Thursday, September 30, 2010

Audio: Ritmo Sportivo - Oh​!​Dee // Beat Tape

<a href="">Makes No Difference by ritmo sportivo</a>

What will be if love combines with beats? Ritmo Sportivo presents the answer. One of the most interesting russian hip-hop producers Oh!Dee give some love for us in his first beat tape. Sometimes clean, sometimes dirty. Sometimes romantic, sometimes not. If you ready, the curtain raises…

Nice Beat Tape by Ritmo Sportivo. Good selection of soulful samples and smoothy drum arrangements. Some beats are like skits, but the album has a golden thread and accompanies me while im working on a new cover for the new Mortis One Beat Tape. Stay Tuned. Grab the complete album Here.


Audio: The Doppelgangaz - Digging // single

<a href="">Digging (Single) by The Doppelgangaz</a>

New single by dope guys of "The Doppelgangaz". "Digging" affiliates in the list of fresh releases by DGZ. Since i recognized the debut album "The DoppelGangaz - 2012: The New Beginning" im really vibing on their music. Play Diggin above and check the album (click the link above) if you missed it. peazz


p.s. @shift.da unten haste ja ne synthiebombe gezündet.vorsicht -> der knall.

Audio: EPROM - The Bay Area EP // Stream

<a href="">The Bay Area EP by EPROM</a>

The Bay Area EP is a collection of unsigned, previously unreleased EPROM bangers from a period where I was heavily influenced by the bass-heavy trunk rattling sounds coming from the SF Bay. This is for all my bay heads and for lovers of bass worldwide.

Hard banging basses in a synthie cypher. Tracks are full of friction and you will never know where it goes. This is for the machine playing kidz in 2010. Bay Area is the spot. Buckle the solar cell on your back and be independent.


Audio: Meem - The Bumpy EP // Stream

<a href="">The Bumpy EP by Meem</a>

Originally released in a Limited Edition Case made from Screenprinted & Stitched Vinyl Upholstery with Press Studs. Individually hand numbered. Edition of 400 only.

Nice project  filled with funk, disco-pop and much Hammond organ by Meem from Sydney. This organic boogie sound is for your next cocktail party. All you have to know about MEEM you'll find here:


Audio: Full Crate & FS Green - Hi​-​Hat Club Vol. 5 – Eggs And Pancakes

<a href="">Monoshow by Hi-Hat Club</a>
<a href="">Never Never by Hi-Hat Club</a>

The latest installment of MPM's Hi​-​Hat Club series is produced by Full Crate & FS Green. Hi​-​Hat Club Vol. 5 – Eggs And Pancakes is the fine sanding in beat producing. The calm sea within sophisticated sound constructions. The previews FS Green - Monoshow & Full Crate - Never Never are emphatic and lovely. I guess i know the sample at "Never Never", or to be precise i know a song using it too -> Living Legends (Grouch) "Never Die" of "Show you the World". Go and get the tracks for free at bandcamp and enjoy your thursday.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Video: Dibiase & Ras G live @ Fat Beats LA // Fat Beats Los Angeles // Final in store producer showcase (09/16/2010)

Ras G live at Fat Beats L.A. Final In-Store Producer Showcase from Elevator Hip Hop on Vimeo.

Dibiase Live at Fat Beats L.A. Final In-Store Producer Showcase from Elevator Hip Hop on Vimeo.

You all know the news about the Fat Beats stores and that they closed. Many nice artists supported the "Final in Stores" shows. Here you have some of my Fav's. Enjoy That. Peeped by Kirvy!


Video: REKS - THIS OR THAT // In Between The Lines 2

check out the video to REKS' new banger entitled "This Or That" (prod. by Statik Selektah)."This Or That" is taken from "In Between The Lines 2"(hosted by DJ Green Lantern, DJ Ill WIll and Statik Selektah), dropping October 2010.

Reks is always dope. Nice Track & Video. All you have to know. YO


Audio: United States of Mind - Smokers Cough // 3Track FreeEP

<a href="">Smokers Cough Free DL by United States of Mind</a>

These three songs are fucking hot and remind me of one of my freshest finds this past year.
Check out their entire catalog here and buy the whole album here.


Audio: Devin the Dude – Jus Coolin’ (Prod. By Big Hollis) // Mp3

Last couple of years the Dude dropped some cheesy tunes. This is no exception. Now as we know everybody loves the Dude. So get low, smoke your broccoli or sip on a brew.
"Jus Coolin`" will be on his next LP called Gotta Be Me. Release date is October 19th. Shouts to DGI as always.
This one is for my brother solo. Light up.


Audio/Video: DDay One / Glen Porter - Wavelengths

The "Wavelengths" 10" is a sample-based interpretation of the four brainwave patterns (Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta) that our minds shift through daily.  
heavy drums, strange, spheric samples, dark atmosphere with some glimmer of light shinin through. I love it like that. The great contant(l)able release a 10" picture disc that features DdayOne and Glen Porter with two tracks each. The strong concept is underlaid by fotos and a video where you can see DDay perform one of the songs live.
<a href="">Wavelengths (Picture Disc 10&quot; Split) by Content (L)abel</a>
Get the Vinyl or the digital pack here.

Audio: Kenny Dope Mix // Rasheed Chappell

  Building-8-Rasheed Chappell by Kenny Dope
  Cold As Ice by Kenny Dope

Wether it´s his early hiphop productions, his important role in the housescene, his chartbreaking hit´s, or his role as a labelowner, Kenny Dope Gonzales knows what he´s doing.
The first track is presented (and propably also produced) by kenny and will be released on Rasheeds Chappells soon to come "future before nostalgica" album. The second track is a free download mix that shows famous samples used for our favorite raptracks. Make shure to check also the beautiful soul mix:
  Sick N**** by Kenny Dope

download enabled for this one..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Audio: OL - Random Phrase // Stream // Album // Error Broadcast

 <a href="">Random Phrase by Error Broadcast</a>

Top surfing the Tsunami our Fly Russia compilation unleashed last month, Moscow beat sophisticater OL delivers his Random Phrase EP fresh from the spray. There is something magic about young OL’s music, something lurking behind his polyrhythmic, anfractuous beats that is difficult to put a finger on. The tracks on Random Phrase swim from warm noise, yet there is a starless depth beneath echoing his past in Minimal- and Dub Techno...continue reading...

This Error Broadcast release make my evening, after an annoying workday. Roll one,
light it up and find this in the email-account is outstanding. Music is special, grumpy and likewise encased by cotton-clouds. Cascade & Minus 613 are fantastic. YO OL.


Audio: Picnictyme – The Wolfboy Collection // Beat Tape

<a href="">the wolfboy collection by PICNICTYME.COM</a>

These beats bang. I could see a Drake on those aswell as a Versis or a Danny Brown. Very good listen this is. I think we will hear more from this cat in the future maybe with some big names on there. Visit his site and download the tape for free.


Audio: Lee Spacey - Interstellar Sound Traveller // Stream

Lee Spacey - Interstellar Sound Traveller by Lee_Spacey

Lee Spacey from Netherlands wanna send you to another planet. Captain Galacticwolf is on the way to deliver universe-whams to let you be prepared for the invasion of the Robot-Locusts. Attach your Broccoli-Helmets. Bang Bang Bing Bong Swish!


Video: Gil Scott-Heron - New York Is Killing Me // Directed by Chris Cunningham

We posted the song (nas version) a while ago. Here you got the video edit & visuals for Gil Scott-Heron's "New York Is Killing Me". Video is directed by Chris Cunningham, everybody knows him for his individual producing strategies. The chief of stop motion made a new extravaganza. Song and Music-Video are great!


Video: El Guincho – Bombay

Beatiful Ladies. Adriano Celentano. Italian Cowboy flicks . El Guincho. Vintage. TapeDeck, Outtaspace. Pop. Boobs. Combatant. Magic. Witches.


Video: Feeling : Irie

hopeton lewis & U roy with tommy McCook&the supersonics. -tom drunk
Karl Bryan & Count Ossie - Black Up

outside, the rain is pouring down my window since the last days - so I have to let the sun shine out of my speakers. check this if you´re hungry for more.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Audio: Nottz ft. Black Milk - Blast that // MP3

The Twitterbird shirped this dope leak to me. The track is produced by Nottz Himself and features BlackMilk. It will be on the upcoming Album of Nottz, coming October 26th.
This is the first leak i hear of this album, but if the other tracks are half as good as this dope track, then it'll be a must buy.


Video: Bambu x DJ Muggs - Pow Wow Drums

I got this on heavy Rotation since i found at the soulassassins blog 3 days ago. I never heard of Bambu before, but this 16 bars short video is fckn fresh. It is the second leak of an upcoming Mixtape of Muggs and Bambu coming in fall. I'll keep u updated.

[Via SoulAssassins]


Video: zmogk - One day in Dahab

INDAHAB2010/09 from zmogk on Vimeo.

Nice stop motion video: One day in Dahab. peeped by Your Partner in Rhyme!

s to the O

Audio: Sapient (of Sandpeople) – Universal Diorama // Mp3

Ahh shit what a nice little video. What a great song. I like it when the beat changes into hooks and bridges and the rapper goes along instead of rhyming over a 3 second loop for 3 minutes repeating the hook like 6 times at the end to make it 4 minutes.

Go and download the mp3 here plus get more info about this project here.
More stuff by Sapient and the Sandpeolpe here.

Very very nice.


Audio: DREDi - Stimulus Package #3 // Beat Mix

<a href="">stimulus package .3 by DREDi</a>

Some hours ago i posted that (dope) IZ Real album, and i asked him who produced the beats. So Dredi, exec. producer of the IZ stuff let me know he dropped a little beat mix yesterday via bandcamp where you can hit more stuff. Dude is talented. Check this smooth mix and Spread the Beat!


Audio: Beat Maker Beat - MacroKosmos // (Preview)

<a href="">''MacroKosmos'' by Beat-Maker-Beat aka Space Kid</a>

Homie Hypedog peeped this 2 me yesterday, as 2 declared fans of Beat Maker Beat. This is the (dope) preview on Beat Maker Beats album MacroKosmos dropping 13.October. Stay tuned for this guy from St.Petersburg. Guess who will be on R.O.L. Beat Tape 2 ??.Peace.


Audio: Devonwho - Thumbtracks Remixes Vol. 1 // RMX Album

<a href="">braketime (shlohmo's reiteration) by devonwho</a>
<a href="">fedoraworm (dibiase's microwave flip) by devonwho</a>

remixes of devonwho's album titled "funraiser vol.1: thumbtracks" procured between the months of october 2009 and february 2010 by friends new and old.

Ok sometimes i use the word "FutureKidz", here you have a RMX album full of the illest of them. From Shlomo over Dibiase to Tokimonsta, all cats are on this Beat isle and flipping it great. I like various songs on the comp. but "Braketime (shlohmo's reiteration)" & "Fedoraworm (dibiase's microwave flip)" are my personal fav's, go to the devonwho beat circus and choose yours.



STRANGEGIBBERISH RECORDZ artist IZ Real dropped his new Album "@IZREAL". Album is f***n crazy. Full of dirty beats and dope verses. Many features by the way: O-Slick, Omega Jackson, A-Die-Lect and more. Warhead and Soulstone are my fav' songs. Warhead (Play Above) is unpredictable and slams your speakers. Peeped by Sassbologna Records.


Audio: Intuition & VerBS - The Buzz EP // (2009)

<a href="">The Buzz EP (2009) FREE by equalibrum</a>

The cult classic EP dropped nearly by surprise in the summer of '09 by Intuition and VerBS. A serendipitous project that neither of them knew would get them the places it got them, or earn them the attention and critical acclaim it did...continue reading...


1.Hip No Ties (Prod. by Alpha MC) 03:50
2.Touch The Moon (Prod. by Fud) 03:02
3.What You Make It (Prod. by Aspect 1) 02:35
4.See Us (Prod. by Equalibrum) 03:30
5.Really (Prod. by Dibiase) 02:58
6.Live Write (Prod. by Alpha MC) 04:25
7.Really (EQ's Oh Well F-it Rmx) *BONUS* 02:56
8.See Us (EQ's spacefunk Rmx) *BONUS* 03:36


Audio: 813 - Back In Space Jungle // E.P.

<a href="">Back In Space Jungle by RAD</a>

We are glad to present the first release from RAD collective. This one is made by the Moscow based producer Sasha Goryachev also known as 813. The tape is entitled "BACK IN SPACE JUNGLE". This release is a limited edition of 60 tapes with 10 tracks on it. But for those who did not get the tape, we have prepared a digital version of 6 tracks.RAD also continues the serial-killah-parties with dope sound, unknown places, and extra fresh artists. So, the cassette was already presented in the new born bar right on the Arbat street with live program of 813 himself and the support of Low Bob, Miracle Libido, Lapti and OL.
We hope you are all doing good, Stay tuned and support the RAD!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Audio: 7L & Esoteric feat. Evidence & Alchemist - Drawbar 1-2 // MP3

Download: 7L & Esoteric  feat. Evidence & Alchemist - Drawbar 1-2

Latest Leak of 1212 the new album by 7L & Esoteric (dropping in October). Fans waiting since "Dope Not Hype" for a new LP. Mc Esoteric dropped several releases in the past years like "Serve or Suffer" and now its time for a new Team-release. 1212 will feature some dope Cats like Inspectah Deck & Reef the Lost Cause. "Drawbar 1-2" features Evidence & Alchemist, you can play above. !! Hopefully it will be something DOPE!


Audio: Gonjasufi - Change // Shlohmo Remix

In October Warp Records drops the Gonjasufi Remix album. This is the first tune i found, "Change" is a remix by talented cat SHLOMO. Tune makes hungry for more. The sound effects and ambient noises, that Shlomo creates are like Dream-Landscapes. More Infos via Warp.

Previous Posts: Gonjasufi // Shlomo


Audio: Dex (Epsilon_Project) - Today // Prod. by Archives // MP3

Peeped this song by Epsilon Project (Twitter). EpsiPro Fam member Dex with a short new tune "Today", nice beat by Archives. More about Epsilon Project right here. Stay tuned for this guys, always dope. yo°


Audio: Fel Sweetenberg – Code of Silence Featuring DJ Jayski // Mp3

New stuff from Fel Sweetenberg. If your not familiar with him check out the video above and do your research. The dude is fresh.
Shouts to grandgood for this one.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Audio: Droop-E - Like A Tattoo // Mp3

Droop-E drops his Sade-Samples-Only Mixtape. From what I believe did he produce all the tracks sampling his favorite tracks from his favorite singer. This is of course quite smooth/cheesy and could be something you put on when you wanna take dem clothes offa that görl coming home from the party tonight, right?

Download the tape here.

Catch psycho Droop-E here or/and watch the video to the song with E-40 that is also on the tape here.


Audio: HOPE - Death`s Door (Prod. By Dibia$e) // Mp3

This is one of the nicest beats I ever heard coming out of Dibia$e`s so beloved machines. Very nice, dude.
HOPE is raw. Killa flow.

Catch Dibia$e on our R.O.L. Beat Tape Vol. 1 with a beat that he made in a beat battle against DJ Haircut (Mayer Hawthorne).
Photo above by sunny j.


Audio: ▲▲▮✖ №15 ‘Duzz Down San’ by Feux // Mix

New Duzz Down San Fam* Mix by Austrian producer Feux. If you read the blog regularly you may recognized that we like the stuff of DDS family and also this mix is filled with dope songs. You*ll find some unreleased tracks by fLako or Abby Lee Tee and more music by Knxwledge or Kalifornien Kurt. If you missed previous releases check our posts here or go to Duzz Down San. And always be updated with music news @ Supercity. Powered by Perf10.

Stream,Download and Tracklist after the Jump


Friday, September 24, 2010

Audio: Dj Pratt & Rapohnelizenz pres. the "Beasts of the Leaks" Mixtape Nr.1

Cover Art : Jonas Schulte / Figures : Ignacio Mendez

Yo. Here it is. Our first Blog Mixtape "Beasts of the Leaks"", mixed by Homie and appealing figure DJ Pratt from Chicago! The idea behind the Mixtape was to drop some of the freshest leaks that crossed our blog with the time, on one Mixtape. In these times of acocalyptic winds and cloudy days, we try to rescue dope tracks before they sink into obscurity. Caution: The Mixtape reflects the likes of Dj Pratt & Rapohnelizenz and has no warranty for yours. So go and take a listen, we appreciate that. Thanks for reading, supporting, sending us your music and giving us so much Love! Rapohnelizenz & DJ Pratt. (Next Issues mixed by Geraet & Dj Wretch).

Dj Pratt Bio / Mixtape Download / Tracklist -> after the Jump

p.s. Feel free to Share / Spread the WORD

Audio: Danny Brown -Cyclops (Prod. By Doe Pesci) // Mp3

Ok now this was posted a month ago by rappersiknow, a couple of days ago phimb thought they had some catching up to do and now it`s us. Late but better than never. Danny Brown is a beast and easily outraps a Black Milk on the meanest track on his Album Of The Year.

Solo told me to post this after I showed him the track.
I said: Dude, it`s like a month old.
He said: Post it, for fuck sake. It`s so sick.
Here you go, fellas.


Audio: Evan Awake - Hybrid Perception // MashUp Mixtape

I never heard of Evan Awake before, even though he's a german cat, but his new Mixtape "Hybrid Perception" convinced me instantly. He is mixin up dope underground rap artists with jazzy mellow beats, some of them even self produced. He has a fine ear and you can hear his love for details. I "luv sick" !!
So check this out and also check his other Tapes at his Youtube Channel.


Info: Suff Daddy (Melting Pot Music / Berlin), DJ Coins (Champion Sound / Jena), Skor.72 (Champion Sound / Erfurt)

<a href="">Suff Daddy - Message Break by rapohnelizenz</a>

Frei nach dem Abseits-der-Arbeit-Motto "Dem Suff entkommt man nich".
Deutschlands Edel-Beathead und selbsterklärter Liquid Junkie Suff Daddy kommt nach Erfurt.

Am kommenden Freitag tritt der Berliner Produzent an, um seine musikalische Heimat so elegant wie möglich zu verschleiern und Dir einen Abend mit neuen Ideen aus Dub und Jazz, Soul, Easy Listening oder sogar Techno zu präsentieren. "Auf der Karte steht keine Alkopop-Ware im Flatrate-Tempo, sondern fein selektiertes Hochprozentiges in Maßen."
Komm heb dein Glas mit Suff Daddy! Zum ersten Mal in Thüringen, Cheers!


Champion Sound x Mad Flava x Orange Jungle x Step Forward
proudly presents:

Fr, 24.09.10 @ Centrum Club – Erfurt
Suff Daddy (Melting Pot Music)
Support: Coins & Skor.72 (Champion Sound)

Einlass 23.00 Uhr
5€ bis Mitternacht
danach 7€

SOLO: Das wird Großartig!!

Video: Truck North - Too Gone

Truck North - Too Gone.

Truck North provides another visual directed by Monsee for The Media Den. This time he goes in over the Busta Rhymes "Decision" instrumental. Be on the look out for more visuals, as Truck is preparing to drop "I Told You So...". 


XXX: Fuck Shit Up!



Thursday, September 23, 2010

Audio/Video: Jon Phonics - Do It Phonz & Louis Den Beat Cypher 11 - Jaisu/S-Type/Mr Figz/Jon Phonics/Muneshine (Round 1)

Jon Phonics - Do It Phonz (90 Dl's remaining):
Do It Phonz by jonphonics

Uk producer Jon Phonics peeped me his new stuff, a new song and the new video-cast of Louis Den Beat Cypher with Jaisu,S-Type,Mr Figz,Jon Phonics,Muneshine (you may hit this before at at homie Ekrems site). JPhonics new instrumental is sick, nice dragging drums encased by synthie squads and samples. Dude has been on our "R.O.L. Beat Tape" and the girls in the house were we live, always choose Jon Phonics, Xperiment-Beats and BoomBaptist for the dance-rush-hour. yeah. The video is from the latest Louis Den Beat Cypher and if you ask me, all Dudes pumping good beats, but look whos making the audience dancing! p.s. We got some more dope stuff by Jon Phonics on the Blog..Click the Link!


Audio: John Robinson And Lewis Parker – Enter the Cosmos // Mp3

The good guys from Project Mooncircle release this beauty to promote the John Robinson And Lewis Parker LP "International Summers". Go to Itunes or buy the record or CD here.


Audio: Canibus - Golden Terra Of Rap (Remix) Featuring Von Pea, Donwill, Truthlive & Moe Green (Prod. By Dj Premier) // Mp3

Yes. This morning I was listening to The Ownerz album while standing under the shower. This premo beat sounds like it could have been on that record. He is not going to change up his style ever, but we love preem for that.
Canibus recruits the guys from Tanya Morgan and Truthlive for this remix. For his new album he picked some top producers like Jake One, J-Zone, Scram Jones and The Are. Sounds like a great comeback.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Audio: Herma Puma - Synchromystic // Stream

<a href="">Synchromystic by Herma Puma</a>

Herma Puma are transatlantic Hip Hop duo Pimpernel Jones (UK) and Simple X (Chicago USA). The duo met through a shared love of crate-digging for old library records, and began to make music trading ideas and beats across the web. When they added collaborations with emcees from both sides of the pond they soon had enough tracks to create their debut album Synchromystic. Their golden-era Hip Hop takes it’s lead from the likes of Pete Rock and Prince Paul, with added nods to psych-rock, space-jazz and beyond. Purchase here.

This album is full of nice tracks, Pimpernel Jones and Simple X are a prolific team with a good nose for beats, which is mirrored in that versatile music surfaces. The debut album is a whistle-stop trip across organic, bubbling and boombappy tracks. May also something for my homie YackFou. Yo°


Video: Ryo & Norman Sinn "Planlos" - Official Clip // HD

Ryo (und Band) & Norman Sinn werden mit Planlos beim Bundeswizzlsongcontest von Steve Raaab teilnehmen für Thüringong. Wie es der Zufall so will spielen Freunde von uns in der Band. An dieser Stelle beste Grüße an Dave (Bass) und Alex Thunder (Drums), Martin (Gitarre)und natürlich auch an den Rest. Also Video geniessen und am 1.Oktober voten.


Video: Icy Demons – Who There // Spywatchers

Icy Demons : Who There / Spywatchers (official video) from middle mind project on Vimeo.

Not that sound we typically post, but track is nice and above all that frische video. Kitchenfoil Monster is KOOL.


Video: Simp - Synesthesia // Outoforder

vielleicht ists ja intressant für euren blog...//
beat und video von mir...gruss aus wien... simp..//
(beatvideo... from the album "outoforder." by dusty crates...
camera, editing, postproduction & beat by simp...
location: vienna)

Yes it is.Und besten Dank


Audio: Naughty By Nature feat. Garden State Greats // The Mixtape

Gotta Lotta:

Kill Tha Beat:

Download: Naughty By Nature f. Garden State Greats // The Mixtape

Yarp, its 5:25 o'clock in the morning in germany, so only some words: "Gotta Lotta" is still dope (we posted the video some weeks ago) and the best song closely followed by "Kill Tha Beat". Grab the E.P. at the download link above and spread the word for the NbN Legends. Props 2 2DBZ.


Audio: Jon Connor – The Message // Mp3

Jon Connor dropped the first leaks of his upcoming project "Jon Connor as Vinnie Chase: Season 1" (drops friday). I like that "Message" song (Jon Connor with a good flow on that banging drums) and hopefully their will be some more good joints on the Mixtape. yo°


Audio: Lee Bannon x Chuuwee – Hot N Ready // Mixtape

Download: Lee Bannon x Chuuwee – Hot N Ready // Mixtape

Lee Bannon x Chuuwee - Sac! (916):

Wow, this project is fu**ng impressive. After some uberdope previews also called "leaks" here we got the final project "Hot N Ready". Mixtape is one of the best releases for a long time. Aside from the fact that Lee Bannon sustainably produces dope beats, Chuuwee spits it royal. One of my stone crushers is "Sac! (916" you can play above, just to mention one part of this dopeness. Download the Mixtape, put it on your Mp3 player and make whatever makes you happy. Dopamine!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Audio: Pulso Adolescente - EP3 // Instrumental E.P.

<a href="">EP3 by pulso adolescente</a>

Pulso Adolescente is from Lima in Peru. Sound is heavy influenced by traditional latin-american music with some nerdy gimmicks. I like that uncontrollable sound and a way without an aim. This is a bit freaky-ish and i think about to use a song for the next short movie we possibly make. yihaa. Downlaod here !


Audio: StewRat - Summer // Instrumental E.P.

<a href="">A Race Against the Sun by StewRat</a>

Couldnt find any infos about these guy, but E.P. is really kool. A short story about Glitchy Beats with a touch of chill & ambient music and knocking electronic sounds. Future Kidz on the Highway to Hell.


Audio: Gravity Movement - The Genesis // Album

<a href="">The Genesis by GravityMovement</a>

This project was inspired by changes in my life. From building a better relationship with Christ, a better relationship with my wife, to the birth of my son. Also, many people complain about the state of Hip Hop, but rarely do anything about it. I've chosen to use the GIFT that God has given me to create something that I hope moves you, inspires you and most importantly motivate you to take a look at the GIFTS God has given you and how great he is! 

Nice album by "Gravity Movement" from New York. Predominantly beats at the project, but you know we like that. Track number 2 also featuring one of the fresh Rookies in the Spitter scene, i really like -> Sha Prince!. Enjoy this soulful and successful album and spread the beat. Gravity Movement! Track 11 "Nobody", you have to play directly.


Audio: Johnny Ciphe - Cassette Tapes (A​-​Side) // Beat Tape

<a href="">Cassette Tapes (A-Side) by Johnny Ciphe</a>

This is straight from Florida, "Johnny Ciphe - Cassette Tapes (A​-​Side) // Beat Tape", never heard of this dude before, but found some nice random joints. "All I Want Remix" & "Good" are my favs'. So grab the Beat Tape and choose yours. peaceyoaight°Dude is dope°


Audio: Bahwee - HEADNODDERS VOL. II // Beat Tape

Bahwee - Smack!:

Bahwee - Warble:

Download: Bahwee - HEADNODDERS VOL. II

“The first and only beat tape I ever ‘released’ was back in 06 that I gave to my boy Jeff. I modestly scribbled 22 HEADNODDERS on it and remember dropping it off in his mailbox on my way to school. Years later, upstairs at lowend, I’m chillin and this old ass track of mine comes on out of nowhere. I was trippin like, “no, this can’t possibly be..” He told me later, “its from 22 Headnodders, foo.” and it all came back to me. Anyways, the name stuck and volume II is merely a collection of newer but oldd beats I did a while back. A lot of these I never got to finish when my pc died on me [R.I.P.],thus the fwee beattape. So twist something up and enjoy; straight out the dungeons of MHD, this is HEADNODDERS VOL. II; oh by the way, fuck you jeff.” -bahwee // More Infos


Audio: Lee Bannon & Chuuwee – Like This feat. Zumbi of Zion I // MP3

Download: Lee Bannon & Chuuwee – Like This feat. Zumbi of Zion I // MP3

Last Leak of the "Hot N Ready" project by Lee Bannon & Chuuwee drops tomorrow. Or today? Im not sure. Fact is, "Like This" is banging, Beat by Lee Bannon is damn fresh with Chuuwee and also Zumbi (I like Zion I but Dudes disappointed me sometimes on their last releases) spitting it nice. Life can be so easy. Keep on doing that soulful ish. Propz 2 Sick and Fresh.


Audio: Redman - Fly (Prod By Illmind) // Mp3

So we stay with Illmind tonight.
This time it`s 50 like, but Red kills it instead.
Ridiculous beat by Illmind.
This hit is for my man ENOQ.
Thanks to dotgotit for these two.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Audio: Fortilive – Fist Fights (Prod By Illmind) // Mp3

After the first couple of bars I thought this doesn`t sound like Illmind on the boards, but then the cheesy strings come in and I already hear halfadollar dropping his 2 cents. This time it`s his crew Fortilive (Illmind, Mush-Mouf & Slo-Mo) on the rhymes. Way better than 50....haha
Good music.


Info+Audio: Funkverteidiger feiern in Berlin auf einer Tassebier // Blogrebellen

Sendemast Gang - Primus by Funkverteidiger

Am Wochende gibt es wieder Tassebier in Berlin, eine Idee der Kollegen von Blogrebellen die sich immer mehr etabliert bzw. Freunde findet. Alles für Lau und mit interessanten musikalischen Gästen sei es Dub von Saetchmo & Marinelli oder BoomBap von den Funkverteidigern. Wer in Berlin ist lässt es krachen!

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