Sunday, June 6, 2010

Audio: Paul White & The Purple Brain // Album // Onehandedmusic

<a href="">Pride by Paul White</a>
<a href="">Marshen Signals by Paul White</a>

We are very pleased to announce that Paul White and the Purple Brain is available today as a CD and download, and as a preorder for the limited triple vinyl edition.

You can listen in full and buy it by clicking here

If you need a little more convincing, there's another new free track there, just scroll down to Organ Therapy. It's a banger, in a weird sort of way. This isn't about picking out single tracks though: the album is designed to flow from start to finish as a continuous trip. If The Strange Dreams of Paul White was a chance to witness the brilliance of his beat tapes, ...The Purple Brain is something else: a deeper, more psychedelic and at times introspective record which makes a virtue of its unusual limitation: almost every note is taken from the work of an obscure Swedish musician, S.T. Mikael. It's a project that only Paul White would embark upon, and the results are stunning.

Only 2 words of mine: Killer!Killer!


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