Friday, July 2, 2010

Audio: Elaquent - Persona // 06-2010 // Album-stream

<a href="">Mastered System by Elaquent</a>
<a href="">Cloud 8 by Elaquent</a>

Elaquent is a producer from Toronto Canada.You may know him through his free Beat Tape releases,like "Elaquent - In Colour Vol.1.2.3" or "After Midnight".And some days ago this Beat Constructor released his first Album "Persona",his temporary acme."Persona" is the final good of an authentic Beat Fanatic,his filthy drums flows to filthy beats,and are very diversified.He got a nice sample assortment and fits the melodies with gadgetry.This is an innovative and durable Instrumental Album and i play it the 4th time in a row.And its still entertaining.You'll find some smooth songs like "Genesis" and "Cloud 8" and some clappy songs like "Mastered System" or "Childs Play".The only track with vocals is "On The Rise (feat Es, O-Phrap & E-yo)" we posted before as an "O-phrap" exclusive.Enough from me,take a listen and if you like it too,BUY it.harrr


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