Sunday, July 25, 2010

Audio: AFTA-1 - F O R M // Album Stream

<a href="">1. Prelude To MeMeaningWE by AFTA-1</a>

Form by definition is the mode in which a thing exists, acts, or manifests itself. It is the foundation by which all things are perceivable in the physical realm. Our reality takes form as we visualize to manifest it. Once it is visualized it can be created physically. Becoming part in building our exterior existence as a reflection of what we are within; Life, Love, Creation.

Delightful Beat Tape by AFTA-1,very soulful and prudent.We know that he produces bangin hip hop beats too,but it is often interesting to meet the other side of the producers.Variety is a important point,and AFTA-1 is the man who represents that.


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