Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Audio: DJ PRIMATE - The Beast Tape // EP

<a href="http://djprimate.bandcamp.com/track/black-belt-jones">Black Belt Jones by DJ PRIMATE</a>

The Beast Tape is a collection of the only good beats I've been able to make in the span of 5 months or so. Even before the initial release date The Beast Tape has seen reviews like "nostalgic nineties nastiness", "rpimate got skills... really impressed" [sic], "ill shit",and my mom seems to like it a lot.I messed around with my sound on this album and went with a more 90's Prince Paul, Zev Love X approach by using a crapload of samples and scratches....continue reading....

Dj Primate released his Beast Tape with some dope joints on it. With oldskool spirit and anyhow it is fresh for 2010. Turn on the gas with Dj Primate and download the project here. via kirvy


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