Monday, August 9, 2010

Audio: Mono:Massive And Vertual Vertigo - Drink Tickets EP // Stream

If you want to hear that new 2010 sound you can scroll down to the next posts. If you`re looking for that mid 90s shit stay right here and take a listen.Austrian Producers Mono : Massive links up with Vertual Vertigo from Chicago and create something like A Tribe Called Alkaholiks.Support good music and purchase "Drink Tickets EP". Listen and more Info after the cut.

Guitar Solo / Bassdrum Jimmy

<a href="">Intro by Mono:Massive</a>

Duzz Down San: Cheers!!!! Here were go again...... Only this time the space adventures of the Chicago Hip Hop trio Vertual Ver- tigo are firmly planted at the bar. With their Newest EP entitled “Drink Tickets” the crew explains the everyday life of an alcoholic. Both the good and the bad.With a few nods to inspiring groups like A Tribe Called Quest, and the Alcoholiks, the crew brings back the “it’s ok to party feel”, that as of lately seems to be missing from the Hip Hop Community. Completely produced and arranged by the Austrian beat monster MONO:MASSIVE, whose mpc analog style beats thump in the car or your headphones as much as in the pub. Combined with Ezekiel38’s and Cerebral Vortex’s back and forth style lyrics, the EP transplants its listeners back into 1993. The EP also introduces the newest Crew member and emcee Just Jay, who has recently branched off of his Chicago crew 1773 and joined forces with Vertual Vertigo for recording and touring. With shedding cuts from Austria’s Phonsapien DJ SIGHT, the complete package will make you want to puke before you even reach for a glass of lager. This is the perfect EP to pop in while enjoying an evening of cheap beer.

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