Saturday, July 10, 2010

Audio: 100 Akres - The Cyndi Lauper Beat Tape // Album

<a href="">SoundsLike fun by 100 Akres</a>

100 Akres: Hey .....did you know Cyndi Lauper loves beat tapes? Well, ok...she's not a beat head but I still decided to take one of her albums (She's So Unusual LP) and flip each and every song into a neck snappin', brain twistin', "smack whoever is next to you when you hear it" beat. Check it out and feel free to post if you like what you hear.
p.s. the piece of the song that's sampled for each track is revealed at the end of each beat
p.s.s. I was kidding about smacking the person next to you.....kinda
Thanks 100 Akres for sending us that concept Beat Tape.Great tracks on it.Go get it for free.


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