Thursday, August 5, 2010

Videos: Willie The Kid - Bath Water Running / Exile - Summer Song (RMX)

Here we have two totally different approaches how to promote an album in form of a video.
First one is for the fellas: Willie The Kid has an EP out called "Never A Dull Moment" with Lee Bannon producing all of the Tracks. I like how you can hear when he takes the needle of the record he`s sampling. Sounds like a Barry White?!?(Help?). Check out a couple of their other songs here.
Buy the EP here.

Second video is for the Ladies: Exile has a new Album out sampling radio stations around the world. It´s called "FM/AM". You can buy it here and/or get the free bonus album here. On the song above he features singer J.Mitchell. All the Ladies say hooooooo... ehm or at least say wow, wow,...


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