Monday, June 14, 2010

Audio: Curtiss King presents: TvThemesFlipped Vol. 2 (Various Producers)

<a href="">"Munsters" by Curtiss King</a>

Issue Nr. 2 of the "TvThemesFlipped" Saga.Various producers means smth. like: almost every track has another producername in the title,wow.You can find some real bangers on that release like the track i picked above,from "Aspect 1",Curtiss Kings "Smart Guy" is ill,Thelonious - "Taxi Cab Confession" is so soulful,but youll find some average tracks,too.I like such team projects and seeing people like "Curtiss King" husslin for the new blood.If you missed issue nr.1,check it via where i recognized the project the time.Pump up the Volume!


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