Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Audio: TassNata feat. Elzhi & Adam Bomb – Heavyweights // Prod. by Northern Profit // MP3

Download: TassNata feat. Elzhi & Adam Bomb – Heavyweights

TassNata'S Heavyweights is the banger of the day in the classic ish section. BigUp for the production goes to Vokab (VokabBeats)and Big Pops (Northern Profit) for this cracking beat. Elzhi and Adam Bomb are featured with fresh verses. Album "Between Planets" drops tomorrow and features Dudes like Black Milk & Promise. Pump this. Propz 2 TRF.


Audio: ONSLOT - The Ferox // E.P. // Ever Ready Records

<a href="http://onslot.bandcamp.com/track/now-i-understand-ft-ezus-2">Now I Understand ft. Ezus by ONSLOT</a>

Onslot has once again demonstrated lyrical mastery with his first solo release; “The Ferox.” Ever Ready Records is proud to introduce this six song, free EP where the bastard child of conscience rap speaks on real issues. The Ferox, which means the Fierce in Latin, is an accurate description of this heart felt release. Features include heavy hitters such as MZAH, Ezus, Apex (of MK), and Grind Time Now CEO Lush One (of Rollin Rockers). Onslot comes at this project simple but strong. It is apparent in this release that he is very observant to life on a whole, and writes as a spectator.As a refined product of his environment he blends two perspectives: mild dissatisfactions with the world, along with a positive outlook on the future. These two perspectives are apparent on his first two singles, “Now I Understand” Featuring Ezus and “Hoping and Wishing” Featuring Apex and Lush One.

Ever ready Records sent us Onslot's new E.P. The Ferox. Onslot is a deep lyrical Mcee and floats across his stories. Gloomy atmosphere where sometimes a breeze of lights escapes. Nice Project. Track suggestions: Now I Understand ft. Ezus & The Ferox: Building Blocks. Get the E.P. for free via bandcamp.


Video: Schaufel und Spaten - Coffeechop HQ //

Schaufel und Spaten verteidigen den Funk in der Aussenstelle Magdeburg.

Dieser Tune frischt mich auf, passend dazu eine Pizza und eine Cola...wie es der Zufall will. Danke an die Funkverteidiger! Album: "29 harte Jahre unter Tage” (rel. 2011). More Infos via FB.


Audio: Proflogik - Papa Locks // MP3 Stream + 2 Mixtapes for Download

Papa Locks... by proflogik

I have detected Proflogik via soundcloud, and was totally keen by his beats. Exactly, these are beats representing my current mood. Beats are spacey, cloudy in some ways and are enrooted in BoomBap. Explicit Recommendation: Download both Beat Tapes ->
Proflogik - 8-Bit Beat Tape & Proflogik - Space Debris. If you visit his S-Cloud account you will find his latest releases. BigUp Dude.


Audio: DJ PRIMATE - The Beast Tape // EP

<a href="http://djprimate.bandcamp.com/track/black-belt-jones">Black Belt Jones by DJ PRIMATE</a>

The Beast Tape is a collection of the only good beats I've been able to make in the span of 5 months or so. Even before the initial release date The Beast Tape has seen reviews like "nostalgic nineties nastiness", "rpimate got skills... really impressed" [sic], "ill shit",and my mom seems to like it a lot.I messed around with my sound on this album and went with a more 90's Prince Paul, Zev Love X approach by using a crapload of samples and scratches....continue reading....

Dj Primate released his Beast Tape with some dope joints on it. With oldskool spirit and anyhow it is fresh for 2010. Turn on the gas with Dj Primate and download the project here. via kirvy


Audio: MED – Candlelight feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow // MP3

New soulful song by MED feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow (also produced the song). Song is part of his new mixtape. "Bang Ya Head III" which drops via Vtech. Same people brought to you Oh No - Dr. No’s Infected Gadget VTech Mix // Dj Doubledose. 


Audio: Domo Genesis - Rolling Papers // Album Download // Oddfuture

Domo Genesis: Domier

Domo Genesis & Ace Creator - Super Market:

The TrashKidz from Los Angeles a.k.a. "Fuck Em All" a.k.a. Wooolfgang a.k.a. ODDfuture. Domo Genesis - Rolling Papers is published. This seems to entertaining after the 2nd listen. My fav's up to that point: Domier and Super Market with Ace Creator (Tyler the Creator?). No need for big explanations. Get your own copy.

Download:  Domo Genesis - Rolling Papers // Album


Monday, August 30, 2010

Audio: Skyzoo And !llmind - Speakers On Blast // Mp3

Skyzoo & !llmind "Speakers On Blast" by duckdown
This actually one of those songs where you wish you could cut out a sample or change up the drums yourself... maybe they have those type of Mp3/ProjectFiles in the future...haha... fuck that sounds arrogant, uh? This song would be just perfect without that annoying sample. Don`t you think?


Audio: Suzi Analogue - NNXTAPE // Cassette [ Tape Only ]

<a href="http://suzianalogue.bandcamp.com/track/ex-machina">Ex Machina by Suzi Analogue</a>

Singer, Songwriter, FutureBeatKidzProducer and member of  the KlipMode crew , Suzi Analogue released here new album: NNXTAPE (Only on Tape). Klipmode crew representing futuristic producer styles and much innovations and we featured some releases at the blog, before. Suzi Analogue's album is electric & soulful, is a bit Erikah Badu and not at the same time. It is fresh with a taste of vintage. Stay tuned @ Klipmode Crew.


Video: Rubber Johnny - Chris Cunningham + Aphex Twin

Rubber Johnny - Chris Cunningham + Aphex Twin // 2006


Audio: 100 Akres - The New Edition Beat Tape

<a href="http://beattape.100akres.com/album/the-new-edition-beat-tape">Hongry by 100 Akres</a>

100 Akres: The New Edition Beat Tape:(codename:Ronnie,Bobby,Ricky, and Mike)New month = new beat tape. Do you remember New Edition's 1984 self titled album? You know....the one with Mr. Telephone Man, Cool It Now, and I'm Leaving You Again. Wait 'till you hear what I did to those plus every other song on that album. No sample is safe, hide your vinyl.

New installment by Akres 100 (Freshnerd.com) you may remember his fresh "The Cyndi Lauper Beat Tape" we posted last month. Today i received a mail where he shares his new project "The New Edition Beat Tape" with us. Dude is flipping 80's samples of "New Edition", the 1.st RnB male group and the Pioneer's in Boygroup movement. Nice idea and a successful project. Grab the tape for fee via 100 Akres.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Audio: Droop-E - I Am // Mp3

Don`t have much time now, but enough to check out one of my favorite blogs TumblinErb. That`s how I found out about Droop-E out of DC who has signed with Wale. This is süper ugly. Produced by Droop-E himself. Check it out.
Getting ready to spin some records with the homie solo, so no more posts tonight,...


Audio: Abnormal - Beats That Would Be Dope For Adult Swim // Beat Tape

<a href="http://iamabnormal.bandcamp.com/album/beats-that-would-be-dope-for-adult-swim">1.Ohs and Ahs by Abnormal</a>

Album Concept: I got the idea to do this project from watching a few custom-made bumps on youtube. I always notice that the beat were either dope as hell or not my taste at all. So I decided to switch up a project I was on to do this. The idea behind this was to make chill and slightly different beats. Since Stones Throw supplies the music for Adult Swim I tried to not mimic Dilla or Madlib and have fun while doing so. I got the idea to ... continue reading...

We posted the snippet of Abnormals "Beats That Would Be Dope For Adult Swim" some days ago. Dude let me know that the album drops,and here it is. Beats are easygoing and unobtrusive.You can listen to all tracks without any outage. You can purchase it for 1 $ via bandcamp. Support good music!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Audio: Fashawn - Bart Simpson // Mp3

This is off the new Fashawn Grizzly City 3 Mixtape that dropped yesterday. I guess this is my favorite song there is another one with The Jacka that`s just as fresh. Check it out once you`ve downloaded the tape here.
I am a liitle dissapointed, but I guess that`s because of the high expectations I had. Still very fresh.


Audio: The DrumKidz Podcast - Atarikid

Atarikid Drumkidz Podcast / 27.08.2010 by the-Rapohnelizenz

A dude called atarikid sent me this short podcast to post.Of course i know him,he is a friend of mine and he picked some dope beats out of the blog (so many dope music for free in 2010).Podcast featuring:  
The Normal - T.V.O.D //
Leonard Dstroy - Onde (Get Live) //  
Xperiment - Truth // Adlib - Pull Up //  
Beat-Maker-Beat - Tha End (of Apocalypse) //  
Torky Tork - Saladin //  
Mister Bibal - Good Morning !!

Very filthy mix filled with some trashy and vintage atari commercials.I like that.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Audio: Boombaptist - X-TA-SEE // 2.nd "Rapohnelizenz Beat Compilation" preview

Boombaptist - X-ta-see by rapohnelizenz

Last time i told you that some things are still in progress, so it will take some more days until the compilation drops. The release date is fixed now for next week  Wednesday or Thursday. For the moment ->: a gaming console beat by crazy kid Boombaptist. Dude will be featured with 2 bangers. "Rapohnelizenz Beat Compilation" is the working title. We will see what happens.YO°° (Boombaptist Twizzer)

info/edit: Preview tracks will not be on the compilation, for the simple reason that some Dudes sent several beats and the heavy-weights will be on the Comp.!Stay Tuned


Audio: Elephant and Castle - Analogue EP // E.P.

<a href="http://elephantandcastle.bandcamp.com/track/all-303s-go-to-heaven">All 303's Go to Heaven by Elephant and Castle</a>

A lot of hazy, stuttering electronic music is coming from the West Coast lately. The latest California knob-twiddler is Oakland sound engineer David Reep, who does his bleepy-and-bloopy thing as Elephant & Castle. Here’s a choice cut from his forthcoming EP, Analogue, out August 30 via 3rd Culture Records.

I like it when music takes me to a journey and creates the question: Where does this road go to?.This E.P. by Elephant and Castle is honed and has a multi-faceted approach. Some people make music for making music and some people are visionary. All 303's Go to Heaven tripped me 2 heaven. Get the E.P. via Bandcamp. Dope release Elephant and Castle.For more infos, click the marked names above.


Video: Baths - Lovely Bloodflow // Anticon

Baths - "Lovely Bloodflow"anticon.Anticon.

Latest visuals by Anticon artist Baths.Video is directed by Youngreplicant and reminds me a bit off Apocalypto..Fore more Infos about Baths visit his Artis page @ Anticon.SamuRai!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Audio: DJ K.O. - Let it be known ft. Kenn Starr, Silent Knight, Hassaan Mackey (Madwreck Remix) // Digital 12"

&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href="http://djko.bandcamp.com/album/let-it-be-known-digital-12"&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Let It Be Known (Madwreck Remix) (ft. Kenn Starr, Hassaan Mackey &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; Silent Knight) by DJ K.O.&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

To promote his upcoming EP "Living Out A State Of Mind Vol. 10" dropping August 30th, DJ K.O. releases this Digital 12". The A-Side is the Lead Lead Single of his newest EP "Let it be known" ft. Kenn Starr, Silent Knight & Hassaan Mackey.
The doper B-Side "Training Day" features Silent Knight. Both Tracks are remixed by Elemetalitys newest Member Madwreck.


Audio: ODD NOSDAM - Psychcast 09 // Sixtonarmor

Download: ODD NOSDAM - Psychcast 09

Odd Nosdam is a producer from the Bay Area, member of cLOUDDEAD, Reaching Quiet
and the Anticon crew. Six Ton Armor wouldn't probably exist without that old cLOUDDEAD tape my cousin dubbed me and that i played to death in my teenage years, so, it says how proud i am to have him featured on this site... If you ever wondered what the guy had in his crates, that's right now!

Thanks 2 KrizOne for peeeping me that. The 1.st Anticon Fam' post since a while. In contribution with sixtonarmor Odd Nosdam made a mix with some experimental ish, psychedelic rock and of course you will find beats. At least, it is cheeky to try to explain everything. STOP!°

Tracklist via Sixtonarmor!



Faded, the latest leak off (CHI/NYC) beatsmith Jay Vega‘s forthcoming mixtape "Summer time Chi" Feat. new music from The Primeridian, Rashid Hadee, Astonish and more...

Pugs Atomz shared this song with me and as i played him the 1.st time my girlfriend came through the door and she was snapping his fingers. Now may know what you expect. Nice song Mr. Pugz.


Audio: S.Maharba - Streets Of Beige // Podcast // 26.08.2010

Keeping the mix series in London, we hooked up with fresh Ipswich kid S.Maharba for our second Streets Of Beige mixtape.
Taking influence from some of the slower cuts in and around the scene, Maharba's mix showcases the painfully uber-cool new wave including Run DMT, Devonwho, Letherette, Schlomo, Blank & Kyte and many more. Upping the filth in the middle only to bring us floating back down again, this is one to crack on after dinner, with the finest cigars and plenty of liquor. Or maybe just at anytime when you might feel like dancing s-l-o-w. Either way, it's one of the finest mixtapes to slide through our stereo for a long while so soak it up.
visit: Streetsofbeige


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Audio: L.e For The Uncool - Lifestyle Excessiveness Feat. Naledge (of Kidz In The Hall) // Mp3

I like this guy since I first saw this video and I am almost 100% shure I did post it back when we had it in our inbox. Can`t find it though. I must say L.e is not a good name when it comes to searching the www, but who the fuck names himself googlefriendly anyways.
Dude has definitly something great and very unique. "The Measure" is dropping on the 31st and I am officially excited. Above you have the promotional video for it.


Video: Dimlite – My Human Wears Acedia Shreds

Dimlite – My Human Wears Acedia Shreds from Ehstrawlogy Produkte on Vimeo.

A new promotionvideo from my favorit swiss beatmaker. Welcome to the 2068´s.

Audio: Dibiase - Morninsunlight // Rapohnelizenz Beat Compilation preview

Dibiase - Morninsunlight by rapohnelizenz

Today we bring you a preview of our upcoming "Beat Compilation" with some dope producers, we are lucky to contribute with. Considering that the cover, the final tracklist and the video teaser are still in progress, we post the first beat. Dibiase's "Morninsunlight" is a foretaste of what is to come. Stay tuned for exclusiv beats by:
J.Bizness ,Elaquent, Boombaptist, Chemo, Xperiment, Dibia$e, Suff Daddy, Torky Tork, Geraet, Bugseed, Dday One, Anatol Atonal, Lateef Dameer, PigeonDust, Jon Phonics




Video+Audio: Now On - All You Ever Knew // Mayer Hawthorne, Jackson Perry, and IX Lives

Download Mp3 : Now On - All You Ever Knew

Hey Hey Hey.

I have a special treat for you!
"French animation artist Cedric Berthier heard Now On's song "All You Ever Knew" from their classic album Tomorrow Already and was instantly inspired to create this video. The trio, which includes Mayer Hawthorne along with IX Lives (son of Larry "Squirrel" Demps of the legendary Dramatics) and Jackson Perry, dropped Tomorrow Already in 2008 just before Mayer's debut."

Thank You S. Estes. I like the song. Purchase the album via A-Side.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Audio: Koen - Outputs // Beat Tape

<a href="http://koen.bandcamp.com/album/outputs">660 by Koen</a>
Very clean this, but I likes it, man. Not my usual type of stuff that I listen to, but this fits perfectly into the mood I am in at the moment. Ready to go to sleep while listening to this - in a good way though. Very calming.
Big up to the people over at the moovmnt.


Audio And Video: Versis - The Need (Prod. By BMB) // Mp3

I was thinking about posting this song since it dropped like two weeks ago. I think every half-decend blog posted this and I was way late on it. Now I have a reason: the video dropped! Very nice visuals, very good song. Beat-Maker-Beat is sick.
Download this.
Check more of Versis music here and listen to his new album here. Support.


Audio: Apollo Brown - The Reset Instrumentals // Beat Tape

<a href="http://mellomusicgroup.bandcamp.com/album/the-reset-instrumentals">Our Time by Mello Music Group</a>

Mellomusicgroup dropped "The Reset Instrumentals" by Apollo Brown today. This album is so dope and it is a nice move to share the instrumentals cause they are really banging! Check the leaks we posted before and enjoy the Beat Tape!!check MMG @ Bandcamp.


Audio: FWMJ's Rappers I Know presents J. Bizness 3P Series // Vol. 5 feat. Those Chosen

<a href="http://jbizness.bandcamp.com/album/fwmjs-rappers-i-know-presents-j-bizness-3p-series-vol-5">Act Like You Know by J.Bizness</a>

This is not only for the completeness fellahs. JBizness did it one more time. "FWMJ's Rappers I Know presents J. Bizness 3P Series" issue nr. 5 featuring Those Chosen. I like the Jbizness's productions and i wanna recommend this mini E.P. to you. You can grab the complete series here. Propz to rappersiknow.com


Video+Audio: MONTAGE ONE ​/ ​GOLD CHAIN MILITARY - BLOOD LUST - feat. TriState & Planet Asia

Likwit Crew/Gold Chain Military secret weapon Montage One steps out the shadows this year with his debut solo album 10.6.2.OGX on Stimulus One/RBC. Features production from Madlib, E-Swift, Alchemist, Evidence,OhNo, DJ Babu, Jake One, DJ Revolution, and cameos from Little Brother,Strong Arm Steady, Foreign Exchange, WildChild, Dilated Peoples and Defari.

I like it when i find good music @ the email account. Thx. James D. Here you got the latest leak of MONTAGE ONE, "BLOOD LUST" featuring TriState & Planet Asia. We posted ​"GOLD CHAIN MILITARY - Gold Chain War" some days ago. Some banging ish comes to enter the game. Hit the download and the video after the jump. Video is nice: Alchemist, Evidence and more guys talking about Montage One and show him some love. Check his bandcamp for more good music.


video: Efdemin - There Will Be Singing

Efdemin, There Will Be Singing (Chicago) from jutojo on Vimeo.
the video relates to the musical influence of the city on Efdemin's new album "Chicago" and the yearning for a city's modernism known only from a physical and temporal distance through books.
As you may know, my love for music goes beyond funkydrummer- drums with nice rhymes on top. But as we call ourselves RAPohneLizenz, I try to stay near by the roots. This post is an exeption: straight up house music. But what catched my intention in the first place was the exceptional video. How simple is this? how good is this? Shot (with the Canon 5D) by he always brilliant Jutoju.
By the way, the LP from EFDEMIN is also worth a listen.

Video: Blueprint live in St. Louis @ Hip-hoppers Holiday II (Part 1 & 2)

If you follow this blog,you may know that i like the dude "Blueprint". Here we have some video footage of his live performance @ Hip-hoppers Holiday II.If somebody doesnt know him, you can check some stuff we posted before -> LINK. You will find the live footage after the jump.peace


Monday, August 23, 2010

Video: Strong Arm Steady - Chittlins & Pepsi

Strong Arm Steady - Chittlins & Pepsi Feat. Planet Asia. Produced by Madlib. From the album
IN SEARCH OF STONEY JACKSON. check: Stonesthrow Records.


Audio: Chuuwee – Its Life (Prod. By Lee Bannon)

I need my daily dosis of that Lee Bannon shit.
Googlemoogling the dude I found Chuuwee.
This is extra smooth. Make love to this, people.
Shouts to Soul Dolo.


Audio: Cayoz & Ev4n Holt - Chocolate City Dreaming // Prod. by Oddisee // MP3

Today we bring to you a leak by name "Chocolate City Dreaming", Which is a collaboration between Cali based & Atlanta based emcees cayoz & evan holt. Both display their story telling ability over this oddisee produced gem. While also showing that when it comes to true chemistry distance is not a factor. Be on the look out for their upcoming collaboration EP.

Thx. 2 Cayoz, Ev4n Holt and Oddisee for sharing "Chocolate City Dreaming" with us. Easy going track means Cayoz & Ev4n Holt dropping it smooth on that classic Oddisee beat.Let it groove.For more music check the bandcamp links: Cayoz // Ev4n Holt.


Audio: Nottz – The 1ne feat. Alchemist // MP3

Latest leak by Nottz and Alchemist. This joint will not be on Nottz new album "You Need This Music" dropping in october.Im very curious about the release,because there will be features with Black Milk,Mayer Hawthorne and Snoop Dogg. Haha.. For the moment check "The 1ne",and enjoy!Alchemist & Nottz!!Good Team! Sick Beat Fellah!!!!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

video: To Have & To Hold - vinyl documentary

To Have & To Hold - Taster Tape from Jony Lyle on Vimeo.
(found here)

Audio: Remembering TruThoughts

There is a certain thing about favorite labels: they get discovered, hyped and than forgot about. Some years ago I bought everything Tru Thoughts put out. Then, at some point I got borred of their sound. Maybe because they started to repeat their style or because I was curious about something totally different. Now I checked back and the TruThought-Sound still is what it used to be. But it´s still great.
So here are some old:
Nostalgia 77 - little steps
Spanky Wilson & QSO - Waiting for you
and a new free track:
<a href="http://hiddenorchestra.bandcamp.com/album/footsteps">Footsteps by Hidden Orchestra</a>

Audio: Domo Genisis - Rolling Papers (Feat. Tyler The Creator) // Mp3

With this post I think we have all members of the Wolf Gang featured on this blog.
Domo Genisis will be dropping his album also entitled Rolling Papers at the end of August. More Wolf Gang here.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Audio: Hubert Daviz - Aalto

aalto by Hubert Daviz

Hubert Daviz,the man with romanian roots is definite one of the most talented producers in germany.He knows how to play with (Jazz) Samples,how to arrange funky Breaks and to insert different layers to the music. His last release "PROCEDURI DE RUTINA" was like a journey across romanian Jazz fields, otherwise he also produces that Hip Hop ish stuff like "Hubert Daviz & Retrogott & Morlockk Dilemma - Die Farbe Schlecht". For more Hubert Daviz click the name. (Check his Bandcamp)


Audio: Freddie Joachim - What Comes Of Dreams

Freddie Joachim - What Comes Of Dreams by freddiejoachim

Freddie Joachim posted "What Comes Of Dreams" at his blog, an unreleased track out of the drawer. Pleasant and unobtrusive, its that FJ style.If you want,  click the LINK for more releases. Enjoy


Friday, August 20, 2010

Video: Cee-Lo Green - Fuck You

Cee-Lo Green is that dude. What`s happening with the Goodie Mob these days?
Even better... what would a collaborative album between Cee-Lo and Andre 3000 sound like?
Catch the Georgia song and definitly filsh this video here... ooops is that a legal advice?




Video: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Bright Lit Blue Skies

Yesterday I was at a friends funeral. I hate it when these so called artists are so full of themselves that they don`t realize when they don`t matter and should stop talking about themselves for once. You guys are narcissistic assholes crapping on everbody you meet.
And so I sing along: ...you`re full of lies...

R.I.P. Muck


Thursday, August 19, 2010


I received this video via mail by RZR.The message was:
i'm not going to beg u for posting this video. if u could find time to check it i would appreciate that - and if u like it post it.

This is kool and Yes i like it and Yes i post it!
And i found 2 older songs at bandcamp,Save The Children is soo dope.

<a href="http://venomous2000.bandcamp.com/album/universally-connected">Save The Children by Venomous2000 The Ultra Emcee</a>

check: Dj Priority & Venomous 2000 @ Myspace.


Video: Reggie Watts - Fuck Shit Stack

WTF?! Funny as hell :D Reggie Watts 4 Pres.


Audio: Hypedog Presents: Munoz - Hip-Hop's Best Kept Secret // Beat Tape

Munoz - These Are The Times by rapohnelizenz

Download: Munoz: Hip-Hop's Best Kept Secret // Beat Tape

Uk Blogger Hypedog peeeeped me @Munoz a while ago and now he released a new exclusive Beat Tape called "Munoz - Hip-Hop's Best Kept Secret". He let me know about the project via twitter and i checked it out today. First remark: Munoz is talented and his music is totally according to my taste. Banging drums meets a good sample selection. Beats are floating, sweeping & spacy. In some beats i miss the diversion but it is a matter of taste.Stay tuned -> @MUNOZ!!
(These are the Times -> above // 1 of my favorites!!)


Video: Shad - Yaa I Get It // Oddisee Remix

This is a re-re-edit of Shad - Yaa I Get It.After the Original,Oddisee dropped a Rmx some days ago,here you got the video-edit.Original and RMX are dope.I like the Jam scenes in the video.So one more time: Dope Shad / Dope Oddisee / Dope Video.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Audio: BTS Radio Mix - S.MAHARBA // IPSWICH, UK

S Maharba (Ipswich, UK) - Twin Sisters - Guest Mix for Andrew Meza's BTS Radio by the-Rapohnelizenz

This is a podcast,ive been really waiting for. (Im a huge fan of BTS Radio) Since i met S.Maharba the 1.st time in this digital world i got sick. Dude impressed me with his sample-based beats and implies that he is ahead of the times. I like the Mix for BTS Radio,but im still avid for his S.Maharba S/T (E.P.) release. S.Maharba is a groundbreaking sample chopper and i hope to see some of his songs on vinyl in the future.(Download BTS Radio Mix - S.MAHARBA)

you can check more BTS Radio Mixes right here.


Audio: Flying Lotus - Camera Day // Pattern+Grid World E.P.

Flying Lotus - Camera Day (taken from Pattern+Grid World) by Warp Records

1.st preview on Flying Lotus new E.P. Pattern+Grid World,dropping stores 21.september via Warp Records.After a long altercation with his last release Cosmogramma,im sure this project will not be so transcendental and Camera Day is a very nice (FLYLO) arranged and smooth song.FlyYO.


Audio: Hodgy Beats - The Dena Tape (2009) // Odd Future


Customized Greatly

OLD! This is way old! - Don`t be complaining, biatch!
Now we`re only slowly picking up what these young fools have been putting out so far. For those of you who don`t know yet, check em out here.
These two songs are off The Dena Tape which you can download here. In the second song he describes how making beats is like touchin on a broad. Yeah that.
Solo will hit hit you with his latest tape in a minute.


Video: Gold Chain Military - Gold Chain War

Planet Asia presents his own Gold Chain Military with their newest Joint "Gold Chain War"of their album "Chain of Command" available in stores now.I personally prefer Planet Asia going solo, but this track has the special ruff, rugged and war sound i'm addicted to.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Audio: Outasight - Never say never // Free Mixtape

I thought a while about posting this Mixtape, but after some days on my ipod, im giving this a go, finally.
The Fashion Brand LRG presents Outasight with his Mixtape "Never say never". The Productionlist features 6th Sense, Mike Cash and Sa-Ra. Additional Lyrics are on Freddie Gibs, XV and Avriel Epps.
For fans of rapping/singing college rappers, this one is a must download, for the others this is just a nice, mellow Mixtape with a summerish vibe.


Audio: Shad - Yaa I Get It // Oddisee Remix

Download: Shad - Yaa I Get It // Oddisee Remix

I remember the day,Shad dropped his first video "Yaa I Get It" of his "Tsol" album.Track and video are dope.Oddisee dropped a RMX of Yaa I Get It today.Dude is back on the sound,i like.Im sure an album of both guys would be fire.(Check the Oddisee blog)


Video: El-P - Time Won`t Tell

Ah Man. El-P is the sickest!
Company Fow was the shit, but I just admire the way he takes it to the next level with every new project he`s putting out.
This is off Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3.


Audio: Earl Sweatshirt - Vintage Tunes // Deerskin & Drop

Earl - Deerskin:

Earl - Drop:

These OddFuture KIDZ go through hell,no rules no behaviour and fuck you all.I like that,why believe in rules the whole life and than recognize ok im old,time to die.Why trust in a society which gives a fuck about you.Ok,ill stop that mock-discussion,only 1 point:DONT HYPE THE BELIEVERS!Check these older and scruffy songs by EARL.YO°.DROP BITCH!Previous EARL POSTS!


Audio: Curtiss King - Jet Pack On E // BlackCloudMusic

Scumbags ft. Ab-Soul & Stevie Crooks (Produced by Jansport J):

Download: Curtiss King - Jet Pack On E // Album

I recognized Curtiss King a while ago as a producer and after his release "Curtiss King presents: TvThemesFlipped Vol. 2 (Various Producers)" i heard his first raps @ Noa James - Disrespectful.As BlackCloudMusic dropped "Faimkills - Dystopia Cornucopia" (1 of the best releases in the past months,if you ask me) with guest appearances of Curtiss and Captain i was totally impressed by these fam.Here we have the 1.st album of Curtiss and i found some really dope tracks like Scumbags (Track above) or I lied.Im serious,I dont like every of the 14 songs, but you have to check the album and the BlackCloud Fam.Probz to You Guys!


Audio: Celph Titled & Buckwild - Step Correctly

Last weekend we celebrated the 30th birthday of our friend AtariKid with a nice party. Everyone was rapping along while playing golden era rap until the sunrise (shout outs to kalle & tork). growing up in different areas of germany we were all listening to the same records back then. Vibing on that feeling I found this track in the dropbox: Celph Titled & Buckwild "Step Correctly"
The track is a teaser for the full length collaboration. That´s what they write about the release:  
The beats on this album were originally produced by Buckwild between 1994 and 1995, but were never recorded to. The classic hip-hop sound of the SP-1200 and Akai-S950 is revisited on this project.Celph Titled was able to select and record to over 16 unreleased D.I.T.C. bangers.
Check the Guest appearances!! (Man, I feel like 17 again.):
D.I.T.C. (A.G., O.C., Diamond D), Treach (of Naughty by Nature), Vinnie Paz (of Jedi Mind Tricks), Brand Nubian (Grand Puba, Sadat X), R.A. The Rugged Man, Chino XL, Demigodz (Apathy, Ryu, Esoteric), F.T. (of Street Smartz) and more.
99´ coming back at ya!


Video: Alchemist And Evidence In Russia

Ok this pretty random stuff, ... but at the end of the clip all these young russian hiphop heads give Alchemist and Evidence a bunch of old russian records. Damn I am so fucking jealous. Now that`s hiphop.


Audio: SomeWhere Else – Grease // MP3

Imposing and energized song by SomeWhere Else (Where you can check the whole album stream).This track is on the dark side of life and reminds me a drop of the atmosphere in the "on the run" scenes ->  28 Days Later .Maybe a drop exaggerated but i only try to describe my preference for cloudy music.Beat is elusive.


Video: Stalley - Babblin // MadStalley: The Autobiography

Director and New Orleans native BMike (2-Cent TV) was inspired to create the music video for Stalley's "Babblin" in remembrance of the devastation from Hurricane Katrina for the upcoming 5th anniversary (Aug. 29, 2010). "Babblin" (prod. by J. Rawls) is off Stalley's "Autobiography" project, which can be downloaded for free at http://stalley330.bandcamp.com/.

After some free Leaks,some Videos by Creative Control and a free Mixtape here you can take a look at Stalley's newest and good looking visuals in remembrance  of the devastation from Hurricane Katrina.Stalley is one of the most talented Rookies in our opinion.If you dont know him or missed some releases,check the posts at our blog or read the interview we did with him.Keep your eyes on STALLEY.Thx. 2 Dan for all the support.