Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Audio: Me Myselph & Eye - The Basement Collections: Part 1 // Project Prospect // Beat Tape

<a href="">Winter Wind by Me Myselph & Eye</a>
<a href="">Oh Baby by Me Myselph & Eye</a>

I found this Beat Tape per coincidence and after the impressions i decided to post the Tape.The problem was,that i couldnt find any informations about "Me Myselph & Eye".After a while i recognized a 2.nd version of this release with "tags" on it and i found some names.One of these names is "Project Prospect",who i met the time @ Generation Tapedeck.The other names,(dont know how they contribute) are Matt Earley, Mario Stokes, Rick Breezy, Thesis & Theory.Now back to the beats,which are soulful and show the talent of young producer "Project proscpect".Great Soul Samples and a hot drum assortment.All 7 tracks are cogent (Im sure this tape is his first one).Yo.!


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