Friday, June 18, 2010

Audio: Cream of Beats - 3 Beats Preview // Stream and Download

Psych India by Cream of Beats
8bit Angel Dust by Cream of Beats
Peace brotha by Cream of Beats

We met "Cream of Beats" via Soundcloud,as he left a comment on a "Torky Tork" Beat.I started to check his Instrumentals and got really impressed.So today i want to introduce that Dude from Detroit, Michigan to you with some Beats i`m really vibing on."Psych India" is my total favourite,Cream knows about his handcraft,how to let the drums bump,the heavy bass and great sample selection!You can grab his "Bedroom Collection (2001​-​2006)" via Bandcamp and listen to the latest Beat Candies!BigUp C.o.B.!


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