Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Audio: The OPUS - Praying Mantis​-Plus // + Opus feat. Adad "Street Talk" Single (free)

<a href="http://theopus.bandcamp.com/track/praying-mantis-2">Praying Mantis by The OPUS</a>
<a href="http://theopus.bandcamp.com/track/street-talk-f-mc-adad-2">Street Talk f. MC ADaD by The OPUS</a>

In celebration of their recent release Praying Mantis - Plus
The Opus is offering a free download today of the single "Street Talk" featuring Chicago's MC Adad (All Natural/Exile). Together they paint a vivid scene of the gritty state of urban experience in the US.To purchase the whole album visit www.theopus.bandcamp.com.The Opus consists of Chicagoans
Mr. Echoes and The Isle of Weight.


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