Monday, July 12, 2010

Audio: Enriqué Mendoza - Le Fabuleux Destin d Enriqué Mendoza // Mixtape

Cum Again Cum

Quartier Rouge

Chronique d'un Enfoiré

Whohaa. This got send to us today and it`s fuckin funky french. I remember my fascination for french rap like IAM, Lone, Funky Family, Busta Flex, Rohff and so on. Than began a long time when I ignored it totally. Booba was fucking boring in my ears. Even my old heros seemed to have lost it.
Now this right here sounds like the french rap I used to listen to, not saying it sounds old, it sounds good. Not all the songs are my kinda thing, a lot of soul sampling on here, but I`ve picked out a couple of my favorites. Download the whole album here. Fresh.

Shouts to Teddy.


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