Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Audio: Curtiss King - Jet Pack On E // BlackCloudMusic

Scumbags ft. Ab-Soul & Stevie Crooks (Produced by Jansport J):

Download: Curtiss King - Jet Pack On E // Album

I recognized Curtiss King a while ago as a producer and after his release "Curtiss King presents: TvThemesFlipped Vol. 2 (Various Producers)" i heard his first raps @ Noa James - Disrespectful.As BlackCloudMusic dropped "Faimkills - Dystopia Cornucopia" (1 of the best releases in the past months,if you ask me) with guest appearances of Curtiss and Captain i was totally impressed by these fam.Here we have the 1.st album of Curtiss and i found some really dope tracks like Scumbags (Track above) or I lied.Im serious,I dont like every of the 14 songs, but you have to check the album and the BlackCloud Fam.Probz to You Guys!


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