Sunday, July 11, 2010

Audio: LOW END THEORY PODCAST nr. 16: D-Styles and Asura // Alphapup / Nonprojects

Download: LOW END THEORY PODCAST #16: D-Styles and Asura

Recent issue of "Low End Theory Club" podcast.Nr.16 is mixed by D-Styles (Alphapup) and Asura (Nonprojects) from Los Angeles.You all know im a fan of that series,always manifold music and kool artworks.So take your time and get a listen.


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  1. Hey man, ive been keeping up with the low end theory creq since its inception all the way to the silent movie theater project. And I've followed Asura over the years back when he did cheesy shit and then started throwing some pretty original shit thru LIFEsquared and 360. But I was completely blown away by Asuras short set on ep. 16. How and where can I get Asuras track listing from that set? Ill even throw $lers someones way, although he did get some of his old original samples in and of course I tracked down the first sample of his off that set but without his work on top......well its just indian music, but ill take whatever comes my way and throw down for the hook.
    Thanks, jake s.