Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Audio: Faimkills - Dystopia Cornucopia // Album

<a href="http://store.blackcloudmusic.com/track/wasteland-jungle">Wasteland Jungle by Black Cloud Music&#8482;</a>

Faimkills new Album "Dystopia Cornucopia" is the way how good Mcee's shows skillz on that glitch-hop influenced & banging beats."Wasteland Jungle" is my favourite song,fast & electric and Mc Faimkills is rapping so fucking dope.Nr. 2 is "Life Is Not A Daisy",the analog part to "Wasteland Jungle" and very poetic.Last but not least is the nice feature Dystopia Cornucopia with Captain & Curtiss King on the mic.Album is produced by Captain with a guest appearance of Jynxx.// Album Download.


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