Friday, June 25, 2010

Audio: J Dante & Man Mantis - Whole New World EP //

<a href="">Whole New World by J Dante x Man Mantis</a>
<a href="">Hi Love by J Dante x Man Mantis</a>

Wow,Wow,WOW!!Now,I got it.Today I received a mail from,with a music submission on " J Dante & Man Mantis - Whole New World EP".I went the typical way,opened the bandcamp link in my browser,started listening to the music,then returned to the mail to look for some more informations and opened the label site.And while im grubbing threw the artists section i found a name i acclaimed on,the last weeks.Yes it is S.Maharba.This dude made me sick after listening to his E.P.'s "S.maharba - s​/​t" and "S.maharba -She".By the way,you recognized "Dr. Quandary - Beyond All Spheres of Force and Matter" ?.You have to, it is very poetic.So,Dr. Quandary is also part of the Worldaroundrecords Fam*.Dont forget that label name,because i m sure,we will hear some more fantastic music in the next months.Enough for the moment,play that nice "J Dante & Man Mantis" E.P..out


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