.Yeah!All 3 Tracks are cogent.California // Uber Alles (D. Kennedys)!

Info // Features:
"Who's That" (The Profile) feat Aliso Black (prod. by Science)
"The New West" (Feels Good) (prod. by Cali Fire Commission)-feat. P.L.
"Soundwave Murdererz" feat. 5Th-P& Those Chosen ( Science)


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