Monday, July 26, 2010

Wanted: New music by ... Phat Kat!!!

<a href="">Big n Black ft Phatkat by Foreign Beggars</a>
At this point of time I would like to introduce a new series to this blog. The "I demand new music by..." series. You can leave your comments and demand new music by the artist or any other artist. Feel free.
First up is PHAT KAT. The last couple of days I listened to my copy of Carte Blanche chanting along (i have a record player next to the shower). The album is that shit. Hard rhymes, furious flow and sick as f++k beats by Dilla, Black Milk, Nick Speed and Young RJ. It was only two years ago that we had the chance to catch him live at Kassablanca, Jena. The Crowd was welcoming him like a rockstar and I remember the look in his face, saying to himself: "What the hell is going on?"
Today I had to google the Detroit native only to find out that there is not much to find out. There is a cool sixteen on the Foreign Beggars LP (press play above), a feature on a MoSS produced track (video below), a couple of remixes and a Black Milk assisted song from early 2009 off his upcoming album Tha Katakombz which is set to drop this year. Really? Let`s hope they make it happen.
We`re fiending for some new Phat Kat. If anybody has any news on Ronny Cash, please comment.



  1. i remember the harmonic 313 feature with elzhi.
    but yeah u right we need some new phat kat!

  2. nothing new,but still waiting like you,same necessity