Thursday, June 10, 2010

Audio: John Robinson & Lewis Parker - International Summers (Project Mooncircle)

<a href="">International Summers by Project: Mooncircle</a>

The First Single of the New album"International Summers"
Available JULY 2nd 2010 (2LP/CD/DIGITAL + Cassette (Limited Edition)).

Project Mooncircle is the Name these Days,for high-quality releases and music straight from the heart,if electronic,soulful or boombap influences,Project Mooncircle every time make me vibing on good music."John Robinson & Lewis Parker - International Summers"
will be a great release,im sure.And by the way,dont miss the new "Numaads" project.

Numaads sounds different, looks different and thinks different.Esperanzah is like a siren calling the listeners to her as she floats on the ocean of sound, created by her long time friend and musical partner SENSE (of The Q4 and Shahmen ). Her smooth earthy rap voice and angelic singing are carried beautifully by the strong drums and atmospheric vibes, and speaks to us of realignment with nature, with our roots and with ourselves.

<a href="">Now (Robot Koch Remix) by Project: Mooncircle</a>



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