Thursday, August 5, 2010

Audio: Dibiase - Lumberjack // MP3 // Machines Hate Me

Dibiase - Machines Hate Me // rel. 09/2010 appetizer of Dibiase's solo album "Machines Hate Me" dropping stores in september via Alpha Pup Records.Lumberjack is a poetic journey across 8-bit worlds,heavy bass bars and the extra Dibiase notes.Dibiase is definitely one of the freshest producers these days.Im very curious about the album and big propz to Alpha Pup Records (label site) for so many dope releases.yo.

Read more via dope boy "Passion of the Weiss" or "LaTimesBlog"


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  1. BANGER! cant wait for the whole release! dude never stops amazing me... green llamas!