Monday, July 19, 2010

Audio: Ill Poetic - The World is Ours // Instrumentals

<a href="">Common Knowledge (Instrumental) by Ill Poetic</a>
"So in continuance of "The World is Ours" Re-Release campaign that I've been working on for the Summer, I wanted to release the Instrumentals for this record as a free download. I realized 2 weeks ago that I've never even actually made an instrumental version of this record for myself. So I had the pleasure of digging through the original files for this album and getting nostalgic at all the recording sessions. There are even a couple added instruments here and there this time around, since I got to dig fully back into each songs format.
I'm doing all this as a way of preparing for a huge run of projects that I'm in the midst of wrapping up now (including the follow-up to this record). So I promise I'm not stuck in the past, Just catching the past up to the present so i can work on the future. Hope y'all enjoy it. Hope some emcees catch some writing inspiration. Hope some people catch some riding inspiration.Enjoy and Thanks again for all the support. The blogs, the comments, the shows, the fans (friends). Thank You."


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