Thursday, June 17, 2010

Audio: E The Real - The Wall Street Project // Album // KINDADUSTY

<a href="">The Network Game feat. Louie Gonz (Prod. Paul Mighty) by E The Real</a>
<a href="">G.R.E.E.D.Y feat. Timmy Wiggins (Prod. Paul Mighty) by E The Real</a>

Our Homies from "Kindadusty" are really busy these days.Much output with quality from this Fam."E the Real" dropped his new Album "The Wall Street Project" 2 weeks ago and i was sleeping on that release.Great interaction of producers "Paul Mighty" & "Dj Manipulator" and their Crew Mcee "E the Real".Nice Beats meets narrative Raps.15 tracks for free.Grab the Album here.Yo!

with:Frank the Butcher,Louie Gonz,Timmy Wiggins,Chauncey CC,Skivi


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