Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Audio: Stones Throw Podcast 61: DJ Kutmah - Throwing Stones

Download: Stones Throw Podcast 61: DJ Kutmah - Throwing Stones

Kutmah is a DJ from the Los Angeles scene known for his affiliation with Dublab and Low End Theory ... that is, he was until a couple months ago when a pack of federal immigration agents raided his pad, threw him in the detention center in the desert, and eventually deported him to his resident country, UK.

We'd been talking about a Kutmah podcast for a while, and knowing that he'd be released someday, brought it up again via jail mail. Kutmah's now a free man, living temporarily in Manchester UK, and finally got enough of his equipment together to put together this 50 minute mixtape.

We posted some stuff of Kutmah in the past time,and ive written some stuff about the "Free Kutmah" initiative and his deportation.Now "Kutmah" is back in the game,back to his fam and his Brainfeeder crew and back to the fans.Good news,and a fuckin good podcast.Check it.


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