Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Audio: BTS Radio Mix - S.MAHARBA // IPSWICH, UK

S Maharba (Ipswich, UK) - Twin Sisters - Guest Mix for Andrew Meza's BTS Radio by the-Rapohnelizenz

This is a podcast,ive been really waiting for. (Im a huge fan of BTS Radio) Since i met S.Maharba the time in this digital world i got sick. Dude impressed me with his sample-based beats and implies that he is ahead of the times. I like the Mix for BTS Radio,but im still avid for his S.Maharba S/T (E.P.) release. S.Maharba is a groundbreaking sample chopper and i hope to see some of his songs on vinyl in the future.(Download BTS Radio Mix - S.MAHARBA)

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