Friday, August 27, 2010

Audio: Boombaptist - X-TA-SEE // 2.nd "Rapohnelizenz Beat Compilation" preview

Boombaptist - X-ta-see by rapohnelizenz

Last time i told you that some things are still in progress, so it will take some more days until the compilation drops. The release date is fixed now for next week  Wednesday or Thursday. For the moment ->: a gaming console beat by crazy kid Boombaptist. Dude will be featured with 2 bangers. "Rapohnelizenz Beat Compilation" is the working title. We will see what happens.YO°° (Boombaptist Twizzer)

info/edit: Preview tracks will not be on the compilation, for the simple reason that some Dudes sent several beats and the heavy-weights will be on the Comp.!Stay Tuned