Friday, July 30, 2010

Audio: Dirtybird Beats - Don't forget the Magic // Beat Tape

<a href="">the return by dirtybird beats</a>

My name is Aaron, but I go by dirtybird beats. I live in Humboldt, California. I’ve got an MA in English literature, am a full-time janitor, raise chickens, and make beats in my sleep.I just released my second album, an instrumental ep entitled "don't forget the magic." The official release date for this album was June 2, 2010. I describe my music as synthed-out, lo-fi beats that are sample-based. All my music is composed on the MPC 1000. I'm hoping you will be interested in, and potentially post about what I have to offer musically. The entire EP can be found for free at Dirtybirdbeats.Bandcamp.

I missed this email in the mail-account but ive seen this Beat Tape before @ 77e.7 canny instrumentals made with MPC1000 and we love that rattle.Get the E.P. get good music.


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