Saturday, July 31, 2010

Audio: Dday One - Compilations + Features // Beat Tape

<a href="">Personal /Track 16 by Dday One</a>

Selection of compositions by Dday One featured on various compilations.
We featured DDay One from Los Angeles with some posts in the passed weeks.He is a talented producer with dirty, sample-based and rough instrumentals.The compilation comprised with stuff he produced for features. Really vibing on his productions since i heard "Sense of Balance".For more informations check thecontentlabel and get his music via bandcamp.yo.(Beats released 2004)


Friday, July 30, 2010

Video: Planet Asia – Trouble // feat. TriState // "Black Belt Theatre" coming soon

Planet Asia's solo album "Black Belt Theatre" coming soon.


Audio: Rome – We Can’t Stop (feat. CurT@!n$) // MP3

West Coast Rapper Rome,dropped "We Can’t Stop" featuring CurT@!n$.Beat is produced by Marquez,who sampled ABC by the Jackson Five.You may know O.P.P.,the party smasher of Naughty by Nature.Rome's album "2010 Season" coming out in 2010.Haha..Enjoy



Track arrived via twitter.No infos available.May google tell you more.Song is banging.yo


Audio: Dirtybird Beats - Don't forget the Magic // Beat Tape

<a href="">the return by dirtybird beats</a>

My name is Aaron, but I go by dirtybird beats. I live in Humboldt, California. I’ve got an MA in English literature, am a full-time janitor, raise chickens, and make beats in my sleep.I just released my second album, an instrumental ep entitled "don't forget the magic." The official release date for this album was June 2, 2010. I describe my music as synthed-out, lo-fi beats that are sample-based. All my music is composed on the MPC 1000. I'm hoping you will be interested in, and potentially post about what I have to offer musically. The entire EP can be found for free at Dirtybirdbeats.Bandcamp.

I missed this email in the mail-account but ive seen this Beat Tape before @ 77e.7 canny instrumentals made with MPC1000 and we love that rattle.Get the E.P. get good music.


Audio: Black Seeds - Summer Sampler // (free download)


Black Seeds - I always think of them as "the bad copy of Fat Freddys Drop". So, this one is for my sister and all the others who are into the reggae-rockers from New Zealand. For me it runs under the motto: "Never look a gift horse in the mouth". Not so bad but not so good either. Take a listen - maybe it´s your cup of  tea..

Audio: Dam-Funk - The Future of Modern Funk // Mixtape BBC RADIO 1 Mary Anne Hobbs

While on tour in Croatia this week, Dam-Funk put together a mix called The Future of Modern Funk which aired today on Mary Anne Hobbs BBC Radio 1 show.

Dam-Funk plays it funky and glitchy at Mary Anne Hobbs.Grab the mixtape.pure sex.



Black Milk's trailer for his upcoming album "ALBUM OF THE YEAR" dropping stores in september.If you missed the single "Welcome (Gotta Go)",click the link.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Audio: Apollo Brown - Seasons feat. Stik Figa // The Reset // MP3

Leak number 7 of Apollo Brown's album "The Reset".Seasons features Stik Figa and is queuing in the list of dope tracks on the album.Purchase via itunes



Audio: Central Services (El-P & Camu Tao) – Forever Frozen In Television Time // FreEP

"Forever Frozen In Television Time" is recorded in 2005 by "Central Services (El-P & Camu Tao" and is now available for free download.Readers of the blog know that we are EL-P fans and if you like the other songs we posted,you will like this rocky E.P.


Download-Link,Player and tracklist after the jump:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Audio: ¡Mayday! – Make A Livin’ // feat. Ras Kass & Dice Raw // MP3

Remix of the single "Make A Livin" by ¡Mayday!,featuring Ras Kass & Dice Raw.This beat is sick,¡Mayday! album "Stuck On An Island" coming soon.We'll try to keep you updated.peace.propz to 2DBZ


Audio/Video: hypnotic brass ensemble - free download

ChoiceCuts presents Hypnotic Brass Ensemble from Loughlin McSweeney on Vimeo.

Spottie - Heritage EP Exclusive Download by ChoiceCuts
All band members are the sons of legendary Sun Ra trumpeter Phil Cohran. The group began performing together as children (some as early as 3 years old). In 1999 they formed what is now known as the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and have performed or collaborated with some of the greatest musical stars of the last two decades. From Mos Def to Maxwell, Wu Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah to UK superstar Damon Alburn, Erykah Badu to Fela Kuti's drummer Tony Allen. If you don't know these guys you're missing out
Some years ago I saw a show of the Youngblood Brass Band as a opening act for Mike Stern + Dennis Chambers and Erik Truffaz. The audience was a meeting between some 40+ jazz fans who came to stand around and watch the masters Stern & Chambers play and some younger folks like me who didn´t even know about the long carrer of these jazzguys. I got interested in the concert because of a Y.B.B. 12" with Kweli I bought a few days befor. What was a meeting of two worlds in the beginning, ended up as a sweaty, dancing bunch.
The energy you see in the video above remind me of that evening. It´s just impossible to stand still to these brassbands. So if you have the chance to catch one of them on tour, get there!
The freetrack (a cover of an outkast song. I guess from the aquemini LP don´t remember the title right now..) promotes an EP that features covers of fela, jay-z, Art Of Noise & Madvillan. (..One other thing, in the endnotes is written: producer mark murphy. Does anyone know if this has anything to do with the singer mark murphy? Well, propably not.. but also worth a click)

Video: Ahmed Fakroun - Soleil Soleil

For my 2 fellow ROL´er who got a special connection to the Lebanon and to all you other cratediggers: lebanesien boogie. fonky video.


Video: Deja Voo and Blame One (Mysterys Extinction) 1995 // prod. Oh No or Madlib

(Mysterys Extinction) 1995 Crack Rock.

Old school tune that was either produced by Madlib or Oh No.. Dont remember (EDIT OH NO CONFIRMED THAT THIS IS HIS BEAT AND HE WAS 16!! WHEN HE MADE IT!).. but Oh no definitely recorded the session. Song was recorded 1994 at Otis Jackson Sr's house in the ox and video shot 1995 in oceanside. Video was vhs, I filmed the tv from my little digital camera because I dont know how to transfer otherwise. A lot of North County San Diego OG's in this video. Good memories. one love. Blame.. and oh yeah... I dont remember the song name... as usual..haha


Audio: Gangrene - Chain Swinging // The Alchemist & Oh No // MP3

The Alchemist & Oh No formed Gangrene a while ago,(if im right) and today the first single "Chain Swinging" landed.Both guys are on my favorite producers list and im really bow-taut how the result will be @ "Gangrene - Gutter Water" album dropping in october.One more juicy album to wait for.


Audio: AYATOLLAH PRESLEY - FLOSSY feat. IamOmni, Sum, P​.​U​.​D​.​G​.​E., Felix // MP3

<a href="">Flossy f. IamOmni | Sum | P.U.D.G.E. | Felix by Malkovich Music</a>

AYATOLLAH PRESLEY with a new "Each monday a new song" issue.FLOSSY is the name of his new baby and is one more hit out of that project.If you missed the other songs or alternatively the E.P. grab it at this link.Hola


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Video: Willie The Kid & Lee Bannon - Hickory Smoke

"Never A Dull Moment",the Willie The Kid & Lee Bannon E.P. is out now.Here you have the visuals for "Hickory Smoke",if you missed the here.


Audio: MADLIB MEDICINE SHOW #7 - HIGH JAZZ // Generation Match - Electronic Dimensions (produced by Madlib)

Madlib - Generation Match - Electronic Dimension by stonesthrow

Madlib Medicine Show #7: High Jazz is officially released today. Our limited edition 3/LP vinyl have been shipped, and the CD will ship this week. The digital download of the album is now available as well, including a PDF version of the CD book.

High Jazz is produced entirely by Madlib, an album of jazz tracks created with Madlib's group of musicians and collaborators collectively known as Yesterdays Universe.more infos

Madlib to the fullest.This song is ill and in some parts beyond the border,but one thing is clear,Madlib is a genius.This is ambitious free-Jazz and shows he is more than a producer.


Audio: Mortis One - Crate Killer Vol​.​1 - Beach Street Cooler // Beat Tape + unfinished tracks

<a href="">Support you Anyway-unmixed Snippet by Mortis One</a>
<a href="">Nobody Love-really Raw Mix by Mortis One</a>

Mortis One: the first Strike of my "Crate Killer" Beat Tape Series!Just some beats and unfinished tracks to chill and get drunk to...the mix ain´t proper yet,but it´s for free :)

"Crate Killer Vol.1"is the first issue of the "Crate Killer" Beat Tape Series by Mortis One.Some dope tracks and beats,especially the both features with "Epsilon Project feat. Melania - Support you Anyway-unmixed Snippet" & "Dex Riff Raff Mc Griff - Nobody Love-really Raw Mix" occupied my tracklist.And at least you will find some very soulful beats at the tape like "Dont let me down" or "Take me back".Für alle deutschsprachigen Mitleser,hier der Download link zu Mortis letztem Mixtape "…weil ich´s kann!” und dem ersten video release auf Wildstylemag.punkt.

Download: Mortis One - Crate Killer Vol​.​1 - Beach Street Cooler


Audio: Faimkills - Dystopia Cornucopia // Album

<a href="">Wasteland Jungle by Black Cloud Music&#8482;</a>

Faimkills new Album "Dystopia Cornucopia" is the way how good Mcee's shows skillz on that glitch-hop influenced & banging beats."Wasteland Jungle" is my favourite song,fast & electric and Mc Faimkills is rapping so fucking dope.Nr. 2 is "Life Is Not A Daisy",the analog part to "Wasteland Jungle" and very poetic.Last but not least is the nice feature Dystopia Cornucopia with Captain & Curtiss King on the mic.Album is produced by Captain with a guest appearance of Jynxx.// Album Download.


Video: Mac Miller – Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza

Latest video of Mac Miller,before he drops his new album “K.I.D.S.” in august via Whiz Kalifa's base "Rostrum Records".This dude is a fresh storyteller and definitly one of the top rookies in 2010.(Check his Mixtape Jukebox from early 2009).


Video: Aloe Blacc - Loving You Is Killing Me // Live in studio

Aloe Blacc & The Grand Scheme with the live in-studio version of "Loving You Is Killing Me". The recorded version of the song appears on Aloe Blacc's album Good Things, coming September 28 on Stones Throw.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wanted: New music by ... Phat Kat!!!

<a href="">Big n Black ft Phatkat by Foreign Beggars</a>
At this point of time I would like to introduce a new series to this blog. The "I demand new music by..." series. You can leave your comments and demand new music by the artist or any other artist. Feel free.
First up is PHAT KAT. The last couple of days I listened to my copy of Carte Blanche chanting along (i have a record player next to the shower). The album is that shit. Hard rhymes, furious flow and sick as f++k beats by Dilla, Black Milk, Nick Speed and Young RJ. It was only two years ago that we had the chance to catch him live at Kassablanca, Jena. The Crowd was welcoming him like a rockstar and I remember the look in his face, saying to himself: "What the hell is going on?"
Today I had to google the Detroit native only to find out that there is not much to find out. There is a cool sixteen on the Foreign Beggars LP (press play above), a feature on a MoSS produced track (video below), a couple of remixes and a Black Milk assisted song from early 2009 off his upcoming album Tha Katakombz which is set to drop this year. Really? Let`s hope they make it happen.
We`re fiending for some new Phat Kat. If anybody has any news on Ronny Cash, please comment.


Audio: Comfort Fit - Private Primate E.P. // Stream

<a href="">Sky Raper by Error Broadcast</a>

German producer Comfort Fit releases the five-track “Private Primate” EP following his critically acclaimed long-play album(s) at Tokyo Dawn records. However, the tone has shifted a bit here. Less melodies more drums, less sun more twilight. The dark side of Comfort Fit. Take a trip!“Primate Private” is accompanied by a limited 7” vinyl single featuring lead track “Cable Vamp” (as heard on XLR8R) and a Shlohmo remix on the flip. Furthermore, there is Mr. Dibiase, KenLo Craqnuques, DZA and Saine remixes with the digital edition of “Privat Primate”.Eventually future has arrived.

previous: Comfort Fit - Private Primate E.P. / Teaser + Dibiase RMX


Audio: Amazing Maze - Trapped In A Maze Feat. Nutso And Copywrite // Mp3

Once in a while we have to feature our German Producers on here. This time it`s 22 year old Amazing Maze (never heard of him) from Bonn. His upcoming Album is called "Fly, Broke and Infamous". Sounds like Queensbridge, rather than Germany`s quiet ex-capital, but I have to give this man credit for working with Legends like Lord Tariq. Video above.


Audio: Monster Rally - Palm Reader // E.P.

<a href="">Steal by Monster Rally</a>

Bandcamp link of the day:"Monster Rally - Palm Reader".This E.P. is epic,with all these nice exotic caribbean samples.On this E.P. you will find some joints of the full length album version of "Palm Reader" ( Sept.2010).Get this E.P. and a cuba libre.


Audio: Dj Akalepse - Props mixtape Vol.1 (another spring)

Truth & Soul- one of my favorite labels that push high quality soul&funk based musik present a new mixtape. Dj Akalepse picks perfect "summertunes" from heroes like weldon irvine, aaron neville or roy ayers. There are also a lot of samples in there for all you rapcats.
The only bad thing about this mix is that it´s only an iTunes podcast. You can listen & (if you support the apple-dynasty) download this podcast here.(Photo by Eilon Paz - Check his Blog Dust &Grooves!)
peace- jones

Video: Chiddy Bang - Dream Chasin

This song is fresh,Chiddy Bang from Philadelphia with his latest video "Dream Chasin".If you missed their free E.P. "Chiddy Bang - Air Swell (Mixtape) [2010]",get it here.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Audio: Lauryn Hill - Repercussions // MP3

Download: Lauryn Hill - Repercussions // MP3

New unreleased wonderful song by Lauryn Hill,i found it via Pinboardblog(Propz).This is eclectic soul.Im leaving for a bbq in some minutes and i'll have this on my headphones.



<a href="">One Life by FISTO</a>

French Mcee Fisto released a new fresh E.P..Ok i dont understand french,but im really vibing on his songs.The E.P. is produced by Soul Square (Drum Brothers) & the cuts by DJ Atom of C2C.You will find features by Othello (yesterday i heard the 1st time of him and here is the next dope part), Daila and Dj Format.



<a href="">Coffee House Swingin' f. Nile River by Elevated Soul</a>

As i received this realese,i got a listen of course and i decided to post the Album.While im searching for some more informations i found some in german,by our friends from the BLOGREBELLEN family (Nice Blog,go and check em out).To cut the matter short,BOHO FAU & ELEVATED SOUL are responsible for this great jazzy album with this boom bap soul touch.Perfect album for the end of the week.Grab the Album for free right here.


Audio: AFTA-1 - F O R M // Album Stream

<a href="">1. Prelude To MeMeaningWE by AFTA-1</a>

Form by definition is the mode in which a thing exists, acts, or manifests itself. It is the foundation by which all things are perceivable in the physical realm. Our reality takes form as we visualize to manifest it. Once it is visualized it can be created physically. Becoming part in building our exterior existence as a reflection of what we are within; Life, Love, Creation.

Delightful Beat Tape by AFTA-1,very soulful and prudent.We know that he produces bangin hip hop beats too,but it is often interesting to meet the other side of the producers.Variety is a important point,and AFTA-1 is the man who represents that.


Audio: Othello & Xperiment - Catch 22 // MP3

Catch 22 - Othello & Xperiment by XperimentBeats

Xperiment produced a new joint with Mcee Othello (No infos).I'm a fan of Xperiment beats,and i like the way Othello drops his lines.One more good track to make the world better.Prrr


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Audio: (Re​)​visiting Jazz Classics - Blue Apple Quartet // E.P.

<a href="">Cheek to Cheek (duet with David LeDeunff) by Blue Apple Quartet</a>

French Jazz voice Elodie Rama teamed up with the Blue Apple Quartet,to create this wonderful (Re​)​visiting Jazz Classics E.P..Cheek to Cheek is soo smooth with that raggae vibe.Thanks Bamalovesoul  for the great input.More to know via Blueapplequartet // Elodie Rama.


Audio: JR & PH7 - The EP

<a href="">All In A Days Work feat. Oddisee by JR&amp;PH7</a>
New EP from JR & PH7 with a couple of interesting features. I personally am not a fan of these crispy clean beats, but maybe this is something for you. With features like BLU, Oddisee, Trek Life and Termanology this will make some noise. Check it out. It`s not free, but you`re welcome to take a listen.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Audio: DaVinci - The Day The Turf Stood Still // Free Album

<a href="">Intro by SWTBRDS</a>

I have a fable for Drugdealermusic. I admit. I love my Stones Throw, my BackpackRappers, my alternative-freaky-pot-smokin-rappers and I love my Gangsta Scheisse.
I saw his name,but never took a listen.Today I gave the above video a try.
Beat: Exceptionally fresh.
Raps: Voice full of smoke + nice flow.
Video: süper well done; colours + camera + cutting = A+
Well and after getting over that I see a link to his free album! Quality again. The San Fran Emcee made five producers (Al Jieh, Ammbush, Big D, Alejandro, Kris Styles) sound like one dude handling all the production. The Rhymes never slack. Get with this soundtrack. DaVinci got a new follower.


Audio. KenLo Craqnuques - Brun // Beat Tape

<a href="">115_Lokombe_moka by KenLo Craqnuques</a>

Download:  KenLo Craqnuques - Brun // Beat Tape

KenLo Craqnuques with his new Beat Tape "Brun".This is one of the best Beat Tape's in a while.I like producers with a freaky attitude,chop chop,arrange and no end in sight.Big Up to KenLo for the fresh Beat Tape and thx. Sven Swift for the advise.(Check Swift & Flips record label error-broadcast)


Audio: OH NO - The Chaos // Mp3

Something new by OH NO. OH YES!
The beat is hard as f++k. Raps is clean, but you can always hope for a clean version. Reggie on the hook. Good way to start ze day.
Shouts to 77e.


Audio: Knxwledge - SKR∆WBERRiES​ ​FUNR∆iSRS VOL​.​3 // Klipmode Crew

<a href="">Kafe by Knxwledge.</a>

Klipmode Crew is back with a new release by "Knxwledge".I introduced the Klipmode crew to you,some months ago,or better i tried,here you have the latest release "SKR∆WBERRiES​ ​FUNR∆iSRS VOL​.​3".You can stream it or purchase the album via bandcamp if you like it.Klipmode is fresh.

Check Klipmode Homepage for more informations.


Video: Ski Beatz feat. Mos Def – Cream Of The Planet // 24 Hour Karate School - Sept. 7th.

Ok,we talked so much about "24 Hour Karate School",and we gave you many posts around that topic.Here you have one of the dopest leaks of "24 Hour Karate School",Mos Def is kicking it fresh.If you missed "Ski Beatz - Taxi ft. Mos Def and Whosane",so get it now,one of the best rap-songs in the past months.And yes,we have a release date: 07. Sept. 2010.,,,


Audio: Kaimbr – Army Fatigue Rap Feat. Roddy Rod And Hassan Mackey (Prod. By Kev Brown) // Mp3

Here is a little late night banger (@ least for all you GMT followers). Kev Brown does it again. Don`t know when it`s going to drop, but their album is called The Alexander Green Project.
Good stuff.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Audio: Oddisee West Coast Beats - Hosted By Trek Life // Beat Tape

<a href="">Still Never Rains [Instr Snpt] by oddisee</a>

Coming from the city of Go-Go, I've always loved production inspired by funk. when it comes to funk inspired hip hop, no body does it like the west. While I was on the west producing Trek Life's album that inspiration went further than being a fan. I don't know if it was the palm trees, beaches, or burgers but this is what I was making in LA.

This is what i have been waiting for.The busy Oddisee is back with a really fresh and funky Beat Tape.I dont have to tell you that this Dude is talented,you all know he is.I think this is the first time you will find some glitchy influences in his beats and he makes a good job,fellahs.Many categories of beat moods,many topics,so dope.Click the play button.Enjoy it.(Hosted by nice guy Trek Life)


Video: Kooley High - Kooley Is High (Directed By Napoleon Wright II)

Ups. This is about a year old. And of course we missed it, because our baby isn`t even a year old. Thanks to the people at wildstylemag who put up the whole discography of these cats (plus a 40min documentary) our beloved listeners now have the chance to get to know Kooley High. We posted some of Tab-One`s music before (that´s one of the Kooley Guys) and you can grab the rest here.
Stakes Is High is one of my favorite albums and there is nothing wrong about recreating the best. Fresh video.


Audio: Nesby Phips - B-Sides // Mixtape

Creative Control drops another one. After the release of Curren$y`s Pilot Talk his partner in Beats and Rhymes Nesby Phips launches this sweet Jet right here. Beats by Ski Beatz and Pete Rock.
Here is the Download.
Easy Peasy.


Audio: Aloe Blacc on Gilles Peterson Worldwide

Aloe Blacc on Gilles Peterson Worldwide 7/2010 by stonesthrow
Gilles Peterson plays some tracks from Aloe Blacc´s forthcoming album Good Things, which I was really curious about. Well, it´s not as mindblowing as his last hits I need a dollar and take me back - but the best records need to be heard more than once. His voice sounds very stevie wonderish..

Audio: Vic Mensa - Whispers // Mp3

Vic Mensa reminds me of a young Drake. Actually Drake isn`t that old, but then again Vic Mensa is 17 years old. This song is off his Straight Up EP presented by Ruby Hornet featuring beats by Double O (Kidz In The Hall). Everything sounds a little handmade like the trumpet and the violin, but this is the refreshing part I like about this dude. Cool.

Sag mal is das ne Latzhose auf dem cover?


Audio: Exile - Radio Bonus // Free Album

<a href="">So We Can Move (Teebs Remix) by Dirty Science</a>
This looks interesting. Clutchy Hopkins and Evidence on the same album remixing Exile`s radio instrumentals.Oh Lord.
For now get with this free bonus Album. Just as sick. Dibia$e, Kan Kick, Von Pea, Elucid, Marco Polo, ... and the list goes on. Rustee Juxx song is crazy. Wow.

Free download of Exile’s Radio (Bonus Album) in celebration of his upcoming August 31st AM/FM release via Plug Research. AM/FM will feature various producers remixing the original Radio tracks, while Blu, Fashawn, Shafiq Husayn, Samiyam, Free the Robots, DJ Day, Clutchy Hopkins, Evidence, Alchemist, Krondon, Muhsinah, Aloe Blacc, Grouch and Eligh go over the originals. The amount of submissions were so high, not everything could fit on the official AM/FM album, hence the free download.

1. So We Can Move (Teebs Remix)
2. It’s Coming Down (DJ Rhettmatic Remix)
3. Population Control (Dibia$e Remix)
4. We’re All In Power f. Von Pea, Donwill & Elucid
5. Frequency Modulation (Marco Polo Remix) f. Torae & Ruste Juxx
6. In Love (Kan Kick Remix)
7. GB (Radio Medley)
8. Watch Out! False Prophet f. ADAD & Johaz
9. The Machine (DaVinci Remix)
10. In Tune Static (Mike Gao Remix)
11. So We Can Move (Pollyn Remix)
12. Exbox Radio (Radio Reject x Bonus Cut)
13. OPERAtor Radio (Radio Reject x Bonus Cut)
14. Forbidden Radio (Radio Reject x Bonus Cut)
15. I’ve Been Dreaming of You (Radio Reject x Bonus Cut)


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Audio: Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) - Electric Purgatory Part Two // Promo

<a href="">Hello World by Greenhouse (Blueprint &amp; Illogic)</a>
When we first started this blog I expected way more bullshit in the inbox. Now everyday we find a new gem. This is a free promo of the new Greenhouse EP that you can buy as a CD + poster + instrumentals + a Greenhouse T-shirt for just $20. Order this package here.
This promo has tags, but you hardly notice them. Featuring Toki Wright and Aesop Rock. Part One can be found here. More music from these two here.
Good shit.


Video: Noa James - Disrespectful ft. Curtiss King (music video)

Noa James - Disrespectful ft. Curtiss King produced by Captain this is the fourth music video from his album Beautiful Darkness.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Video: Kano feat. Michelle Breeze - Upside

Ok. Why am I posting this? I am somehow allergic to english accent in rap music plus I am definitly allergic to Dido-like broads on the hook.
But this guy raps like he`s got nothing to loose and the video is high end/süper nice.
Go Kano. You got my attention.


Audio: Children Of The Night - 100% // EP

<a href="">Intro by Children Of The Night</a>
I was way behind when I first got hooked on COTN, but than I made a big mistake: I kept sleeping.
This EP right here was released in November 2008 and though I like Where The Wild Things Are a bit more, because it has that one mood going through the whole record, the 100% EP has some crazy tunes. Do yourself a favor and check these cats out.


Audio: Fancy Mike – Death Proof // Mp3

Now solo posted Raw Stiles`s EP earlier. Twitter tells me him and his partner Fancy Mike just dropped a Free Ep on stereoptico. And here is the download.
Very glitchy yes, but I likes it.


Audio: E The Real x DJ Manipulator // Remixes

Gimme Gimme (Dub Sh*t) | The Competition Theme by E THE REAL

Kinda Dusty brings to you a brand new single from E The Real off his new concept album “The Wall Street Project” produced by DJ Manipulator. The single includes a “Dub Sh*t” remix of the song “Gimme Gimme”. On the B-Side is another Manipulator banger “The Competition Theme”.continue reading...


Video: The Doppelgangaz - The Groggy Pack (Official Music Video)

I posted the Album "2012: The New Beginning" some months ago,here you got the video.Video and song are dope.Doppelgangaz!!


Video: Mayer Hawthorne - Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin'

ALL you missed of Mayer Hawthorne: Here!

STRG (sölö)

HUIHUI. Pretty gürls dancin around the pool. How about some relaxing tunes right after this.

Incase you fellas don`t understand this, download and make your girlfriend a little ipod-tape once in a while. You will be rewarded.


Audio: Raw Stiles - Hello Lovely EP // Beat Tape

<a href="">Ow, Girl (Hertz Donut) by Raw Stiles</a>

An alumnus of the J Dilla & Madlib schools of thought, Raw Stiles explores the art of sampling with soulful, easy-listening instrumentals. Drawing upon an adolescence spent either DJing or in the studio, after working with such MC's & producers as Kill Bill, War Spawn, and Fancy Mike, the Miami native finally shares his experiments for the public's listening pleasure.


Audio: Lloyd Miller & Heliocentrics - Fantasia Pt. 1 (MP3)

Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics- Electricone by Strut

Download: Lloyd Miller & Heliocentrics - Fantasia Pt. 1 (MP3)

Lloyd Miller and The Heliocentrics follows Now-Again’s Heliocentrics collaboration with Ethio-jazz legend Mulatu Astatke with an album that pairs ethnomusicologist, jazz maestro and multi-instrumentalist, Lloyd Miller with the UK collective. The album is released on August 2nd; vinyl is released on August 31st.


Audio: Stones Throw Podcast 61: DJ Kutmah - Throwing Stones

Download: Stones Throw Podcast 61: DJ Kutmah - Throwing Stones

Kutmah is a DJ from the Los Angeles scene known for his affiliation with Dublab and Low End Theory ... that is, he was until a couple months ago when a pack of federal immigration agents raided his pad, threw him in the detention center in the desert, and eventually deported him to his resident country, UK.

We'd been talking about a Kutmah podcast for a while, and knowing that he'd be released someday, brought it up again via jail mail. Kutmah's now a free man, living temporarily in Manchester UK, and finally got enough of his equipment together to put together this 50 minute mixtape.

We posted some stuff of Kutmah in the past time,and ive written some stuff about the "Free Kutmah" initiative and his deportation.Now "Kutmah" is back in the game,back to his fam and his Brainfeeder crew and back to the fans.Good news,and a fuckin good podcast.Check it.


Video: Ayatollah – Reefer // + Audio

In 2 days Ayatollah will drop his new instrumental Album "Cocoon".Reefer is the first rehearsal off the project (if im right.haha) and makes me wanna more.Ayatollah is one of the freshest producer cats out there.Here you can grab the Reefer audio file.(One sad fact:It will be only a digitial release.!)


Audio: Obey The Altar Native - Cold Cases

<a href="">Ro Ruckus intro by Obey The Altar Native</a>

The contents of Cold Cases have to be heard, not explained. People from all walks of life can enjoy Obey The Altar Native's Cold Cases compilation. Additional production by Company Flow (El-P and Mr. Len), Portformat, and Monkay along with Denone and Ro Ruckus of Obey TAN. Find out for yourself! Don't read the next high profile case, BE IT! Cold Cases.
I don´t know anything about these 3 guys ...just check it out.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Video: Red Bull Big Tune 2010: Denver - Round 1 and Semi-Finals

Twelve music producers made the journey to compete in Denver for the Red Bull Big Tune crown. With a combination of new styles mixed with a strong West Coast influence producers waged a sonic assault on The Church nightclub. In the end producers Boon Doc and Xperiment came out triumphant and advanced to the Finals in Chicago in November.


Audio: Willie The Kid – Hickory Smoke // prod. Lee Bannon // MP3

New song by "Willie The Kid" and "Lee Bannon" off the upcoming release "Never A Dull Moment".These dudes are a good team and Lee Bannon's beats are steady dope.Only 8 days to wait for the E.P.


Video: Pro-EF - Paper Trail preview // PROFINGERS

This Fall 2010 Pro~EF will be dropping the first episode of a 4 part series titled the "Compression Chamber" on Otnorot Recordings. The first episode is "Paper Trail" it's a 10 minute imaginative adventure score jam packed with twists, turns and razor blade record scratches. "It's a concept I've had in my head for quite some time and felt I was finally ready to execute. I've gotta say it's my absolute best work to date".