Saturday, June 5, 2010

Audio: Richard Wright - Randommixtape2​.​0

<a href="">Break Bread feat Skeem Price by Richard Wright</a>

Yeah."RandomMixtape Nr.2" from "Richard Wright" is out!6 eclectic tracks with productions from "J Bizness,Bombay & Rc".I like most of the tracks,but one more time it is the combo of "Richard & Skeem Price" making me head knocking.
Dope Tag Team!Thanking you in anticipation for Randommixtape#3.0!Richard!HAHA...

Shouts to:Richard Wright,Skeem Price,Belvi,
J Bizness,Bombay,R.C,Sterlyn Gram,Craze,Mr.Sobers,Stegosaurus Franks.


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