Thursday, July 1, 2010

Audio: Buck 65 - Dirtbike Series // nr.1,2&3

Buck65: I set out a task for myself, to put together three huge albums worth of music in three months - what I've been calling the 'Dirtbike' project. I managed to write and record approximately 70 songs. The three "albums" are each around an hour in length.I think of Dirtbike 1-3 as a woodshed demo project. But I've wanted to share this work with anyone who was interested in hearing it. They've floated around a bit here and there, but now I would like to share them directly with you.more via

Richard Terfry a.k.a. "Buck65" known from many releases around the Anticon family,is a pioneer in alternative and art addicted rap music scene,like names you may know, for example "Sole","Alias" or "Why".Im down with his music since many years,or better since my homie "Krizone" gave me the tip.The latest project of "Buck65" has been to make 3 Album series in 3 months,called "Dirtbike" with 3 issues.The project is finished,and if you ask me,this is sick in many parts.This Poet got connected with some great artists i following since many years like JEL, Doseone, Sage Francis or D-Styles.take a listen to Dirtbike part 1 at the player above.If you want all 3 parts go to,put your email in,and you*ll receive a download link.Peace.


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