Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Audio: ONSLOT - The Ferox // E.P. // Ever Ready Records

<a href="http://onslot.bandcamp.com/track/now-i-understand-ft-ezus-2">Now I Understand ft. Ezus by ONSLOT</a>

Onslot has once again demonstrated lyrical mastery with his first solo release; “The Ferox.” Ever Ready Records is proud to introduce this six song, free EP where the bastard child of conscience rap speaks on real issues. The Ferox, which means the Fierce in Latin, is an accurate description of this heart felt release. Features include heavy hitters such as MZAH, Ezus, Apex (of MK), and Grind Time Now CEO Lush One (of Rollin Rockers). Onslot comes at this project simple but strong. It is apparent in this release that he is very observant to life on a whole, and writes as a spectator.As a refined product of his environment he blends two perspectives: mild dissatisfactions with the world, along with a positive outlook on the future. These two perspectives are apparent on his first two singles, “Now I Understand” Featuring Ezus and “Hoping and Wishing” Featuring Apex and Lush One.

Ever ready Records sent us Onslot's new E.P. The Ferox. Onslot is a deep lyrical Mcee and floats across his stories. Gloomy atmosphere where sometimes a breeze of lights escapes. Nice Project. Track suggestions: Now I Understand ft. Ezus & The Ferox: Building Blocks. Get the E.P. for free via bandcamp.


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