Friday, July 23, 2010

Audio: DaVinci - The Day The Turf Stood Still // Free Album

<a href="">Intro by SWTBRDS</a>

I have a fable for Drugdealermusic. I admit. I love my Stones Throw, my BackpackRappers, my alternative-freaky-pot-smokin-rappers and I love my Gangsta Scheisse.
I saw his name,but never took a listen.Today I gave the above video a try.
Beat: Exceptionally fresh.
Raps: Voice full of smoke + nice flow.
Video: süper well done; colours + camera + cutting = A+
Well and after getting over that I see a link to his free album! Quality again. The San Fran Emcee made five producers (Al Jieh, Ammbush, Big D, Alejandro, Kris Styles) sound like one dude handling all the production. The Rhymes never slack. Get with this soundtrack. DaVinci got a new follower.


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